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    Can I join? Can I join?

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#24 - Sauce 09/25/2016 on fug the police +9
#1474742 - Are there any legit private servers of wow still up? Would…  [+] (26 replies) 08/05/2016 on Video Games 0
User avatar
#1474905 - adunsaveme (08/06/2016) [-]
>private server

User avatar
#1474750 - ohemgeezus (08/05/2016) [-]
no because that would be nice of blizzard, and they are not nice
User avatar
#1474761 - thechosentroll (08/05/2016) [-]
You are aware that Blizz were pretty much obliged by law to eventually shut down those servers, right? US copyright laws are retarded like that.
User avatar
#1474763 - ohemgeezus (08/05/2016) [-]
sure they were
User avatar
#1474784 - linxus (08/05/2016) [-]
he's not wrong
User avatar
#1474786 - ohemgeezus (08/05/2016) [-]
sure he's not
User avatar
#1474788 - linxus (08/05/2016) [-]
I'm going to be honest, chosentroll is a lot more credible than you are. You're nothing but a meanie that's on funnyjunk all day long.
User avatar
#1474790 - ohemgeezus (08/05/2016) [-]
What does credibility have to do with literally anything? I'll let you know when I start caring what some random thinks about me, though
User avatar
#1474792 - linxus (08/05/2016) [-]
User avatar
#1474793 - ohemgeezus (08/05/2016) [-]
you've just lost all credibility
User avatar
#1474822 - linxus (08/05/2016) [-]
#1474823 - ohemgeezus (08/05/2016) [-]
User avatar
#1474765 - thechosentroll (08/05/2016) [-]
Nigga, this is Blizz. They have more money than God. They know that the type of people who play on private servers aren't the people who would pay for a subscription. They let that shit go on for years, cause it was basically free advertising and a lot of people switched over from private servers to legit WoW when they eventually got pissed of all the bugs and constant crashes. If anything, those servers benefited Blizz, which is why they didn't get rid of them until they absolutely had to.
User avatar
#1474766 - ohemgeezus (08/05/2016) [-]
They could've let it go on as long as they wanted, they weren't "obliged" to do anything. I bet you also believe they're "exploring options" to have vanilla servers because blizz said so
User avatar
#1474768 - thechosentroll (08/05/2016) [-]
The fuck are you talking about? Blizz has been saying they'll never have vanilla servers for years. I'm not sure they even could make vanilla servers, because the game's practically held together by spit and old duct tape and they just add new things by breaking the old ones. To make a vanilla server, they'd probably have to remake the whole fucking thing from scratch and that's way too much fucking effort for Blizz.

And I really do believe they did it because of the stupid trademark laws. They have no benefit in shutting down private servers. If anything, it's just going to piss people off and make even more people leave WoW. And I'm sure Blizz realize that, they've been dealing with autistic fan rage for a fucking decade now.
User avatar
#1474773 - ohemgeezus (08/05/2016) [-]
There's no law requiring them to do it, they could have easily just let them continue on. There's no "stupid trademark law", only blizz. They can talk about having a vanilla server for however long they want, doesn't mean it'll happen
User avatar
#1474775 - thechosentroll (08/05/2016) [-]
You know what, I don't trust your ability to read enough, so I'll point out the bit.

"However, trademark rights can also be lost unintentionally. For example, in some countries, it is possible to lose rights in a mark by allowing third parties to use the mark without controlling how it is used. This can include failing to control the nature and quality of the goods and/or services offered under the mark by the third party. Such failure to control often is referred to as “naked licensing.”"
User avatar
#1474777 - ohemgeezus (08/05/2016) [-]
I'm not sure if this is another of your trolls or if you're actually this stupid. They're controlling it by looming over the private servers with the possibility of a C&D order. You've even contradicted yourself in this thread by saying "They let that shit go on for years, cause it was basically free advertising and a lot of people switched over from private servers to legit WoW". They let it go on for a lot of servers, but the problem with Nostralis was that there was a whole lot of players on that server, and instead of making a vanilla server like everyone wants, or just getting the makers of nostralis, they just crushed it
User avatar
#1474779 - thechosentroll (08/05/2016) [-]
That's not how it works. It's not direct control. Sure, Blizz can threaten them, but the creators of Nos are not legally obliged to do what they're told. They'd never be dumb enough to go against blizz, but the law doesn't give a fuck.

