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#20 - got a good source for good quality scans/translations? 3 hours ago on Multiple seasons and... 0
#9 - imo for jojo so far: part 4>2>3>1  [+] (2 new replies) 18 hours ago on Multiple seasons and... 0
#15 - phoenixtwo (11 hours ago) [-]

Or just wait for the anime, I'm not the boss of you
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#20 - fasthink (3 hours ago) [-]
got a good source for good quality scans/translations?
#2 - Clear, so his mortal enemies can't disguise as one of his troops 06/24/2016 on Otlen Waytodugne Lainse 0
#4 - Who???  [+] (1 new reply) 06/20/2016 on What's next +9
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#8 - hiukuss (06/20/2016) [-]
Looks like Mia Khalifa
#37 - even PC couldn't get to 60 fps when Unity came out, it's just … 06/20/2016 on Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii +2
#10 - less microtransactions in games? games that are actually f…  [+] (9 new replies) 06/18/2016 on Women in games +99
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#103 - frenzyhero (06/19/2016) [-]
compared to days of yore, games are more polished than ever.
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#95 - StewieGGriffin (06/19/2016) [-]
#78 - nigeltheoutlaw (06/19/2016) [-]
Never will happen. After games from people like DICE and Bungie got away with putting out broken or partially completed games and selling them for full price, we'll never go back to all games being done on launch. Honestly, although I like it, Overwatch just continues this trend. It's just multiplayer, barebones backstory, no single player, and there's nothing fleshed out except the number of characters to play. Of course there are promises of DLC, but DLC shouldn't be just $20-$40 installments meant to complete a game that was half made on launch.

The worst part is I was complicit. I bought BF3, BF 4 (probably the worst offender. DICE didn't even fix the game breaking glitches and errors before releasing another game) and Destiny before I realized what the fuck they were doing to me.
#80 - anon (06/19/2016) [-]
Actually theyve said new characters (and I think maps but corrct me if im wrong) would be free
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#81 - nigeltheoutlaw (06/19/2016) [-]
While that's good news, I don't think that's much better. A company shouldn't release a barebones game that needed several more years of development even if they make the eventual add-ons free.
#85 - anon (06/19/2016) [-]
but then you have game that are stuck in "Early Access" or "Beta" for however many years and people just forget about them eventually so either A. They never get fully released or B. The devs just give up because nobody cares anymore

tl;dr if the game isn't done quick, the fanbase forgets and moves on as well as the devs
For the record tho I still don't like it, there's a lot of neat games that took/are taking a while to get released that are cool like Reassembly and Terra Tech
#101 - anon (06/19/2016) [-]
Ironically enough, you are completely wrong. People remembered, for example Duke Nukem. No one believed it'd come out, but no one forgot either.

The fact that they managed to completely fuck up the game anyway is another thing, tho
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#21 - ablock (06/18/2016) [-]
You knew what I was implying.
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#14 - sullseeker (06/18/2016) [-]
Didn't you hear him? No, we don't

i lost hope long ago, please help me
#244 - maybe I'll just tend to the plants till you guys get back 06/18/2016 on Valhalla awaits 0
#240 - **fasthink used "*roll 1, 0001-9999*"** **fasthink rolls 2,720**  [+] (1 new reply) 06/18/2016 on Valhalla awaits 0
#244 - fasthink (06/18/2016) [-]
maybe I'll just tend to the plants till you guys get back
#6 - Was this for the new "the thing"? I heard that they …  [+] (3 new replies) 06/18/2016 on Nice doggo 0
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#7 - divineminx (06/18/2016) [-]
Looks like the puppers from Resident evil, the first one.
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#19 - santyalc (06/18/2016) [-]
I think they are from the 5th movie
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#20 - santyalc (06/18/2016) [-]
#3 - well yeah, that's the point of this, to show something that looks cool 06/18/2016 on Massive particle sim:... +5