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#449 - evilhomer ONLINE (10/25/2014) [+] (1 reply)
stickied by evilhomer
Get funky, people!
Get funky, people!
User avatar #1337 - tepidteal (04/25/2015) [-]
Homie, the only time I get a message from you is when you send out a mass PM. What happened to our whirlwind romance?
#1338 to #1337 - evilhomer ONLINE (04/25/2015) [-]
Babe, it's not you, it's me.... I'm just been busy these couple of weeks.    
I'll make it up somehow.
Babe, it's not you, it's me.... I'm just been busy these couple of weeks.
I'll make it up somehow.
#1339 to #1338 - tepidteal (04/25/2015) [-]
It's okay. Finish up with your things so you can relax soon.    
I'll be waiting until then, sweetie.
It's okay. Finish up with your things so you can relax soon.
I'll be waiting until then, sweetie.
#1334 - fapperdefap (04/11/2015) [-]
have this one instead
#1335 to #1334 - evilhomer ONLINE (04/11/2015) [-]
That's much better
That's much better
#1330 - mobilebull (04/09/2015) [-]
**mobilebull used "*roll picture*"**
**mobilebull rolled image** how can i be cool like you?
#1331 to #1330 - evilhomer ONLINE (04/09/2015) [-]
**evilhomer used "*roll picture*"**
**evilhomer rolled image** by consuming vast amounts of this
User avatar #1324 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (04/02/2015) [-]
Hey do you have a gif of a kid smiling after a girl gives him cpr after he faked drowning? It was from an old movie and I can't find it
User avatar #1325 to #1324 - evilhomer ONLINE (04/02/2015) [-]
User avatar #1326 to #1325 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (04/02/2015) [-]
**** I can't find it anywhere
User avatar #1328 to #1327 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (04/03/2015) [-]
YES! Thank you very much. I've been looking for it for hours and couldn't find it. You weren't online at the time
User avatar #1329 to #1328 - shadowrated (04/03/2015) [-]
np snowy. the name of the

movie is The Sandlot
User avatar #1322 - reichmaster (04/01/2015) [-]
Homey... Some retarded mod just banned my davidavidson account for spamming the /anime/ board

Please inform them of admins wishes and pls unban me

User avatar #1323 to #1322 - evilhomer ONLINE (04/02/2015) [-]
Imma look into it
User avatar #1320 to #1319 - evilhomer ONLINE (04/01/2015) [-]
God damn it!....
Thanks btw
User avatar #1321 to #1320 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (04/01/2015) [-]
User avatar #1317 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/29/2015) [-]
Oh hey you're #2 again
User avatar #1318 to #1317 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/29/2015) [-]
life is looking up
User avatar #1319 to #1318 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/29/2015) [-]
You browse newest uploads right?
User avatar #1320 to #1319 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/29/2015) [-]
Almost mainly. If you browse newest uploads enough you basically see tomorrows frontpage
User avatar #1321 to #1320 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/29/2015) [-]
I only browse trending and all of the tomorrows frontpage is greyed out since I've seen it all
#1313 - shadowrated (03/28/2015) [-]
i didn't get ripped, nor did my penis get larger