And it's not a contradiction. Like I said, Blizz benefits from the servers, which is why they left it alone for so long. They only shut it down when it grew way too fucking big and suddenly the INTA went "Waaaaaaaait a minute. This is infringing your trademark. Get rid of that shit.". So, in a sense, you're right. Nos got shut down because it got too big, but not because it got too big and started interfering with Blizz. It got fucked, because it got too big to continue flying under the radar of the authorities.
User avatar
#1474781 - ohemgeezus (08/05/2016) [-]
>Nos got shut down because it got too big, but not because it got too big and started interfering with Blizz. It got fucked, because it got too big to continue flying under the radar of the authorities.

lolwat. What do you think happened? Do you think the FBI stormed into Nos HQ and killed everyone in sight? BLIZZARD. I'm going to say it again because it's clear there's something not right going on in your head. BLIZZARD sent the C&D, not the "authorities". The INTA doesn't give a fuck, Blizzard made the decision.
User avatar
#1474783 - thechosentroll (08/05/2016) [-]
The INTA CAN'T send a fucking C&D to Nos, you dip. As far as the INTA is concerned, Nos aren't the ones at fault, Blizz is at fault for not shutting them down sooner. They threatened Blizz, which is why Blizz sent a C&D. This isn't fucking CSI, where one organization does fucking everything and has power over everyone. The job of the INTA isn't to shut down pirate WoW servers, it's to tell companies they're fucked if they don't follow the damn trademark laws.
User avatar
#1474785 - ohemgeezus (08/05/2016) [-]
Dude, holy shit, learn to read. I literally said in my last sentence "INTA doesn't give a fuck", now you're saying I implied they sent the C&D. Are you actually retarded? I literally just said everything you said. Do you really think Blizzard needs to be reminded about their trademarks?
User avatar
#1474787 - thechosentroll (08/05/2016) [-]
YOU SAID BLIZZARD MADE THE DECISION. That implies that they had a fucking choice and the option to not shut down Nos. They did not. Their options were "Shut down Nos" and "Get fucked in the ass and lose the rights to their biggest moneymaker, for no benefit whatsoever".
User avatar
#1474789 - ohemgeezus (08/05/2016) [-]
Yes, blizzard made the decision. You keep trying to say INTA made the decision. That's the fucking reason I capitalized Blizzard
User avatar
#1474794 - thechosentroll (08/05/2016) [-]
The INTA practically made the decision. They gave Blizz a "choice", which has one option that no one would ever fucking pick. That's not a choice, it's a threat. They FORCED Blizz to shut down Nos.
User avatar
#1474774 - thechosentroll (08/05/2016) [-]
Yes, there is. You're confusing it with copyright laws. Copyright laws are basically "Eh, do whatever the fuck you want. We don't care.". Trademark laws, on the other hand, are pretty aggressive. If you don't constantly defend your trademark and sue people who break it into oblivion, they just go "Yeah, you clearly don't care about your trademark. You're losing it." and they turn the trademark into a generic term, which anyone can use freely. The reason for this is to prevent people from exploiting trademark laws. Because if it weren't for this law, people could trademark whatever the fuck they want just to be dicks. What the law basically does is tell people "You wanna trademark something? Then you better be prepared to pay millions for lawyers, bitch. You gotta WORK to keep that trademark, not just sit back and claim royalties like a little shit.".

