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#14 - Just OP and his sister. 03/26/2013 on Look at that body 0
#17 - "15 points to Hufflepuff!" 03/26/2013 on forbidden section 0
#16 - Picture  [+] (2 new replies) 03/26/2013 on forbidden section 0
#23 - triggathepirate (04/11/2013) [-]
**triggathepirate rolled a random image posted in comment #3985771 at My Little Pony fanfiction, backgrounds, songs, lyrics, and GIFs. **
User avatar #17 - elatedmonkey (03/26/2013) [-]
"15 points to Hufflepuff!"
#22 - We are both feeling you, bro. 03/25/2013 on inb4 yes +6
#18 - I didn't realize OP was a gynecologist. 03/25/2013 on Gynecologist +14
#44 - Picture 03/25/2013 on Real Life Fantastic Four Thing +14
#22 - Picture 03/25/2013 on Bad luck Brian in the field +90
#26 - The quotation itself is not asking the question, I am.  [+] (1 new reply) 03/25/2013 on French +1
User avatar #30 - hollyisthebest (03/25/2013) [-]
I just researched it, and you're right! Damn, my English teacher really does suck!
#14 - "to came at you"? Also, the teacher didn't ask a que…  [+] (4 new replies) 03/25/2013 on French +3
User avatar #25 - hollyisthebest (03/25/2013) [-]
When ending the sentence with a quotation, always put the punctuation before the quotation mark
User avatar #26 - elatedmonkey (03/25/2013) [-]
The quotation itself is not asking the question, I am.
User avatar #30 - hollyisthebest (03/25/2013) [-]
I just researched it, and you're right! Damn, my English teacher really does suck!
#17 - anonymous (03/25/2013) [-]
Aww man, I can't wait to grow up to be a dull, angry, grammar nazi like you!

Honestly, you understood what he's trying to say, stop trying so hard.
#57 - You know what really rustles my jimmies? When you make a minor…  [+] (7 new replies) 03/25/2013 on What Seems to Be The... +30
#124 - anonymous (03/25/2013) [-]
I see why you would say that
but you have to consider their perspective as well; some people take everything they posses for granted and sometimes they just need a reminder that there are others less fortunate in order to wake them up a little bit and realize to maybe think twice before complaining about the little things in life.
User avatar #98 - CRosBY (03/25/2013) [-]
You know what I hate?

#97 - deezknuts (03/25/2013) [-]
Lets be a little honest with ourselves here. That is really just white people trying to make it okay to complain. The truth is, only the absolute most unfortunate person ever truly has the right to complain, and even he/she would at some point think "Maybe those other guys have it worse"

In all honesty, we say that we shouldn't complain because there are kids in Africa starving, but in reality our complaints (while totally undeserved) don't do anything to HARM anyone who is suffering, they just make us look like assholes in comparison.

And we all do it, everyone you see who says "Starving kids would love to eat that" or "At least your children don't have AIDS" has, probably on the same day, complained about some shitty first world problem that nobody in even South America would ever complain about.

So honestly it is up to ourselves to understand how good we have it, if not so that we can help others (because nobody seems to be ACTUALLY doing that shit), perhaps simply that we can enjoy lfe a little more.
User avatar #69 - taxation (03/25/2013) [-]
I always found it silly as a kid when my parents said "finish your food, the starving kids in Africa would be happy to eat it".
It took me a while to figure a good comeback, which sucks really, but "if they would like to eat it, then you box it up and airmail it there please, compliments of me."
That shut my parents up, but damn do I feel like an asshole reminiscing on it now.
User avatar #86 - timmywankenobi (03/25/2013) [-]
I told my mother that when I was 5, Took all of 3 minutes to think up.
#100 - taxation (03/25/2013) [-]
Man I was not a clever child, okay?
Just lemme have this, dude. Please.
pic related, basically me age 5.
#63 - seelcudoom has deleted their comment.
#52 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 03/24/2013 on Dark Magician from Pokemon +13
#64 - hairyjonson (03/24/2013) [-]
#33 - Why didn't I notice this concept sooner? I've always noticed t… 03/23/2013 on Pizza +6
#114 - What kind of vaginas have you seen? 03/22/2013 on PokeLogic +4
#60 - Samus used Screw Attack 03/22/2013 on Love in Chains +10
#1 - Dogs be bro. 03/21/2013 on u r fukin gey +7
#9 - I AM REAL SUPER SAND!  [+] (2 new replies) 03/21/2013 on Based on a true story +1
#15 - winalot (03/21/2013) [-]
Who are you supposed to buhh?!
User avatar #10 - Blargosnarf (03/21/2013) [-]
Super Pooper Scoopers are just legender!
#1 - Do I have to choose? 03/20/2013 on Who would you choose to be... +3
#11 - **** 03/20/2013 on Phone Love 0
#58 - Looks like someone found the Avatar.  [+] (1 new reply) 03/20/2013 on Nature is cool sometimes +10
User avatar #87 - dedaluminus (03/20/2013) [-]
Torn between wanting to meet Aang, who would be the bro-liest of bros, or Korra, who is smoking hot.
#2 - #34 03/20/2013 on The World Is In Danger +2
#31 - Is the firm butt a product of his lifting, or does he have to … 03/19/2013 on The Danger of Headbutts +8
#3 - They were also mint flavored, not plain. 03/19/2013 on Pure Evil 0
#2 - In high school, my friend pulled this prank on one of our budd…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/19/2013 on Pure Evil 0
User avatar #3 - elatedmonkey (03/19/2013) [-]
They were also mint flavored, not plain.
#2 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 03/19/2013 on OH DEAR GOD WTF! ! ! +53
#24 - Picture 03/19/2013 on The Question That Drove Her... +12
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