User avatar #1316 to #1315 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/28/2015) [-]
User avatar #1309 - tripscausedthis ONLINE (03/27/2015) [-]
you're almost always first comment on new content. thank **** you're not a furst kinda guy
User avatar #1310 to #1309 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/27/2015) [-]
I'd rather put a clever comment than write first
#1306 - moocowsz ONLINE (03/26/2015) [-]
Learn the difference between "lose" and "loose", faggot.
#1305 - mobilebull (03/26/2015) [-]
do you got.... do you got any thumbs. i need them for crack. *cough* a new level...
#1308 to #1305 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/26/2015) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #1304 - badhatharry (03/25/2015) [-]
Hey man just stumbled across this blogs.lse.ac.uk/impactofsocialsciences/2015/02/20/how-to-win-at-academic-presentations/ If you need anymore of a hand with your presentation
User avatar #1299 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/24/2015) [-]
I still can't believe your bread *********** got over 5000 thumbs
User avatar #1300 to #1299 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/24/2015) [-]
I made that bread post because of the new Team fortress short that was released.
I can't believe I actually posted over 2000 loafs of bread..... I physically couldn't fulfill my delivery fully
User avatar #1301 to #1300 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/24/2015) [-]
hah there were lot of dissapointed people then
User avatar #1294 - sobir (03/24/2015) [-]
***** where your vocaroo at ??2? I was promised a speech
#1295 to #1294 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/24/2015) [-]
I actually skipped two days of class because we needed to present our speeches in front of the class, before the actual test.
This will be the end of me
User avatar #1296 to #1295 - sobir (03/24/2015) [-]
Neat. How big is your class anyway ? And what was the speech on ?
User avatar #1297 to #1296 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/24/2015) [-]
About 30 people. The topic is "Public discussion culture in modern day Lithuania"
#1298 to #1297 - sobir (03/24/2015) [-]
So you failed to publicly disscuss public discussion... hehe. Anyway Gotta head to class myself. Next time practise the speech a few times, maybe do it in front of friends If no friends find a cat on the street, they make great listeners and you should be able to make it. No one will laugh at you I'm sure 80% of them were nervous as **** .
#1244 to #1232 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
A compliment like this needs a proper response
User avatar #1273 to #1244 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
When reply limit is reached you reply to the first comment, that's like an unspoken rule of FJ
Where would you get the money to travel around? Unless of course you have some saved up. If that's the case are you sure that it's a good idea to just spend it on traveling?

THe Denmark idea is good since they do have free education. The only question is whether or not they have English only courses.

Education in the US costs a lot of ******* money. Luckily Norway got a very nice social support system so the government covers over half the cost for me.
User avatar #1274 to #1273 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
I've been here for like 3 years and I didn't know of this.... I feel ashamed
I'm not saying I would spend it all on traveling, just some part of it. I love to travel and I've learned a lot of ways to do it cheap. like under 100 euros from here to Italy, two way trip, everything included cheap
I'm thinking during the gap year I'll try to work as much as I can to get as much cash and then see where should I put that would benefit me the most
User avatar #1275 to #1274 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
Damn you're a mod too, well you learn something new everyday
I suppose you would take a train?

Have you considered going to army? Or do they not pay for it in Lithuania?
User avatar #1276 to #1275 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
Talking about the army... My country reinstated mandatory army service for 9 months for men between the ages 19 and 26 for 5 years. Due to the tense geopolitical situation that is happening in Ukraine. Lithuanians are very wary of Russia, no offence, since we were occupied numerous times and Putin is acting like a sociopath lately
There is about 150,000 of young men eligible and each year they are gonna select via random about 3,5 thousand... That gives me a few percent chance I'd be drafted
But the monthly wage If I do get drafted is about 250 euros. Which is roughly the Lithuanian minimum wage, so there's that
User avatar #1277 to #1276 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
Lol army never stopped being mandatory in Russia. Evryone over 19 who doesn't have birth defects or isn't gay gets taken. I try to visit my Russian family every summer, but since I became of age I can't go back there, not unless I stop being a citizen of the Russian Federation.

And I don't think army is worth it man. With the **** going down in Ukraine there is a pretty big possibility that you'll be sent there, and that's somewhere you don't wanna be. You never know if Putin will go crazy and an all out war breaks out. You wanna get as far from that part of the world as possible
User avatar #1278 to #1277 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
There was huge uproar when they announced the news about it being mandatory again
It stopped being in 2008 . One side saying " **** no! We have our own problems, families, education and we can't leave them behind like that" The other side, mainly women ironically calling the men's pussies and cowards. They are not the one's putting their head on the line risking everything.

I will protect my country and my family if needed without a second thought but making army mandatory just hinders a lot of young peoples lives and I don't think that is a smart move, not one bit.

