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#56 - Is this a real shop? You can just grab those guns!  [+] (5 new replies) 12/05/2015 on new gun control rules can... -1
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#71 - brokentrucker (12/05/2015) [-]
Most of the firearms you see on the shelf are A) not loaded B) Locked (not necessarily to the shelf, but otherwise incapable of making the bang without a key) and C) behind the cashier and cameras and other such security that will fuck you right up.
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#65 - TimBisley (12/05/2015) [-]
Make a move for anything resembling ammunition while holding a firearm in a gun store, you will be looking down the barrel of the cashier's (and probably your fellow customer's) personal carry weapon.
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#64 - ideletedmyotherone (12/05/2015) [-]
Those guns have no firing pins, even if you could get a magazine, live ammo, and somehow managed to load it without getting shot, the gun can't fire.
#63 - anon (12/05/2015) [-]
Also, what good is a gun with no ammo surrounded by about 2 or three people with loaded guns?
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#60 - syrenthra (12/05/2015) [-]
likely have trigger guards on them or are disabled like no bolts or something while on display
#67 - oookaay...  [+] (1 new reply) 12/04/2015 on Red light in Mexico... 0
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#68 - frenzyhero (12/05/2015) [-]
It's very unlikely that a douchebag could knock him from that wire with a normal car.l
#46 - Then some douchebag doesn't care and drives through, making th…  [+] (4 new replies) 12/04/2015 on Red light in Mexico... 0
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#64 - frenzyhero (12/04/2015) [-]
Most car's have lower clearance than that (the average clearance is ~ 5ft) - That Hyundai has a clearance of less than 5 ft for example, and the average mexican male is ~5ft5. You can see he had to jump to attach the wire - the average human arm length is 25 inches, so that's about 7ft up, not including his jump.

He should be far above most cars, even if you consider the wire dipping down from his weight.
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#67 - everheat (12/04/2015) [-]
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#68 - frenzyhero (12/05/2015) [-]
It's very unlikely that a douchebag could knock him from that wire with a normal car.l
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#65 - frenzyhero (12/04/2015) [-]
I'm pretty sure this is that hyundai.
#207 - After getting Fallout 4 for my PS4, I've been looking at PC mo… 12/04/2015 on Consoles vs PCs 0
#35 - The way I see it is either the synths die with the Institute, …  [+] (1 new reply) 12/02/2015 on We All Know What is More... +1
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#60 - Shiny (12/03/2015) [-]
Well, the synths are also much stronger and more resilient than humans, and likely more intelligent in terms of raw cognitive power; they don't need to worry about disease, malnutrition or sleep, and being machines they can take a hell of a lot more of a beating before their death is inevitable (i.e. a person can lose an arm and bleed to death in minutes without proper care). They can also be maintained and repaired for a very long time even without Institute tech, as shown by Nick Valentine's history, and less naive scientific groups like the Followers could possibly reverse-engineer what makes them tick, something the Institute doesn't even seem to understand since they don't know they made sapient beings. So even in the short term, they could probably do a lot of good for humanity, and they would likely be willing after humane treatment by the Railroad.

#19 - En ois voinu ite paremmi sanoa. 12/02/2015 on The Finnish way of drinking +6
#110 - Yeah, man. Whatever happened to spiderbros?? Everyone's afraid… 12/02/2015 on A 2 year old with bigger... 0
#125 - This makes me so happy. I want this framed on my wall. 12/02/2015 on Orgasmic 0
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