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#919 - lol just because peopled died doesnt mean we get to eat.  [+] (1 reply) 06/07/2011 on Remember D Day -4
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#924 - IVIasterSix (06/07/2011) [-]
Moot. My point is extremely valid, dumbass.
#872 - ******* who cares  [+] (31 replies) 06/07/2011 on Remember D Day -21
#908 - anon (06/07/2011) [-]
You Ignorant little bastard... your stupidity cannot be described in any word...
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#991 - ClockworkGiant (06/08/2011) [-]
how does not caring that these people died make someone ignorant?
#878 - gayy (06/07/2011) [-]
exactly im tired of seeing shit like this on fj. like "OMG they died!!!" why would u be sad about it now it happened so long ago.
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#897 - thekingofbananas (06/07/2011) [-]
someone forgot to take their naps this morning!
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#887 - IVIasterSix (06/07/2011) [-]
Maybe because they died so that we could continue our lives as free people?

Fucking idiot. Respect those soldiers. They died so you could eat you could
eat your cereal in the morning without having to pledge allegiance to Hitler.
#919 - eternalrestt (06/07/2011) [-]
lol just because peopled died doesnt mean we get to eat.
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#924 - IVIasterSix (06/07/2011) [-]
Moot. My point is extremely valid, dumbass.
#895 - gayy (06/07/2011) [-]
honestly you act like igaf. ITS FUNNY JUNK!!! oh so since this is on funny junk i guess it must be funny these guys died for us. Well to me it is. Im glad they're dead.
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#912 - IVIasterSix (06/07/2011) [-]
Sure. FJ isnt exactly the best place to show our gratitude, but now you've gone to far.
How would you feel if someone covered your family in napalm and forced you to watch as they burned slowly to their deaths? Hearing their haunting screams?

Grow the fuck up. I hate faggots like you who bash those who saved millions upon millions of people.
#906 - ianryth (06/07/2011) [-]
what the fuck is wrong with you, your no better than those west baptist church motherfuckers
#917 - gayy (06/07/2011) [-]
Never said i was. I just dont understand why people love these guys so much, all they did was ruin a bunch of peoples families. And america isnt exactly the greatest. They dont fix anything in peoples lives, most people in america live paycheck to paycheck hoping they can make some extra cash. How about instead of fucking with other countries, fix our country!!
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#937 - thekingofbananas (06/07/2011) [-]
well if you dont like our country no one is stopping you to GTFO
i hope you drown.
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#930 - IVIasterSix (06/07/2011) [-]
yes, let's try to create a perfect market economy. Dumbass. Economics 101. There is no such thing as an ironclad, invincible economy.
and going to franc to kill WORLD dominating nazis is proactively fixing our country. idiots....
#945 - gayy (06/07/2011) [-]
Ok yes i agree with that. But, instead of spending billions creating weapons to kill people, how about we give around 100,000 dollars to everyone making an income lower than 100 thousand a year. they would most definatly spend that and boost the economy. But instead, we get put into a recession. Fuck you.
#959 - thekingofbananas (06/07/2011) [-]
but that point still does not justify your other statement that your glad our soldiers died in a manslaughter...
#965 - gayy (06/07/2011) [-]
Yes but as you can see in a previous statement that i also said " you act like igaf " which means i dont care if it was justified or not. Im proud of my actions.
#970 - thekingofbananas (06/07/2011) [-]
i hope your proud because your starting to piss off everyone who looks in the comment sections
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#956 - IVIasterSix (06/07/2011) [-]
are you liteally retarded? that's completely the opposite of what a market economy does. also, do you know how many millions there are that make less than 100 000 a year?
if you make that, you are doing pretty well. That would cost (to a government already swimming in dept) billions and billions of dollars, if not trillions.

all that would do is boost the economy so high, it would burst. again. sending america into another recession.
#928 - ianryth (06/07/2011) [-]
....your ignorance astounds me
#934 - gayy (06/07/2011) [-]
Yea, better make a piece of shit come back so you can cover your ass up. I bet you never thought of that did you?
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#944 - thekingofbananas (06/07/2011) [-]
look at the wiw nazi in his wiw slave loving jew killing suit dawww :)
User avatar
#940 - IVIasterSix (06/07/2011) [-]
I bet you never thought of being a sane, ethical, and NOT retarded human being.
#963 - nyans (06/07/2011) [-]
alright.... with out U.S soldiers out there, how do you expect to be here right now? if the U.S. didn't have no army, navy, airforce, marine, coast guard, national guard, etc, you probably would of been dead by now. Just give some respect to the people who serve to protect you. I don't even know why they should though.... cause right now you're just being an ignorant bastard. And for the economy situation... that would probably just not do aything cause they are still recieving the money they gave to the families back.
User avatar
#990 - mrnotfunny (06/08/2011) [-]
Not just the U.S but Britain, France, Canada and a lot of other countries out there.
#1000 - nightmaren (06/08/2011) [-]
At least one person realizes that the US wasn't the only country fighting in WWII.
User avatar
#966 - IVIasterSix (06/07/2011) [-]
I think you replied to the wrong person... I'm on your side, man!
#968 - nyans (06/07/2011) [-]
yea my bad...
#954 - gayy (06/07/2011) [-]
Lol, again. Another piece of shit come back lmao.
User avatar
#957 - IVIasterSix (06/07/2011) [-]
so your comeback is to call my comeback lame? Nice comeback.

You must be on a debate team. You are so good at this.
#962 - gayy (06/07/2011) [-]
To be honest, that wasnt really a comeback. It was more of me just adding insult to injury. All it did was make you even more mad at me. Which im happy it did its job because pussies like you deserve it
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#967 - IVIasterSix (06/07/2011) [-]
What computer do you use?
#336 - wrong. 05/02/2011 on Bin Laden 0
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