I just hope this crazy situation doesn't escalate to anything bigger.

Every year I don't get drafted I have chance to start living somewhere else get a higher education, so there is still hope for me
User avatar #1279 to #1278 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
I know what you mean. The last thing we need right now is a war with Russia. The sanctions ****** up Russia's economy pretty bad. It's a real crisis there now and people find bravery to revolt. What bothers me is what Putin will do next. I mean Hitler started the second world war by taking "just one country" as well.

So you wouldn't mind being in the army? Because it's a no no for me
User avatar #1280 to #1279 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
If my country is in direct threat or being invaded I will fight the **** back. Even though I'm not really that patriotic but I grew up here and I'm not giving this place up without a fight.

But being sent somewhere else for a peace keeping mission, I don't know. I have a huge respect for the brave men and women who do that, but I don't really know if that's for me.
If I get drafted and sent there, there's not much I can do. The worst thing probably would be not being able to get on FJ for a long time.
User avatar #1281 to #1280 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
I don't really get the same patriotic feeling since you know Russia is the bad guy and everything, but I understand how you feel.

Aren't there ways how to avoid army? Like as long as you're attending a uni you're good right? And lol yeah we'd miss you greatly.
#1283 to #1281 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
**** this ***** and that ugly ass spot on his head.
User avatar #1282 to #1281 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
As long as your studying you can't be drafted but if you graduate until the age of 26 you are still eligible. You can even get an invite while you are still in uni but it wouldn't take effect until you graduated.

Besides studying or emigrating, I don't really think it is.

I don't dislike any country nor their people, only the government. I've met a lot of awesome Russians, but their government tended to be a bit horrific in history.
For example there's this bitch ***** Gorbachiov who ordered the events that took place in 1991 January 13th in Lithuania. People got crushed by tanks, beaten, **** was horrible en.wikipedia.org/wiki/January_Events_%28Lithuania%29
And he still isn't prosecuted for his actions. But you know, every country has it's idiots.
User avatar #1284 to #1282 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
YEah he was the one who drunkenly gave Crimea to Ukraine. So in a way he's responsible for the **** that's going down there.

Alright man I gtg now. Early day tomorrow. It was good talking to you. Your vocaroos were funny. You're a cool guy. Of course I knew that already but still.
User avatar #1285 to #1284 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
It was fun talking you. You're a pretty cool guy as well.
User avatar #1246 to #1244 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
That thick slavic accent <3
User avatar #1259 to #1249 - tepidteal (03/23/2015) [-]
omg, you slut.
i feel so betrayed.
User avatar #1265 to #1259 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
share the load.gif
User avatar #1260 to #1259 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
Sorry my voice is so monotone today. I kinda have a cold
User avatar #1262 to #1260 - tepidteal (03/23/2015) [-]
It's okay, man.
Try to rest up.
#1263 to #1262 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
k, babe
k, babe
User avatar #1250 to #1249 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
Aren't Lithuanians considered slavs? Also can you speak russian at all?
User avatar #1251 to #1250 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
Lithuania is in eastern Europe but we are not of Slavic origin. Lithuanians are Balts or Baltic people whatever floats your goat , so is Latvia.

User avatar #1252 to #1251 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
Huh I guess you learn something new everyday.

Why are you taught Russian though? I mean the Sovjet Union is no more... Unless of course you choose to study it
User avatar #1253 to #1252 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
I have no idea. I guess it's in order to communicate with other people in eastern Europe since a large part doesn't really understand English that well.
We had a choice, either German or Russian. I chose German but our class teacher made us all study rusky since only a few of us chose the latter. I didn't really learn much since I didn't care about the language too much and the teacher was horrible.

They could have given us more options to choose more common languages around the world. Like Spanish or something. You can select french in later classes
User avatar #1254 to #1253 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
Was english obligatory? If so did you like it? And I bet your parents or at least one of your grandparents speak Russian pretty good. That **** was drilled into them
User avatar #1255 to #1254 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
My father, grandfather and probably my grandmother are fluent in it... So is my brother, but it's more due to the fact that he likes that language. My mother, not so much.

