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#38 - he's called "nuke" or something. He takes pills and … 12/16/2015 on Based cap 0
#5 - please post this in **** 12/14/2015 on STOP! 0
#54 - idk why one punch man is with maximum power. Everyone knows Br… 12/09/2015 on One Punch Man CYOA 0
#25 - Why is FJ so race baity. It's been a while since I've been abl…  [+] (21 new replies) 11/27/2015 on Them Recent shootings +36
#88 - skelebones (11/27/2015) [-]
because its an easy laugh.
just like its funny to laugh at women when they cry muh soggy knee n whatnot from like a year ago when it first came out as mainstream humor.
now its funny to laugh at niggers when they cry dindu nuffin or hold "peacefull protests' and burn down half the town.

and no nigger isnt necessarily a racist word. its how ppl use it that makes it racist. niggers call each other niggas all the time and hell i call em nigga too. dont forget theres a difference between niggers and ppl who happen to be black.

so no its not a racism thing its a ignorance and stupidity thing. 90% of all humor comes from other ppls misfortune. and this misfortune is that niggers are ignorant.
#142 - thumpingbear (11/27/2015) [-]
ur a niger.
#144 - skelebones (11/27/2015) [-]
a beaner nigger maybe. but only when im drunk am i an asshole... sober im a decent individual person that happens to be mexican
#149 - thumpingbear (11/27/2015) [-]
We're all The Other, aren't we?
#159 - skelebones (11/27/2015) [-]
the what now?
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#63 - tehfalconguy (11/27/2015) [-]
Apparently it's in style to be a bigoted fuck in an non ironic/joking way.
#61 - epicactual (11/27/2015) [-]
I'm tempted to leave as well my friend. I just want to feel good and laugh, and this site just doesn't do that anymore, at least, not as often
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#170 - itskennyandjosh (11/27/2015) [-]
Have you seen 2010 FJ? It was the cringiest shit with things reposted to shit because nobody made new memes, just wait for the niggers to stop rioting and the sandniggers to stop bombing and then there'll be funny Also i'm so glad pepe is dying, i got sick of it after someone tried to sell rare pepes, pepe was never funny for awhile now
#197 - exstacy (11/27/2015) [-]
#199 - itskennyandjosh (11/27/2015) [-]
**itskennyandjosh used "*roll picture*"**
**itskennyandjosh rolled image**Are you about to cry or are you smoking weed
#200 - exstacy (11/27/2015) [-]
#201 - itskennyandjosh (11/27/2015) [-]
**itskennyandjosh used "*roll picture*"**
**itskennyandjosh rolled image** Well then
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#173 - epicactual (11/27/2015) [-]
I'd rather have cringe without the cringe comps than this depressing shit constantly. When I first showed up people were fighting over who was more autistic which was honestly pretty fun to watch; now everyone's just blatantly racist and they keep reposting the same political garbage
#174 - itskennyandjosh (11/27/2015) [-]
**itskennyandjosh used "*roll picture*"**
**itskennyandjosh rolled image**I actually like it though, its like the news, except we're not bullshitters about the news, like if i never joined FJ i wouldn't have ever found out about all of the feminist bullshit because no news station would report it, and FJ is full of reposts, so you can't really hold that against FJ, you go to a black tweets comp, there's green and red reposted shit everywhere.

I hate fallout 4 with a passion Because of the fanoys and hated how lots of the people would rate a game as the best game ever when it hasn't came out yet but i wouldn't leave FJ for it, i'd just skip over the content, i do the same with anime posts cause i don't really like anime either
#189 - helgestrichen (11/27/2015) [-]
You wouldn't have found about that feminist crap because its news that only affects a handfull of people. fj makes it seem like it's a huge movement, threatening our very lives, when in reality those women make up less than 1% of alle women. or have you ever met someone like that? fj is a tabloid full of opinion, i think that's what you're looking for when you mean "news"
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#190 - itskennyandjosh (11/27/2015) [-]
I once met someone who was like that, except she was an ugly fuck and kept trying to hit on me just cause i was gay, and she was annoying as hell because of how often her "random outbursts" got, so when i turned her down so many times tumblr made her a feminazi, and she kept calling me shit just cause i wouldn't date her desperate, ugly ass.

