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i forgot my other account so i made this one:)

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#121 - **fannypack used "*roll picture*"** **fannypack rolled image **  [+] (3 replies) 09/16/2016 on Roll for qt 3.14 waifu +57
#542 - helgheimftw (09/16/2016) [-]
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#480 - belshir (09/16/2016) [-]
you lose
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#132 - fannypack (09/16/2016) [-]
how do i burn it
#111 - wait why did she see that i dont get it  [+] (31 replies) 07/26/2016 on Negasonic +1
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#126 - machiavellianhumor (07/26/2016) [-]
her only power is telepathy. and seeing the future. she has no physical powers. she was just forced into the movie with BOOM powers cause feminism
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#137 - kidinfinitebillion (07/26/2016) [-]
She wasnt forced into Deadpool movie because of feminism, She was in it because before the movie, shed never gotten any real "Screen time", but they thought the name was cool.
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#147 - machiavellianhumor (07/26/2016) [-]
i read the script so kindly shut up. also angel dust was not original in the movie either. Ajax was gonna have 3 male lackies. so can you kindly kill yourself for being a SJW idiot who doesn't do research
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#214 - thesoulseeker (07/26/2016) [-]
In this particular case I don't care why those characters were put in the movie. You know why? Because it didn't feel forced and the end result was still a good movie.
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#221 - machiavellianhumor (07/26/2016) [-]
no it wasn't it was a SJW propeganda film that made deadpool look gay
User avatar
#222 - thesoulseeker (07/26/2016) [-]
It was a good movie in my opinion and a lot of people agree with me. You're free to disagree of course, though I'd like to know why you didn't like it.

Also how was it an SJW propaganda film? Was it because deadpool took it up the ass once?
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#223 - machiavellianhumor (07/26/2016) [-]
if you read the comics you'd know
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#224 - thesoulseeker (07/26/2016) [-]
Is that the equivalent of "educate yourself shitlord"?
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#225 - machiavellianhumor (07/26/2016) [-]
it's the equivilant of don't argue with me because i do my research and you dont you fuck wad. i'm like 10 levels above you
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#226 - thesoulseeker (07/26/2016) [-]
Was I arguing with you?
You said some stuff and I didn't challenge them, I said I don't care because I liked the movie anyway.

Then you say the movie wasn't good and was SJW propaganda and I asked you why.
Where in this was an argument? You fucking retard!
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#227 - machiavellianhumor (07/26/2016) [-]
why don't you just admit that you have no pride?
User avatar
#228 - thesoulseeker (07/26/2016) [-]
What the fuck are you on about?

Why don't you just say why you think the movie was bad or was SJW propaganda?
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#229 - machiavellianhumor (07/26/2016) [-]
it was the opposite of wolverine origins

Deadpool was great in costume, horrible out of it cause everything without the costume was SJW shit. in wolverine origins he was great as wade, terrible as deadpool
User avatar
#230 - thesoulseeker (07/26/2016) [-]
Which parts exactly were "SJW shit" and how? I really can't think of anything that stood out as such. Seriously where was the SJW in that?
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#239 - machiavellianhumor (07/26/2016) [-]
bitch i said send nudes
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#240 - thesoulseeker (07/26/2016) [-]
I ain't sending nudes to a gay ass nigger whore!
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#241 - machiavellianhumor (07/26/2016) [-]
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#231 - machiavellianhumor (07/26/2016) [-]
you should read the script to understand.
User avatar
#232 - thesoulseeker (07/26/2016) [-]
Well can't you give an example or something?
Also I don't really get what the point would be if whatever SJW thing you're talking about doesn't come through in the actual movie.
User avatar
#233 - machiavellianhumor (07/26/2016) [-]
like i said read the script
User avatar
#234 - thesoulseeker (07/26/2016) [-]
Well that's not gonna happen.

Have a good day.
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#237 - machiavellianhumor (07/26/2016) [-]
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#238 - thesoulseeker (07/26/2016) [-]
You gay nigga? 'Cause I'm not gay nigga!
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#235 - machiavellianhumor (07/26/2016) [-]
lol u slut send nudes
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#236 - thesoulseeker (07/26/2016) [-]
Why the fuck would you want a fat neckbeard to send you nudes?
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#139 - kidinfinitebillion (07/26/2016) [-]
Wait how can i see you??? I have you on Hide all.
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#148 - machiavellianhumor (07/26/2016) [-]
i declined it when it asked me if i wanted to accept your hide all. so you can still see my comments
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#114 - medewu (07/26/2016) [-]
I believe that she has the power to like see into the future and or the ability to rewind time ever so slightly to make things in her favor.

So when she was talking with deadpool she was looking and thinking for a way to beat, him which there are none.
User avatar
#157 - Sethorein (07/26/2016) [-]
Woah look at you not being on backroom.
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#158 - medewu (07/26/2016) [-]
I browse content faggot.
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#116 - preacherQ (07/26/2016) [-]
No. She just had a vision from more than like 4 seconds in the future. Got unlucky and by some fluke saw Deadpool not being a shit.