English was obligatory, we started to learn it since the 2nd grade. I like it. I'm at the top of my english class. For as long as I remember I am able to speak it.
Probably it's because I used to watch so much English speaking cartoons that one day *BAM*... I started to understand what they were saying without any translation.
Frickin' crazy how a small kid's brain works, huh?
User avatar #1256 to #1255 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
So you took after your mother huh?

I know what you mean. I didn't become fluent in English until I was 13 though. Didn't really have internet back then so no English cartoons for me.
User avatar #1257 to #1256 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
I had CartoonNetwork and Jetix as a kid. It's thanks to them for my English skills.
Where are you from, since you mentioned that it ain't your native tongue?
User avatar #1258 to #1257 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
Yeah well I had those too, they were dubbed in Russian though.
I'm from cheeki breeki i v damki
User avatar #1261 to #1258 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
As a proper Ivan, how was my Russian? Does it sound passable?
Can you insult me in Russian?
User avatar #1264 to #1261 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
I mean you wouldn't pass as a Russian but it was understandable enough. Russian is such a complex language that it's nearly impossible for foreigners to speak fluently without an accent unless they were taught from early childhood.
People always ask me that. I find it really weird and awkward speaking russian to a non-russian person. I don't even know why
User avatar #1266 to #1264 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
My parents have this one russian friend, he once asked me to fix his computer and spoke only Russian thinking I can understand him....
For like 5 minutes I only nodded my head and said да all the time.
Was it hard transitioning form Russian letters to Latin?
User avatar #1267 to #1266 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
Lol that dude probably didn't speak English. Pretty much nobody speaks English in Russia. And the ones who do have horrible accents. We're pretty rude too. So if you don't understand what we're saying in Russian then you're probably soft in the head and are made fun of.

In Russia we learn English from 5th grade, but I went to a special school where they started since 2nd, so I knew alphabet and **** like that. The real problem was the language barrier. When I moved to the US I understood a lot but couldn't put 2 words together. **** was tough yo.
User avatar #1268 to #1267 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
I know a lot of Russian swear words since they are very common in lithuania like nahui, pizdec, suka jobany, jopt twai mat, ahujel **** like that

How long have you been in the US and what city do you live in? I'm thinking of emigration myself and the states seem like a viable option
User avatar #1269 to #1268 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
Lol you don't have your own swear words? And do you use the russian ones in the same context? Like you know their literal translation and **** right?

I lived 2 years in Florida then we moved to Norway and that's where I live now. I'm planning on taking my next uni year in Colorado though.

How old are you?
User avatar #1272 to #1269 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
My near future plans are to finish highschool this summer, take a gap year, work a bit, travel, get some life experiance from all that.
I'll probably try to study in Denmark since education there is free and I don't want to be a burden on my parents. How much does education in the states cost? I could probably try my luck there.
As for where to live there, I don't really know. The most basic would be like Chicago, New York or something. I like Seattle a lot. Seems like a nice enough place. Still need to give a bit more thought tho.
I'm replying to another comment of yours since reply limit
User avatar #1270 to #1269 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
most of them yeah. We have swear words but they are tame as **** .
Literal translation of some of them would be like, roster, **** on your own head, I hope you get a cramp while taking a **** , lick a worms armpit, rough flour and etc..
My ancestors were pretty creative people.

You seem like a cool dude. If I ever met you in real life for some odd reason I'd buy you a beer.
User avatar #1271 to #1270 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
Lol that is pretty tame. Most of the Russian curses have something to do with private parts or sex.

You said that you're thinking of moving to US. Which state would you move to and do you go to uni or would you start working right away?
User avatar #1235 to #1232 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
that's gay
#1236 to #1235 - tepidteal has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #1237 to #1236 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
Hah you "give these out". It almost sounds like people request these vocaroos from you to make them feel good. It's kinda sad.