So eventually i stopped talking to her completely, ignored her when she walked up to me and all that Eventually she said she regretted what she did but that was too late

But other than that experience i've never met a femenazi outside of the internet.
#215 - imabeatyouman (11/27/2015) [-]
"and kept trying to hit on me just cause i was gay"
Why tho Does this happen a lot
User avatar
#222 - itskennyandjosh (11/27/2015) [-]
She was some desperate creepy girl who'd hit on a toaster if it was nice to her
User avatar
#234 - imabeatyouman (12/15/2015) [-]
Well toasters are pretty darn hot gettit
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#176 - epicactual (11/27/2015) [-]
To be honest, I don't mind the unbiased posts, ya know, facts and the like because I take it as news too, but quite a few people here just want to sling bile and hate others. Ya know there's a difference between a good allahu akbar joke, and going out of your way to just demonize an entire people.

Most of these posts I skip over too, its just that they're so common now and it kind of bums me out. I do get where you're coming from though
#85 - skelebones (11/27/2015) [-]
then fucking go. if youre too weak to change or accept the change then maybe you dont belong. fj is always evolving adapting and changing. it just happens to be changing in a way you dont like atm.

#12 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 11/16/2015 on Polymer Balls +88
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#28 - sirfiiddlesticks (11/16/2015) [-]
this gif isn't working. Wtf admin
#784 - **foop used "*roll picture*"** **foop rolled image ** 11/11/2015 on Roll for your Fallout... 0
#46 - I thought that is what I posted lol. I didn't watch it 10/24/2015 on Anon on The Force Awakens 0
#13 - can't believe not posted yet  [+] (3 new replies) 10/23/2015 on Anon on The Force Awakens +9
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#37 - altairibnlaahad (10/24/2015) [-]
Star Wars: The Binks Awakens - Trailer # 2

>Not posting the new one
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#75 - harbingerwolf (10/24/2015) [-]
Jesus christ, i forgot just how terrible a character he is...
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#46 - foop (10/24/2015) [-]
I thought that is what I posted lol. I didn't watch it
#10973854 - sup nerd  [+] (1 new reply) 10/22/2015 on Old Board. Go to... +1
#10974364 - PEDOSAUROUS (10/23/2015) [-]
I love you.
#15 - yup crossover episode.  [+] (25 new replies) 10/13/2015 on H. Jon Benjamin +68
#41 - hackenschlock (10/13/2015) [-]
there was no crossover in this episode, just a reference to the voice actor working on other shows...
User avatar
#60 - Redfinale (10/13/2015) [-]
think it was played off that Archer got amnesia and as a result became Bob from Bob's Burgers. Side note, it's technically a crossover as it was the Bob's Burgers characters and the cast voicing their respective characters otherwise
#54 - shiphotel (10/13/2015) [-]
I mean technically. But he was working at bobs burgers and everyone else was voiced by the same people and had the same names. It wasn't the entirety of the episode but I feel like he still technically met the family.
#61 - hackenschlock (10/14/2015) [-]
I was actually talking about the Family Guy Episode because I didn't notice that above Archer picture, I would agree that counts as a crossover
User avatar
#16 - scootabot (10/13/2015) [-]
Fucking awesome.

I love Bob's Burgers. Never watched Archer, though.
User avatar
#17 - bendingtimeisgood (10/13/2015) [-]
Watch Archer. If you're a fan of H. Jon Benjamin, it's a requirement. If you're a fan of adult cartoons, it's a requirement.
User avatar
#39 - burningchimera (10/13/2015) [-]
The art and animation really throws me off
User avatar
#53 - vexaton (10/13/2015) [-]
The animation kinda threw me off as well, but it grows on you. It's perfect for that show
User avatar
#18 - scootabot (10/13/2015) [-]
I'll have to give it a shot.

