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#138 - Thats a different problem. The issue is that its going to be p… 08/18/2016 on Xifus Daytap Meermi 0
#196 - Yo soule. How was that get together you held? Anyone from fj show? 08/10/2016 on Do you have cotton balls? 0
#41 - Yeah man. Out of ten, she's an eleven. 08/10/2016 on What was your fav final... +1
#36 - That new game "Furi" has got some great track…  [+] (2 new replies) 08/10/2016 on What was your fav final... +6
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#38 - lexivex (08/10/2016) [-]
Hell yeah, Furi's fucking great. Still stuck on the sniper ladies last phase. Boy is that a bitch and a half.
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#41 - evenx (08/10/2016) [-]
Yeah man. Out of ten, she's an eleven.
#13 - Dogs = predators, to a deer dude. Might as well be a wolf. The… 08/10/2016 on Deer and Rabbit Playing +41
#89 - This. Is. Awsome. 07/30/2016 on Followed her instinct a... +3
#34 - He wants all muslim citizens on a register. It was the first s…  [+] (16 new replies) 07/27/2016 on Xifus Daytap Meermi -1
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#62 - kayzl (07/27/2016) [-]
I am somewhat sure every country's information on its citizens include religion already.
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#138 - evenx (08/18/2016) [-]
Thats a different problem. The issue is that its going to be publicly government sanctioned.
#49 - anon (07/27/2016) [-]
Right. But, those other groups don't explode in public places. And for that, we admit we were wrong. This group has a religion that mandates they explode in our country at all cost. If you are truly a refugee, then you would be happy just to be out of your country. So yea, maybe a refugee camp. Temporary, for our safety.
#94 - trollmobile (07/27/2016) [-]
Right. But those other groups don't control the banking system and get rich off hard working aryan germans. And for that, we admit we were wrong. This group has a religion that mandates they further the interest of their religion through shamless profeteering. If you truly are a hardworking german, then you would be happy to have a factory job. So yeah, maybe a concentration camp. temporary, for our safety.
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#64 - kayzl (07/27/2016) [-]
Islamic fundmentalists are a minor group of Islam, they are either Wahhabists or Salafists. It is a theological ideology rejected by mainstream Islam that arose during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, continued by Al Qaeda and subsequently revived during the Syrian Civil war.

You should notice all the Muslim countries not declaring war or even bothering with the US.
Protip: Most Muslims don't even live in the Middle East.
#83 - skebaba (07/27/2016) [-]
Then the other mulims should rise against them and not support them by thinking "It's ok" and carrying on their daily lives.
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#136 - kayzl (07/28/2016) [-]
Like trollmobile said no Muslims do nor do they have a reason to, if you think the European casualties are bad you should look up the figures of Middle Easterners killed by terrorist attacks. Over 50000 Middle Easterners are the victims of terrorism, making up around 90% of the casualties. That's not to mention how many people are killed in the war.

Other Muslims have no business in the Syrian Civil War. Should the US have piled into Ireland when the IRA was active?
#97 - trollmobile (07/27/2016) [-]
a vast majority of ISIS fighters are killed by soldiers from muslim countries.
a vast majority of combat deaths in the fight against ISIS, are muslim soldiers from muslim countries.
a vast majority of terrorist attacks by muslim terrorists, are done in muslim countries, with muslim victims.

muslims HATE ISIS.
muslims fight with their life to stop ISIS
you sit on your ass in a first world country, on your computer, going "why aren't you standing up to them"
#98 - skebaba (07/27/2016) [-]
Well, they obviously aren't, since they haven't gotten rid of them already. They have superior man power by millions. Excuses excuses. Anyway, it's their religion that enables IS to recruit people and stuff, so they have to take responsibility.
User avatar
#99 - trollmobile (07/27/2016) [-]
you're a grade A retard, aren't you?
#100 - skebaba (07/27/2016) [-]
Not really. It's a fact. They have superior man power by the millions. They can easily curbstomp IS.
User avatar
#105 - trollmobile (07/27/2016) [-]
and how many of those millions are soldiers?
are you saying that if a christian group was waging war to establish a christian fundamentalist nation in Muramansk, you'd be packing your shit and rush over there to fight them?
there are 1.5 billion muslims in the world 250 million of which reside in Indonesia alone.
halfway across the world from where ISIS is.
there are only about 320 million muslims in the middle east and north africa combined, which is the region in which ISIS is active.
if you're going to take the ones which have any contact with ISIS, you can probably cut that number in half, at least.
so say 160 million muslims have contact with ISIS, direct or indirect, through living in the same general part of the world.

if we're going to find out how big a part of the population is going to be soldiers, we can take the percentage of a particularely millitarized country of similar economic standing, say Iraq.
iraq has a population of 33.5 million, and a standing army of 1.8 million
so an incredibly militarized country full of strife, being funded by foreign nations to increase military size... has about 5% of their population in their military.
if we then apply that to muslim world in contact with ISIS, we get 5% of 160m, which is 8 million.

we have 8 million people that could POSSIBLY fight ISIS, assuming both that their government is willion to declare full-scale war on them, and militarize to the level of Iraq.
both of which are terribly unlikely.
in reality, you have maybe 500 000 people willing and able to fight ISIS. and then you need to arm them and transport them.
#106 - skebaba (07/27/2016) [-]
Why would I? I'm not a christian, dummy.
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#107 - trollmobile (07/27/2016) [-]
you aren't even able to fucking read a full comment.
gg no re, hide-all'd and blocked, talking to you is an incredibly stupid waste of time.
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#37 - marlbrrrow (07/27/2016) [-]
Mmm, not everyone in society breaks the law, but they can be applied to the masses!
User avatar
#63 - kayzl (07/27/2016) [-]
Punishments are only inflicted after you are convicted of a crime or convicted of trying to commit a crime but were stopped.
#39 - I think its too fatty tho. Its meant for babies who need that … 07/22/2016 on It least it is organic. 0
#35 - Omg she was rushed to the "HOSPTIAL"? What a meticul… 07/20/2016 on Oh No! +5
#8 - I actually am totally fine with how berserks going so far. The… 07/15/2016 on berk +1
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