And that's really nice of you, to offer something that takes effort and time to a complete stranger. We should be friends
User avatar #1238 to #1237 - tepidteal (03/23/2015) [-]
I don't give them out, you pickle.
User avatar #1239 to #1238 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
"I'd give you one" sounded a lot like you do
User avatar #1240 to #1239 - tepidteal (03/23/2015) [-]
Well, don't expect to see one 'cause you're not getting one.
User avatar #1241 to #1240 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
Well not until you get to know me better right?
And to be honest I don't really need a pick me up, not now at least.
I am very intrigued by that drawing offer though.
User avatar #1242 to #1241 - tepidteal (03/23/2015) [-]
Yeah. I can draw ya something later. Just give me a reference now so I can pull colors from it later. Make sure eye color is visible, or tell me what it is, because some people haven't done that and their drawings end up with grey eyes.
#1243 to #1242 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
Well if you go to my profile you'll see that I've got this whole mascot thing going so it'd be nice if you do a drawing of him. It's basically a white cat with a mans body in a suit.
User avatar #1229 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
You have a lot of ******* colored text
User avatar #1233 to #1229 - tepidteal (03/23/2015) [-]
Then you haven't seen the amount that ************ has.
Like 1550+ 7 day text vouchers.
User avatar #1234 to #1233 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
I am aware
User avatar #1286 to #1234 - mudkipfucker (03/23/2015) [-]
its 17 years worth
chokinandtokin has more tho
User avatar #1287 to #1286 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/24/2015) [-]
Isn't it super easy to get now since you only need 500 thumbs?
User avatar #1288 to #1287 - mudkipfucker (03/24/2015) [-]
yeah, i get like 4 a day on average
wish i could give them to people, its a shame they just sit around unused
User avatar #1289 to #1288 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/24/2015) [-]
That would cause inflation and funnyjunk would collapse
User avatar #1290 to #1289 - mudkipfucker (03/24/2015) [-]
Damn you, Obama!
User avatar #1291 to #1290 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/24/2015) [-]
Did any of the posts that you posted during your spree a few days ago make it to the front page?
User avatar #1292 to #1291 - mudkipfucker (03/24/2015) [-]
3 of them did
sprees like that tend to be the worst way to go when posting content
User avatar #1293 to #1292 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/24/2015) [-]
Yeah cuz you're competing with yourself right?
User avatar #1230 to #1229 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
about 6.1 years to be exact
User avatar #1231 to #1230 - mrsnowballs ONLINE (03/23/2015) [-]
I'm kinda jealous
User avatar #1227 - nought (03/22/2015) [-]
#1228 to #1227 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/22/2015) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #1222 - chitogekirisaki ONLINE (03/19/2015) [-]
So I had a weird dream, and it was probably something along the lines of I saw your name in a comment right before falling asleep but, here goes.

I had this art class at my highschool, taught by my middle school art teacher, and it was even his room too, but the primary color was brown. There wss this girl there, unnamed, but her body and face were different, two different people I know. Anyway, I left the school because I didn't have sheik on my gamecube memory card (which is kinda impossible) so I went right home. I walked through some yards with my firend tom, one of them with a cooler in the back where we got a soda. Then we got to this house, tom promptly disappeared, which was the girls from earlier. Her father looked like plagueofgripes, but with red hair. His name was evilhomer das u . Something about the girl wearing her fathers pants, then I woke up. Weird.
User avatar #1223 to #1222 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/19/2015) [-]
you know that you made it in life when people start dreaming you
#1221 - mobilebull (03/19/2015) [-]
**mobilebull used "*roll picture*"**
**mobilebull rolled image**

have a nice day my friend,
User avatar #1224 to #1221 - evilhomer ONLINE (03/19/2015) [-]
y-you too
User avatar #1218 - gugek (03/17/2015) [-]
Hey, i hope your day has been going well. Have a fantastic night and a awesome day tomorrow
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