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    F is for... F is for...
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    Bad Dreams Bad Dreams

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    Real Zombie Apocalypse? Real Zombie Apocalypse?
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    Turtle Turtle
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    Feels Feels
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    When betas text When betas text
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    Floating cup prank in the ghetto Floating cup prank in the ghetto

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#57 - Picture 02/18/2015 on Bread +1
#48 - Picture 10/16/2014 on Andyyyy +3
#29 - Picture 10/16/2014 on (untitled) 0
#206 - meh sun valley. Pretty close 10/14/2014 on chance 0
#20 - i work at a restaurant attached to a hotel. We get one tops al… 05/03/2014 on (untitled) 0
#115 - still cross eyed 03/25/2014 on Cutest Pet Picture Submission 0
#114 - her now.  [+] (1 new reply) 03/25/2014 on Cutest Pet Picture Submission +4
#115 - emawee (03/25/2014) [-]
still cross eyed
#113 - this is my hyper ass love beast  [+] (2 new replies) 03/25/2014 on Cutest Pet Picture Submission +11
#114 - emawee (03/25/2014) [-]
her now.
#115 - emawee (03/25/2014) [-]
still cross eyed
#920 - Right-to work you are right. Then who is this law protecting.(… 02/25/2014 on Fuck America (Parts of it) +1
#882 - my good man, this law was made specifically for gay people. Ev…  [+] (2 new replies) 02/25/2014 on Fuck America (Parts of it) +1
User avatar #898 - ShadeElement (02/25/2014) [-]
Right-to-work state. You can be fired at any time for any reason. No reason even has to be given. Could be cuz you are gay. Could be cuz you are straight. Could be cuz you are a ginger. Still fired.

Also, I have a good buddy who is a para. I use to get FIRED UP when we would go places and they didnt have a ramp or wheelchair access. He would just take it in stride. He'd say " Meh, if they dont want my money I'll go spend it somewhere else."

I have felt the same way being the only straight couple in a gay establishment.

Vote with your dollars. This generation seems to have a sense of entitlement. Like businesses OWE you service. They don't owe you shit until you pay them, and if they don't want your money then you are shit out of luck. Go spend your hard earned cash with a business smart enough and ethical enough to deserve your dollar.
#920 - emawee (02/25/2014) [-]
Right-to work you are right. Then who is this law protecting.(if they are safe from law suits) This is a law made by bigots making sure they can do this. This law is vague so if someone wanted to refuse service to divorce people , un wed mothers or other religion they can if it's against their religion. Arizona GOP senator Al Melvin who is a major pusher in this bill says no one would ever do that in arizona. but it's ok with gay people. Like i said, i'm happy to go else where to people who want my business for any reason. i do hate entitlement. I hate working in the food business and people believing they can do whatever they want and hate paying up charges and i should literally bend down at their feet because i should be lucky to have their service. Im just saying, this isn't a property rights thing
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