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#37 - I've been playing Halo since CE, and each new game really expa…  [+] (2 replies) 04/26/2016 on kill streak +2
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#62 - inyourmind (04/26/2016) [-]
I just could not stand halo 4. Load outs were bad for competitive. The abilities and weapons were poorly balanced. The drop brought far to much random chance. FPS dropped bad during split screen on several multiplayer maps. I've really liked every halo game except halo 4. Halo 5 brought back the competitive feel.
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#39 - mortolife (04/26/2016) [-]
I'm one of those old fanatics but I really enjoyed Halo 4. I still don't know why people hated the story, but I can understand why they didn't like the multiplayer. Loadouts and classes just aren't Halo, but I think Halo was the last one that really felt like a Halo game. Halo 5 controls and feels so different, I feel like I'm playing something else with a coat of Halo paint over it.