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#20 - Picture 06/30/2015 on I finally found the game... +7
#157 - I don't know about State Independence britfag but why…  [+] (1 new reply) 06/28/2015 on Silly americans 0
#201 - saintnovember (06/28/2015) [-]
If federal, state, county, or city laws ever conflict with each other the highest level of government always takes precedent.
#164 - We know this won't happen because the Queen is the Queen of Br… 06/28/2015 on would be a shame if... +1
#33 - I'm not completely clued in as I'm a britfag and haven't been …  [+] (7 new replies) 06/27/2015 on PC mustard gays +22
#65 - anon (06/27/2015) [-]
The guys who made the flag were racist, it was specificaly made to symbolize the right for whites to preserve their negro slaves.or somewhere along those lines idk, but this makes it pretty straight foward. How Racist Is The Confederate Flag?
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#71 - wraithguard (06/27/2015) [-]
Of course it would be a Test Tube video. It's a liberal leaning YouTube channel. The mere fact that they're the ones presenting it makes me suspicious right away.
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#47 - hitlerislord (06/27/2015) [-]
The saddest part is that the flag was never the flag of the south but the flag of General Lee's army during the fighting in northern Virginia.
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#40 - Enternal (06/27/2015) [-]
It was originally the flag of the south during the civil war. (duh) The largest cause of said war being slavery. After that, racist groups like the kkk and the like would use the flag when they mobbed. Burning, hanging yadda yadda. Over time it began having a huge racist connotation to it that it did not have at first, or at least not as much.

Thats why at least, not that I agree with what their doing.
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#78 - keevoo (06/27/2015) [-]
>largest cause of the war was slavery

m8 the largest cause of the war was States' rights. Slavery was there, but didn't become a huge focus, thus turning the Civil War into a moral war as well, until the Emancipation Proclamation. Why on Earth would Lincoln also want to alienate the middle states, many of which owned slaves, so early in the war when he was so desperately trying to preserve the Union?
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#113 - ihaveakeyboard (06/27/2015) [-]
Biggest cause of the war was undoubtedly slavery. Every other opinion is frankly ignorant. The fight over states rights was a fight over slavery under a different name. It's the label people used then to avoid puzzling off the middle states and it's the label people use now to down play the racism in history.
User avatar
#119 - keevoo (06/28/2015) [-]
>every other opinion is ignorant
roflmao ez ad hominem and flippant dismissal of potential opposition

>biggest cause of the war was undoubtedly slavery
m8 the reason the whole damn war even start was because the South attempted to utilize its believed right to secede from the Union. Note how the war was named the "Civil War," not the "War over Slavery."

>downplay racism in history
>implying that only the South was racist
Both sides were incredibly racist you fool. How the South was racist is extremely apparent. But the North wasn't all buddy-buddy let's-all-hold-hands-together either. They often referred to runaway slaves as "Contraband," thus explicitly referring to slaves as cargo/items/material goods instead of human beings. There also was the issue of slaves being exploited to garner sympathy from the populace for the Northern cause.

#3 - off the chart joshlol  [+] (4 new replies) 06/24/2015 on The Hurricane +70
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#4 - assassindash (06/25/2015) [-]
Joshlol never leaves the house. So if Joshlol some how found himself in a pride parade, pretty sure that would be his face.

"How the fuck did I get here, and when in the hell am I?"
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#15 - joshlol (06/25/2015) [-]
#7 - falloutsurvivor (06/25/2015) [-]
i think joshlol generally has that "deer in the headlights" look on his face any time hes outside