www.inta.org/TrademarkBasics/FactSheets/Pages/LossofTrademarkRightsFactSheet.aspx Here, first paragraph, first couple of sentences, because I assume you won't bother reading the whole thing.
#55 - Where do you find the monster hunter demo?  [+] (2 replies) 06/22/2016 on Limbo was free on steam 0
User avatar
#57 - noahdaniel (06/22/2016) [-]
User avatar
#107 - fillelindome (06/22/2016) [-]
ty bruv <3
#51 - I have memories of me sitting 5 hours straight on these server…  [+] (2 replies) 05/30/2016 on ah +71
User avatar
#91 - granate (05/30/2016) [-]
The good old days.
#120 - anon (05/31/2016) [-]
When the mamas sang us to sleep. But now we're stressed out.
#84 - Doing anythig in excess will ruin your life, if it is weed or …  [+] (26 replies) 03/21/2016 on Canyoftyi Tyigose Nytsiley +9
User avatar
#88 - alphagex (03/21/2016) [-]
''weed is fucked my life harder than wow'' the most inoffensive and harmles drug? alchool kills more than weeed i did weed for a while and i play wow

for 9 year

i let you decide which one fucks more is not weed
User avatar
#135 - fillelindome (03/21/2016) [-]
I never said that weed was worse, but my personal experience. The drug itself wont kill you, but it can fuck you up properly in your head.
I have been clean for over a year and im noticing that i am forgetting stuff that i normally wouldnt before. Small things, but it is still reall annoying to live with
Weed can help, and also ruin, ive seen the best of both worlds
User avatar
#128 - approval (03/21/2016) [-]
Almost happened with me. smoked for 10 years and not saying weed is bad, but before I quit I stated getting extremely paranoid, nervous and suspicious of everyone every time I smoked. Got to the point where I'd start pushing people away(family, friends, exgf I had at that time). Luckily I recognized this happening and throw away every thing I had related to weed and haven't had any of those feelings since I've stopped. Weed will never get as bad as other drugs or alcohol, but I can remember feeling paranoid, nervous and suspicious like it was yesterday and it makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it.
User avatar
#100 - Faz (03/21/2016) [-]
People like you piss me the fuck off, im INCREDIBLY pro weed and support its legalisation everywhere but when people like you tout it to be this super harmless drug its just as bad as the people who demonise it as being the worst thing ever, I know lots of people whos lives have become completely ruined due to weed, these are people who smoke it all day long and became paranoid, lazy and depressed (google it, these are all possible side effects from smoking it everyday) which lead to people losing their jobs, their relationships and their friends and not having the motivation to get them back.

Weed is great but it can still fuck you up if you smoke it too often.
User avatar
#103 - alphagex (03/21/2016) [-]
also let me get this straight..is bad if you like weed but is bad if we hate it? what i'm suppose to do then?
User avatar
#106 - Faz (03/21/2016) [-]
Thats not what i said at all, its bad if you praise weed as this almighty miracle that does no wrong when its not at all, it has its bads and its goods just like everything, when you ignore the bads you become just as idiotic as those who think its the worst thing since Hitler.
User avatar
#107 - alphagex (03/21/2016) [-]
okay wise guy so how does one is suppose to feel about it?
User avatar
#112 - Faz (03/21/2016) [-]
The same way you're supposed to feel about anything, you weigh up the risk vs reward, if you like something it doesn't mean it does no wrong, i like eating fast food but i sure as shit know its killing my insides but the reward is greater than the risk for me, for some people its not. You have to think for yourself, i think people who support weed but know nothing of the side effects are as idiotically uninformed as those who hate weed but know only lies about the effects.
User avatar
#113 - alphagex (03/21/2016) [-]
I can live with that reasoning, yeah i knew about the long term but most people i know smoke weed occasionally and again like i keep saying if you compare to meth or cocaine the effect is much less worse.
#144 - tirithon (03/21/2016) [-]
Should prolly compare it more to alcohol and such, alcohol is prolly more harmful but its legal, but weed is still harmful in the sense that it can make you anti social/depressed if you already have those symptons or something. Like this is just my experience and i am not generalising that it can happen to everyone and for a lot of people its prolly fine, but anything in excess can fuck certain people up.
User avatar
#102 - alphagex (03/21/2016) [-]
Yes but in comparison of other drugs and legal drugs weed is the most less ''offensive'' Yeah i know of the side effect

and pretty sure if you count the effect of how many life wow destroyed versus weed wow numbers will be on the top

