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#7 - Picture 03/26/2015 on She's hulking up 0
#79 - Yeah, right  [+] (1 new reply) 03/19/2015 on Human Flags Chow Down -1
User avatar #84 - niggernazi (03/19/2015) [-]
#14 - Comment deleted 03/12/2015 on Friend is wearing this hat... 0
#7 - Comment deleted  [+] (2 new replies) 03/11/2015 on Friend is wearing this hat... +1
#8 - hanakoikezawa Comment deleted by festinas
#14 - festinas Comment deleted by festinas
#13 - Anyone know the artist of these? I really love em  [+] (1 new reply) 03/08/2015 on Optical Illusions pt.2 +2
#62 - moriartea (03/09/2015) [-]
That would be Rob Gonsalves. Kinda surprised no-one's answered this sooner.
#2875 - **festinas used "*roll rpg name*"** **festinas rolls Elenya** 02/20/2015 on rpg name generator +1
#163 - Myah 01/02/2015 on just a funny video +3
#5 - I see a comment like that everytime stuff like this is posted.…  [+] (3 new replies) 11/07/2014 on Fedora +1
User avatar #6 - Loppytaffy (11/07/2014) [-]
It's just the world we live in. Carpe Diem sounds stupid while YOLO is normal, I can no longer enjoy a faggot sandwich, calling a man nice is a good thing, "thicker than blood" means the opposite of it's original meaning...
User avatar #24 - theshadowed (11/07/2014) [-]
Thats mostly you just bowing to the norm
#19 - lefiddlesticks (11/07/2014) [-]
> it's
#22 - Black people like watermelon 11/06/2014 on Her Watermelon Broke +3
#11 - Picture  [+] (14 new replies) 10/27/2014 on Degrees 90 -26
User avatar #13 - tronbot (10/27/2014) [-]
8/10 of the top ten universities in the world in 2013-2014 were from the United States of America. 16 out of the top 20.

Suck my fucking dick.
#46 - kez (10/27/2014) [-]
The newest one shows UK universities higher and its either 3 of the top 5 being from the UK. Just saying.
User avatar #45 - bemmo (10/27/2014) [-]
I'd imagine that's at least in part due to having such a large population.

You get two countries with exactly the same bellcurve for educational quality of their colleges, the larger country is going to have more colleges of high quality than the smaller one by default.
#31 - anonymous (10/27/2014) [-]
The joke of course being that America still has one of the worst educational systems out there, but go ahead and enjoy your privatized colleges. Here's another joke for you, the education in most colleges has very little variance, the only difference in education you'll experience is between people who study hard and people who don't.
#49 - anonymous (10/27/2014) [-]
Shit. You're right. If all schools offer the same fucking level of education you should pick the cheapest, not the one most ranked by *insert people being payed to rank schools here*. And if america's schools are so good why do we always fucking hear americans complain about how they're in debt because of them?
User avatar #35 - tronbot (10/27/2014) [-]
America is ranked 17 out of ~200 countries in education, granted that's behind UK, Canada, and Australia, but I'd hardly call that "one of the worst". Try harder you god damn commie.
#50 - nahbro (10/27/2014) [-]
One of the worst in first-world countries, then?
#39 - anonymous (10/27/2014) [-]
"Oh man, I have no idea what good education actually is, I better go find myself a ranking list that I don't understand and have no idea what it is based on and say that it says this about the thing I don't understand."
User avatar #40 - tronbot (10/27/2014) [-]
"Oh man, I can't troll at all. I better try harder, that'll work."
#32 - noutvissers (10/27/2014) [-]
He is right you know.jpg
User avatar #22 - thechildmolester (10/27/2014) [-]
When you look at how many colleges the US has and how many are actually good, you realise that fuck America.
User avatar #54 - manofbeardliness (10/28/2014) [-]
It kills me when Europeans (or whoever) make these retarded comments questioning the intelligence of Americans or American institutions. Each state in the U.S. has it's own rankings in their Universities and the programs they excel in. There's no absolute number one school. The University I go to is ranked #32 in the country for the department I'm in, but ranked #2 in the country in a few areas of study or departments. Apparently the subjects of specialization and the division of knowledge are scarcely taught in other countries. Either that or you're just stupid, because If you consider Ivy league schools as the only Universities in the United States that are worth a damn, you're too stupid to formulate a valid opinion about my country.
#30 - anonymous (10/27/2014) [-]
The U.S. has ~300 million people compared to the worlds 7 billion. 16 of the top 20 is pretty good, all things considered.
#18 - quoterox (10/27/2014) [-]
lol it's a UK site too

that's even better

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User avatar #1 - redrockrider (05/20/2013) [-]
thnx for the link to that site

User avatar #2 to #1 - festinas (05/20/2013) [-]
Np. The site is pretty fun!
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