after a lie of living indoors....every moment outside is sensory overload
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#14 - joshlol (06/25/2015) [-]
#15 - Picture 06/24/2015 on Anon has a bike +71
#25 - excellent, now I can stalk my ex-wife from outside my restrain… 06/24/2015 on technology is special +5
#16 - I think she is trying to say that Black Americans who fo… 06/24/2015 on The ending made it... +1
#29 - whyNotBoth.jpeg 06/24/2015 on Team Four Star Comp +2
#32 - I'm guessing because it was at the front of the class and how … 06/23/2015 on Black twits 0
#50 - sound! euphonium is sauce 06/23/2015 on (untitled) 0
#19 - Picture 06/23/2015 on (untitled) +13
#39 - just the fact that everyone seems to be loosing their mind ove…  [+] (1 new reply) 06/19/2015 on FPS 0
User avatar
#59 - malkovo (06/19/2015) [-]
they usually fix the bugs that are game-breaking very quickly, the bugs regarding anything else gets fixed after a while, no reason to not pre-orderr
#30 - I never was a fan of Fallout I prefer Elder Scrolls (not…  [+] (7 new replies) 06/19/2015 on FPS +7
#85 - altosax (06/20/2015) [-]
To be honest I think this one won't be so bad. The glitches were coming from their shit engine. They demanded too much of it.

The real question is if they used a plate big enough for their dinner this time.
User avatar
#71 - killzones (06/19/2015) [-]
I hope that because this one has had a longer development time, it will have been play tested to hell and most if not all the bugs have been patched.
User avatar
#61 - ChuckNorrisVsMRT (06/19/2015) [-]
Like we'll get patches at the same time as anyone else anyways.
#38 - anon (06/19/2015) [-]
unpopular opinion pic

doesn't post an opinion
User avatar
#52 - pkman (06/19/2015) [-]
He did post an opinion though he just backed it up with a fact
User avatar
#39 - emprex (06/19/2015) [-]
just the fact that everyone seems to be loosing their mind over this game whilst I'm not and how everyone seems to be pre-ordering whilst forgetting Bethesda's track record. Maybe imReadyForYourRage.jpeg would have been better?
User avatar
#59 - malkovo (06/19/2015) [-]
they usually fix the bugs that are game-breaking very quickly, the bugs regarding anything else gets fixed after a while, no reason to not pre-orderr
#104 - **emprex used "*roll 1, 1-999999*"** **emprex rolls 974,161** 06/18/2015 on Highest roll defeats Admin +4
#22 - this is one of my favourites this season just for the artwork they do 06/18/2015 on Seeing Admin posting... 0
#7 - Britfag 06/17/2015 on euro fjers 0
#68 - When the Romans left the barbarians tore down a lot of Roman s…  [+] (2 new replies) 06/17/2015 on A Question of Questioning 0
#71 - kokanum (06/17/2015) [-]
#70 - kokanum (06/17/2015) [-]
just as an example
the other being concrete
#24 - yeah, you're right  [+] (4 new replies) 06/16/2015 on A Question of Questioning +12
#45 - kokanum (06/16/2015) [-]
Don't forget Rome gave Britain most it's technology to do that
User avatar
#68 - emprex (06/17/2015) [-]
When the Romans left the barbarians tore down a lot of Roman structures and cities, what sort of technology do you mean? Some of the last remaining Roman structures in Britain are Hadrian's Wall and the bath houses in Bath
#71 - kokanum (06/17/2015) [-]
#70 - kokanum (06/17/2015) [-]
just as an example
the other being concrete
#47 - Picture 06/16/2015 on Comment GIFs convert to... 0
#16 - I doubt it, the only reason we can't have sex with animals is … 06/16/2015 on tfw 0
#15 - morphing monday?  [+] (2 new replies) 06/15/2015 on Transformation +7
#20 - zimmeristheman (06/16/2015) [-]
Morphine Monday.
User avatar
#17 - emperorwatergate (06/16/2015) [-]
It's morphing time.
#16 - I think the British perception of bad teeth comes from the bab…  [+] (3 new replies) 06/13/2015 on Brits +3
#47 - anon (06/13/2015) [-]
Except that nationalized healthcare was introduced just after WW2. It was the major reason why Churchill lost the reelection for PM- opposition supported social programs where he always just the war-time PM who wanted to support the U.S. In the Pacific.
#44 - mcderpalds (06/13/2015) [-]
It's that and the American obsession with uniformly straight and unnaturally white teeth, being passed along with the Hollywood brainwashed culture of "If you are different, you'll be treated like an outcast".

