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    Always a Stark Always a Stark
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    Dapper, and I know it Dapper, and I know it
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    Just... No Just... No
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    Blind People Blind People
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    How I roll How I roll
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    True dat True dat

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Thank you
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#61 - ruderoody (06/04/2016) [-]
I hated Ranka in the show loved her in the movies it's the whole Minmay bullshit all over again.
#82 - alexandervascus (06/04/2016) [-]
Woah woah, you talking shit about Minmay? I'll fight you! Pretty much anytime Minmay was even the slightest bit bitchy was because of Kaifun being involved. Not to mention Hikaru was insanely ignorant of her feelings, wrapping scarf around Misa and the like. He went from completely clueless, to a jerk most of the time. Hikaru was a good pilot, a good soldier after he got the ball rolling, but he was not good at dealing with love triangles, or having tact period. Hikaru was supposed to be that Maverick character. You sort of have to figure this from Minmay's perspective, she had suffered greatly during the Unification Wars, living most of her childhood in a fucking war zone that makes WW2 look like a firecracker, so sure she was a bit childish, but she seemed more of a victim in my honest opinion.

I will support that Ranka was a bit annoying in the shows, and far better in the movies however.
User avatar
#84 - ruderoody (06/04/2016) [-]
I mean admittedly half of why I disliked minmay was kaifun that nigga needed to get shanked with his jive ass pacifist bullshit and soldier hating he was naive and childish. And as for Ranka I think in the show at least she's not so much annoying as much as she led to the deaths of hundreds of people and may or may not be guilty of war crimes.
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#86 - alexandervascus (06/04/2016) [-]
Also yes, Kaifun needed to be stabbed in the kidneys repeatedly with a rusty fork.
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#85 - alexandervascus (06/04/2016) [-]
Well it was hardly Ranka's fault when you're effectively the fucking Queen of Blades with no real control on it. Yet again, she was a victim, she had the V-Type Virus, but was lucky to get infected with it when she was still in the womb. Every time she got emotional the Vajra would go full swarm mode and try to save her and kill everything else. Even then, the Vajra were sort of already fucking pissed off because of Macross Galaxy. Grace being the psycho bitch she was. The Vajra for the most part were just peaceful flying space cows that ate dying stars, wouldn't hurt a fly if they could help it, but have the collective power to fuck entire planets and communicate and travel instantaneously across galactic distances. I mean, they folded from Vajra homeworld near the center of the galaxy to the fucking Orion arm getting to Earth. Hundreds of thousands of people are going to die expectedly with a race as horrifying as that, the fucking Protoculture for crying out loud worshiped them as gods!
User avatar
#97 - ruderoody (06/04/2016) [-]
I meant more the fact that she get a vajra larva as a pet rather than reporting an unknown lifeform to the proper authorities, mind you they live in an enclosed space colony where the habitat needs to be maintained in perfect equilibrium so I'm 100 percent positive that they learn from a young age to report any invasive species so ignorance is not an excuse. Also there's the part where she abandoned the colonies to try to talk to the vajra which basically did jack squat and worse off yet is that she delivered herself directly to graces hands
#15 - I was honestly hoping for something like this to happen 06/02/2016 on No Mercy +3
#63 - 'Ere you go. It's from the behind the scenes video… 05/28/2016 on Soldier seventy six love +4