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#26 - While all this might be true you have to look at the reasoning…  [+] (28 new replies) 01/30/2015 on Statistics +56
#177 - anonymous (01/31/2015) [-]
Correlation ≠ causation you monkey
#154 - Conquistador (01/30/2015) [-]
"da wite man ded et"
User avatar #122 - vivapinatapro (01/30/2015) [-]
>they don't have opportunities
Not sure where you're from, but most Black people can go to school for very cheap with various grants and financial aid.

Most large business have diversity quotas where they will literally give a less qualified black man a position over a Caucasian male for the sake of diversity. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racial_quota

I'm not some naive tard who believes there isn't real racism alive and well in the US, but it's clear that this "THA WHIT MAN KEEPA MI DOWN" argument is bullshit. Instead of working through racial issues the majority of black Americans choose to remain ignorant and keep doing the same shit while waiting for someone to fix their problems for them. Instead of being proactive and lobbying for change, they wait for retarded shit like Ferguson to latch onto out of ignorance and rally behind an inaccurate narrative. And the people who hold prejudices against them just go with the "oh, well there they go, being black again!"

Everyone needs to stop passing the fucking buck, and just own up to it. Yeah, a lot of white people have done the black community dirty. But a lot of the Black community are lazy, uneducated shits looking for handouts. There are a lot of wonderful, intelligent, and hardworking black people, and there are more than plenty unbiased white people.
User avatar #119 - lean (01/30/2015) [-]
Don't really care why thugs are thugs. They have the opportunities now, and by and large refuse to take them.
User avatar #98 - tealcanaan (01/30/2015) [-]
Tennessee Valley and Appalachian Region points to blacks being worse for even being better off than those whites in worse conditions, lol okay?
User avatar #152 - Shiny (01/30/2015) [-]
The most violent American states are predominantly white; Mississippi, the blackest state, isn't even in the top half.
User avatar #191 - tealcanaan (01/31/2015) [-]
What? The most violent places in the U.S. are primarily black. Mississippi Delta in Louisiana, Chicago, Detroit, Washington D.C., St. Lewis, etc. Cummon dude.
User avatar #199 - Shiny (01/31/2015) [-]
Look it up yourself, my point stands up to scrutiny. On a global level, many sub-Saharan African nations like Rwanda have very low violent crime rates while Russia, North Korea and Central America are incredibly violent.

Does this mean Russians, Koreans or Central Americans are violent? Of course not. This whole "debate" is a load of nonsense. Nobody will achieve anything by constantly blaming blacks for their problems.
User avatar #200 - tealcanaan (01/31/2015) [-]
You said that the most violent STATES are predominately while, when all states are majority white by a good margin. But there are certain cities that are majority black, and they are all extremely violent. Also Rwanda isn't a very good example bud, mostly because outside the major cities it is essentially anarchy or tribal land, I wouldn't count on them for useful or accurate statistics. Kenya looks pretty safe on paper, but the entire northern frontier is ravaged by Islamist warfare and near no state presence.
User avatar #201 - Shiny (01/31/2015) [-]
Black cities are not "extremely violent". That's MSM paranoid fodder. Rather, minorities tend to gravitate toward poorer areas since they can often only afford to live there, and crime gravitates toward urban areas.

There are some wealthy black communities in America where crime is virtually nonexistent, just like most wealthy areas.
User avatar #204 - tealcanaan (01/31/2015) [-]
>Black cities are not extremely violent
>Atlanta, Washington D.C., Detroit, St. Lewis, New Orleans pre-Katrina , Compton, Okeland