Whilst British dentistry is, at least now, at a good standard where the majority of the population actually have healthy teeth, there's no obsession with them being perfectly straight and bright white. So while they may look like shit compared to the American standard, they're still on average fairly healthy.

So, what it all boils down to is:

British dentistry = Health & Hygeine > Aesthetic
American dentistry = Aesthetics > everything else

A lot of British actors have struggled in trying to make a career for themselves in Hollywood for this very reason and are unwilling to undergo unnecessary cosmetic surgery and bleaching. Ricky Gervais is a prime example of this and has even talked about the issue himself, he takes care of his teeth in the same way most Brits do, but has been insulted by the American media as having "unhealthy" teeth as it doesn't fit with their aesthetic ideal.

Pic related
User avatar
#49 - puggles (06/14/2015) [-]
got to agree with you. i've actually dumped a dentist recently because i got tired of her pushing me to get braces. my teeth are healthy strong and aligned well for functionality, but not cosmetically straight. i told her when she started, "jesus christ, i'm 41, my teeth work and if other people don't like them they can fuck off." the next time i went she started pushing the braces and i paid my bill and told the secretary that when i found a new dentist they'd be giving them a call to request my records.
#12 - i don't use reddit so what's up with this clean up? new head?  [+] (8 new replies) 06/12/2015 on Social Media Saturdays:... 0
User avatar
#46 - neutralgray (06/13/2015) [-]
They got rid of a bunch of subs known for harassing people and of course in the eyes of FJ this is "SJW pandering."
#69 - amuter (06/13/2015) [-]
SJWs have been deleting comments and banning users on reddit for a while now.
User avatar
#70 - neutralgray (06/13/2015) [-]
That's not all subs and mods for particular subs do not control all of Reddit. Further, a LOT of "problematic" subs are still operating such as r/rapingwomen and r/coontown. My point is that people are like "oh no, SJW pandering and anti-freedom of speech!!!!1!" when the reason the subs that got banned were banned is because they were traced to legitimate real life harassment and doxxing. That's not SJW pandering and FJ is stupid to see it that way. Of course FJ usually is.
User avatar
#71 - amuter (06/13/2015) [-]
I haven't really seen any proof of legitimate harassment Which is usually censored through being downvoted to hell rather than deletion. and all signs seem to point towards mods going to shit. If you want to talk about something that mods for individual subreddits can't do then check out /r/gamergate which I used to browse . It's deleted now and redirects you to an anti-gamergate subreddit.
User avatar
#72 - neutralgray (06/13/2015) [-]
You missed it then. r/fatpeoplehate has been notorious for years and has sparked a lot of bullshit. Nothing is lost by it and the childish reactions to losing a hate play pen only justifies the decision, I think.

As for GG, I'm not touching that one. I'm still pro-GamerGate but that movement and the media clash is too much and too messy. I just can't keep up with anything at all dealing with it anymore.
User avatar
#75 - amuter (06/13/2015) [-]
I did a little bit of research and it turns out that we're both right, everything I've seen hasn't necessarily been SJW, necessarily at least.

I discovered that there's a new Gamergate subreddit named /r/kotakuinaction which is efficient at pointing out whenever mods whether they're for individual subreddits or not actually do commit bullshit censorship.

Most of the massively upvoted posts have their comments hidden.
User avatar
#80 - neutralgray (06/13/2015) [-]
I've seen screenshots of Kotakuinaction. The least I can say is that I think that sub is kind of hilarious and awesome. I should probably visit them if I want to get back on track with GG.
#20 - anon (06/12/2015) [-]
Butthurt head
#45 - why aquaman is great 06/12/2015 on Aqua-man is a badass 0
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