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    MFW someone uses an an idea i had MFW someone uses an an idea i had
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    MFW i see my ex MFW i see my ex
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#33 - I love that car! I've seen some that are heavily modded and lo…  [+] (2 replies) 08/23/2012 on MFW someone uses an an idea... 0
#42 - swimmingprodigy (08/23/2012) [-]
Although I absolutely adore Laguna Seca Blue like that one is painted, I would save it for an E46 M3. That's my dream car right there.

I also have a fetish for red cars with black accessories like these in the pic, and would seriously consider painting mine red and buying some black LFA wheels. That would look gorgeous in my opinion. Although a good paint job is kind of pricey. No cheap Maaco bullshit here.

#39 - swimmingprodigy (08/23/2012) [-]
yea Im sort of a car fanatic. If I had more money Id get a BRZ. I know everyone says hurr durr no power V6 Mustang better.

But all the things Ive read about it say that it's amazing and fun to drive. That, combined with the fact that I live very close to the City means that 200 HP is plenty of horsepower for me. Here's a heavily modded one. And ill admit it does look great, but I just feel it's too much rice.
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