I'll give you a clue bud, those neighborhoods were working lass suburbs, you know what happened? Section 8 post civil rights act moved large numbers of blacks into the areas, there was white flight, jobs left with them as crime came in from the newcomers.
User avatar #208 - Shiny (9 hours ago) [-]
You intentionally took my argument out of context, which tells me that you lacked a genuine response to it.
User avatar #209 - tealcanaan (9 hours ago) [-]
What's your argument? I'd argue that the problem with African Americans is their shit culture, not poverty, those programs ain't going to do shit bud.
User avatar #210 - Shiny (9 hours ago) [-]
Which has what to do with what I was talking about?
User avatar #212 - tealcanaan (9 hours ago) [-]
Oh, no, you were saying that the most violent places were white, which is an outright lie. NM. The most violent rural areas are native american reservations, most violent urban areas are black, easy peasy.
User avatar #211 - tealcanaan (9 hours ago) [-]
IDK, wasn't your original point that blacks violence is caused by poverty or some shit? Or was that the other guy?
#83 - anonymous (01/30/2015) [-]
Tell that to every other country who has the same problems with blacks.
User avatar #79 - taniv (01/30/2015) [-]
Well spoken. It's a shame that after listing the statistics people don't take into account the link between poverty and crime and understand that it's a vicious cyclical process that takes time to break. Instead, they choose to come to a biologically baseless cause and effect relationship between the loose definition of "ethnicity" and the statistics stated above.
I don't mind making these claims in jest, I do it all the time; it's funny and it satirizes actual discrimination. What I'm starting to see now are people who are taking the jokes one step further and trying to prove that there are people on this Earth inferior to them, simply because of the circumstances of their birth and the colour of their skin.
I have the luxury that when people say "brown people" I can ask them "well who are you referring to? Arabs, Mexicans, South Asians?". I am "East-Indian" and "Punjabi" and "Sikh"; I know the culture I come from. We call people "black" and "African-American" because often the only thing we know of their ancestry is their skin colour. Most African-Americans can't trace back their lineage definitively to any country because their family history was robbed from them. I know a guy whose dad comes from Jamaica, and in case anyone doesn't know, Jamaica's original population wasn't "black"; it became a slave country and then was abandoned.
Numbers are just numbers. Just because you can connect a couple dots in a simple way, doesn't mean you're doing it in the correct way, especially if you're ignoring half the picture.
User avatar #61 - schnizel (01/30/2015) [-]
My excuses for being a thug are ________________________________________________________________________________ _______________.
User avatar #102 - scorcho (01/30/2015) [-]
Haven't you been removed by now, kebab?
User avatar #64 - davidavidson (01/30/2015) [-]
hoponthefeelstrain thumbed you down because he is feeling especially liberal today.
#66 - anonymous (01/30/2015) [-]
or because schnizel only posts political bullshit and blames all his problems on other races. I come here to laugh not to see racist unfunny content. Call me liberal if you want, I don't care.

Also nice on blocking me because you disagree with what I say. If you don't like what I have to say don't mention me.
#68 - davidavidson (01/30/2015) [-]
User avatar #65 - schnizel (01/30/2015) [-]
User avatar #62 - davidavidson (01/30/2015) [-]
User avatar #63 - schnizel (01/30/2015) [-]
didn du nutin
Got to see you back on the frontlines m'lord.
#34 - stalini (01/30/2015) [-]
"Black people are not retarded, they are retarded because (lists reasons)"

Are you black by any chance?
#27 - anonymous (01/30/2015) [-]
no. Go feel your white-shame some where else.
#34 - hey guys i can me-me, am i cool yet? 01/20/2015 on FJ Community Steam giveaway... +1
#14 - Guys, just take a step back and really think about it. The gam…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/29/2014 on (untitled) +3
User avatar #17 - hashtronaut (12/29/2014) [-]
i'm 25 and I know what an atari 2600 looks like...
#147 - sorry to be this guy, but its not a "tails-on", its … 12/23/2014 on Rekt +1
#318 - This guy knows whats up  [+] (1 new reply) 12/07/2014 on Mille anni passi sunt 0
User avatar #322 - Sethorein (12/07/2014) [-]
"Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday

Thought this guy did it well, too.
#1989 - I dont like this game... 12/04/2014 on Meme Game +1
#1 - Why is it i automatically thought it was sucking the dog off, … 11/27/2014 on Dog God 0
#6 - SIR Anthony Hopkins 11/24/2014 on Anthony Hopkins +13
#71 - fixed  [+] (5 new replies) 11/07/2014 on nature in all its glory +459
#124 - krynax (11/08/2014) [-]
#119 - alphagex (11/08/2014) [-]
User avatar #75 - amata (11/08/2014) [-]
The real reason the Entwives left
#82 - redthumbmaster (11/08/2014) [-]
#80 - daemascus (11/08/2014) [-]
#31 - Picture 11/06/2014 on Weeaboo simulator 2015 +1
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