I watched Frisky Dingo and it would seem the same design team who worked on that also worked on this.
User avatar
#19 - bendingtimeisgood (10/13/2015) [-]
I haven't seen Frisky Dingo, but I think I remember a reference to it in Archer somewhere.
User avatar
#20 - scootabot (10/13/2015) [-]
Watching the first episode of Archer.

I don't really like the "I'm a douchebag to everyone because I'm so good" character type.

I'm more into the 'lovable idiot' character type. Like, Fry or Stan from American Dad. Does he get any better, or is he always this pretentious asswipe?
User avatar
#30 - catkyte (10/13/2015) [-]
archer gets fucked over a ton, mostly by his mother.
he almost dies like hundreds of times, he gets a chip planted into his brain that fucks with him, but some how he always comes out of it with a "would you look at that" attitude.
User avatar
#24 - iitoxictz (10/13/2015) [-]
Honestly, I'm not a fan of his character type, but this show was so funny, and it gets especially good after the first season
User avatar
#21 - bendingtimeisgood (10/13/2015) [-]
He's always an asshole, but he has his moments of humanity. Plus I think it works better than some shows, because the other characters acknowledge how much of an asshole he is and call him on it. Then again, I like asshole characters sometimes. Your results may vary.
User avatar
#22 - scootabot (10/13/2015) [-]
Eh, I hate characters who get to act like douchebags and yet he still suffers no consequences asides from a slap on the wrist.

The guy from Frisky Dingo got hit real hard. He was an absolute dick and everyone hated him, his whole company turned against him, including his butler, and then he tried to claw his way back up.

I liked how Frisky Dingo did it a little better, because it showed the douchebag suffering more than he ever has, which made him humble in the end. Stories that has a mean protagonist just for the sake of being mean doesn't mean much to me. If anything, I think it's considered a flaw in the writing.

But, what may not be for me, will be for some. Some will like it, some won't. I don't like it very much.
User avatar
#40 - alfrebecht (10/13/2015) [-]
It's important to keep in mind Archer isn't a jerk so much as he's broken, this becomes clear later in the series.
Arguably he's actually the most moral person in the office...
#55 - shiphotel (10/13/2015) [-]
justifiably unstable more-so. He is still pretty amoral.
User avatar
#57 - alfrebecht (10/13/2015) [-]
Oh sure, but amoral is not the same as immoral.

It is very likely that, given good counseling he could fix the majority of his problems.
It's definitely important that when he has a good grasp of the impact of his actions he usually tries to do the right thing.
#58 - shiphotel (10/13/2015) [-]
he would need some godly counseling.
User avatar
#59 - alfrebecht (10/13/2015) [-]
Oh no doubt.
But the part that matters is I think he does want everyone to be happy, but only really understands happiness as defined by Archer (himself), so change isn't impossible.
#33 - thechosentroll (10/13/2015) [-]
This is a comedy, though. And pretty much all the characters are massive dickheads or crazy, not just Archer. From left to right, you've got the dickish sassy gay dude, an obsessive control freak, a guy with a 12-inch dick, an addiction to sex and no spine, Hitlers' even more mentally unstable clone (best character in the show), Pam, Archer and a crazy bitch, who has done more drugs than Ozzie and as a result is about as mentally stable as a squirrel on crack. All the other characters they encounter on missions or the guys from other spy agencies are massive dicks, too. Pretty much the only person in the show who isn't a dickhead is Boris, who's unfortunately a minor episodic character.
User avatar
#51 - Crimsonfox (10/13/2015) [-]
B-but Woodhouse isn't a dick.

R.I.P George Coe
User avatar
#52 - thechosentroll (10/13/2015) [-]
He used to be a dick. Also a junkie.
#34 - thechosentroll (10/13/2015) [-]
Before you ask why Pam has no description, the only real way to describe Pam is "Pam".
#23 - drinpa (10/13/2015) [-]
There's kind of a lot of shit that happens to Archer, but I feel ya. A lot of the point of Archer is it doesn't make sense too though, the timeline is funky, can't think of what it's called right now, but where it's ambiguous of what time period they're in, shit like that. But yeah, he faces consequences, he just manages to derp his way out of most of them, can't remember the first episode but I don't think you see much of that right away.