So you know the side effects of weed yet you are pro and want to legalize it everywhere? Wait what? I'm not trying to preach or anything idc if you smoke or do heroin or w/e but your reasoning is a bit paradoxal
#108 - micekill (03/21/2016) [-]
the world is not black and white brother
for example, i know how fucking bad it is for my eyes to use my computer in the dark, yet i still do it and actually sometimes go out of my way to do it
being pro for something doesn't mean that you either do not know the cons of it or that you choose to ignore them, being pro for something should ideally be that you know both pros and cons of it, and still choose it
too many people who just "like" something decide that they are pro it, but they should inform themselves better before stating that
User avatar
#110 - alphagex (03/21/2016) [-]
This valid logic is scaring me...what site is this again
#116 - micekill (03/21/2016) [-]
your mom
#117 - alphagex (03/21/2016) [-]
User avatar
#104 - Faz (03/21/2016) [-]
Why would knowing the side effects make me not want to legalise weed? Its obviously a risk-reward situation in which what is to gain outweighs what is to lose, currently the war on drugs and weed specifically costs countries billions each year and is a war that has been failing more and more each year over, plus i come from a Town with a rather high violent crime rate due to drinking, if people did less drinking and more smoking that statistic would go down quite drastically. Also WoW's active subscriptions got up to a max of what? 12 million users? Of those 12 million im willing to bet my entire lifes savings that less than 20,000 had their lives ruined due to it but weed? If you genuinely think more peoples lives have been fucked due to WoW than weed then you really need to think more logically.
User avatar
#105 - alphagex (03/21/2016) [-]
we are talking about weed not meth...Unless if you are dumb enough to always have 30 kilo in your pocket i doubt you get in trouble if you smoke occasionally in a private place
User avatar
#109 - Faz (03/21/2016) [-]
Where did i say anything about being caught with weed on your possession? And i am entirely sure that you have never smoked weed in your life and are most likely 12, 30 kilo is so much that you would have to carry around probably 3 bin bags full of weed with you, most places in the world would have you arrested for having half an ounce on you which is 0.0141748KG.
User avatar
#111 - alphagex (03/21/2016) [-]
I was making an exaggerate number i can assure you i smoke it or else why will i get into this convo?

and i brought up the possession case ..cause from a legal point of view that how you can get in trouble for personal issue that is on you..since the dam thing is not addictive you chose it

and again if you compare to anything else the effect is less worse
User avatar
#114 - Faz (03/21/2016) [-]
That is exactly the reason i want legalisation, it, in comparison to other things which we have ready access to it is not as bad, it is not as harmful but still people are being arrested on the streets for possessing small amounts.

It has its downsides but so does literally everything in life, nothing in life is an amazing miracle but we have to be smart enough to choose for ourselves what stuff is worth the risks and what stuff isn't.
User avatar
#115 - alphagex (03/21/2016) [-]
I guess...anything you do a lot is bad for you... i mean here in canada i saw some guys smoking weed and i shit you not in front of the movie entrance outside and once near a bus stop

is like the cops don't care
User avatar
#118 - Faz (03/21/2016) [-]
A lot of places are now having more relaxed stances on it, Canada especially since its a very liberal country, im from England and i've smoked it outside pubs, i've smoked it outside a huge sold-out arena in one of the biggest cities in the country and hundreds of people smoke it at music festivals, luckily in England like Canada police are turning more of a blind eye to it, i know a drug dealer who had police knock on his door and say "We've had reports that you're selling marijuana, is this true" to which he replied "No" and they said okay sir have a good day and never bothered him again, this was 3 years ago now and he lives in the same house, still sells weed but has never had a police officer show up again but since its illegal police still can arrest you if they so wanted to, one day their police chiefs could say "Okay, orders from London, arrest anyone that is in possession of marijuana" and theres fuck all we can do about it.
User avatar
#94 - FearTheToilet (03/21/2016) [-]
Its not harmless when you get caught with it. Depending on the state/country you live in there can be some harsh penalty's.
User avatar
#95 - alphagex (03/21/2016) [-]
I meant in the term of health
User avatar
#96 - FearTheToilet (03/21/2016) [-]
ahh alright
User avatar
#97 - alphagex (03/21/2016) [-]
I'm not promoting to smoke weed or anything but i got experience in both.. and i did a literal drug and played wow and trust me is wow who got me hooked up except on wod period is utter shit