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i never killed a women before but i know how it feels

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#17 - it's to find out how much you informed yourself about the job,…  [+] (2 replies) 02/19/2016 on Lovestein 0
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#19 - assassindash (02/19/2016) [-]
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#21 - brokentrucker (02/19/2016) [-]
Because corporate stooges are too busy finding little ways to make themselves feel clever.
#63 - >if it's on the internet it must be true  [+] (17 replies) 01/18/2016 on Another Girl (13)... +5
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#68 - slayhumanity (01/18/2016) [-]
>if it's on the internet it must be true
But nvm. My bad, the 13 year old girl went with a group of arab men alone to their place to enjoy 30 hours of cultural enrichment. Because she wasn't satisfied, she went to the police to press charges for more satisfying cultural enrichment.
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#340 - schnitzelwagen (01/18/2016) [-]
To me it sounds like NPD Propaganda. The NPD is like /pol/ having a political party while pretending not to be nazis. Spreading lies is far from above them.

Anywho, why would mainstream media and police ignore this, if it was true? And before you say it's to avoid saying anything bad about refugees:
This is a mainstream media report by a woman who works at a refugee camp, and she pretty much says how 90% of the refugees she has to work with are unbearable, how they never show up for important days, blatantly lie to the workers and harrass female workers up to the point where they want to quit their jobs there.
She also states that their requests for help get ignored by the higher-ups.

Now tell me, why would a mainstream media who had this report as one of their headlines ignore a 13 year old being gangraped?
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#344 - slayhumanity (01/18/2016) [-]
>why would mainstream media and police ignore this, if it was true?
For the exact same reasons they did not tell anything about the Collogne incident until the outrage on social media was strong enough to make them do so.

>mainstream media
There's your problem.
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#373 - schnitzelwagen (01/18/2016) [-]
Just for clarification: I am not one of the dindu-nuffin people.
The refugees are a problem, and a lot of them are doing fucked up shit they should be deported for. But the problem can't be solved by deporting them all indiscriminately.

Maybe this raping report does turn out to be true, and then I'll admit I was wrong. But I prefer not to straight away believe a party of right extremists that, I'm sure of it, have no problems with being opportunistic bastards who spread rumours to increase anti-refugee hysteria and cash in on what happened in cologne and is still happening around the refugee-problem.
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#366 - schnitzelwagen (01/18/2016) [-]
The cologne incident got surpressed because Merkel's government didn't want to admit they were wrong. But that's out of the way now. Since then there have been reports on shit like that.
There is no reason to deny the rape anymore, unless the source is not credible. Maybe I would be more inclined to believing this, if it didn't come from the NPD and there weren't other reports on rape, theft and assault by refugees that didn't get filtered out.
User avatar
#412 - slayhumanity (01/18/2016) [-]
>But that's out of the way now
Gradually, yes. But there's still this "i better should up before they call me nazi" mindset that's poisoning everyones mind.
Further, the mainstream media only reports on selected cases, believe me. I read german news every day.
Apart from that, the left would not acknowledge hard evidence presented before their very own eye.
User avatar
#444 - blackmageewizardt (01/18/2016) [-]
Jesus crist, could you atleast admit that until prove Comes out that it is silly to call wolf on any fucking shit?

He just showed you hard evidence that shit gets less and less hidden. You have actuelly barely any Points at the Moment that this could not be an call wolf Story. So how about: Until prove of the actuell Action arives, we Keep it in the "possible, but we should not jump into anything until actuell sources arrive?"

Also i can tell you this "befor they call me Nazi" is barrely mentioned anymore, if you havent noticed it: half of Merkels Partei is fucking pissed that she seems to ignore them and the rest of the Parteis, more and more voice call of for far stricter regulations, rules are already produced and Merkel can´t say no for longer then 1 or 2 weeks if this keeps going, which it will. So belief it or not, but just the hardcore lefties (Greens) seem still in the delusion that anything is at the Moment fine.
User avatar
#460 - slayhumanity (01/18/2016) [-]
> shit gets less and less hidden
So you think. Look into german mainstream media and you won't read shit unless they can't deny it because it's all over the social media again.

> this "befor they call me Nazi" is barrely mentioned anymore
This tells me you don't live in germany. This is still a HUGE problem in our society.

Also, stricter regulations != News coverage or no political correctness.

I agree to not jump on conclusions, but let's see what we have.
1. A girl that seemingly was raped by 3 older arab men.
2. Police telling th girl to fuck off and making her admint she did it willingly.
3. Police interrogating a girl 3 hours long, alone.
4. Police not even trying to investigate, which would not be the first case.
5. Her family pressing charges against the police.
6. Geolocation of her phone, not official yet.

To me it seems legit.
User avatar
#469 - blackmageewizardt (01/18/2016) [-]
Was is los? Musste erst Google Translate rausholen um diese absolute Vernichtung die ich deinen Argumenten angetan habe zu verstehen?
User avatar
#467 - blackmageewizardt (01/18/2016) [-]
Schnitzel hat dir grade keine 2 stunden vorher bewiesen das du Wolf schreist? Ich habe grade mal nachgeschaut, alle Median sprechen hauptsächlich NUR über die Scheiße die die Asylanten machen. Seit 4. Januar!

Zudem : "Die Bürde des Beweises, lastet auf den der die Behauptung erstellt." Komplett wissenschaftlich, bis Beweise da sind, sind jede Anschuldigungen nichts weiter als Aufschreie von frustrierten und einfach emotional bewegenden Personen, die wirklich alles Glauben was jeder in die Welt setzt.

Ich lebe in Deutschland du kleiner Hurensohn, ich spreche fließen Deutsch, ich bin Deutscher 2. Generation. Meine Eltern sprechen offen darüber, meine Arbeitskollegen sprechen offen darüber, meine Freunde sprechen offen darüber, meine Verwandten sprechen offen darüber, tut mir leid wenn du in nem Keller sitzt und nicht genug frische Luft bekommst.

User avatar
#471 - slayhumanity (01/18/2016) [-]
1. Schreib Englisch.
2. Every media speaking about refugee crimes is simply wrong. Looks like you don't know trash papers like TAZ.
3. >burden of proof
I know and realize this. Therefore i want a thorough investigation with details being released to public. And not a statement that basically says "lel k".
4. Ad hominem. Good job, "German".
User avatar
#472 - blackmageewizardt (01/18/2016) [-]
Wieso sollte ich Englisch schreiben? Das ist eine Diskussion zwischen 2 Deutschen von der einer offensichtlich den Ganzen Tag nur immer Keller sitzt und nichts besseres zu tun hat pausenlos rumzujammern und alles auf die linken zu schieben. Also ernsthaft? Du downvotest mein Kommentar? Bist du so jämmerlich in einer Diskussion?

2. Ich schau regelmäßig Nachrichten, seit 4. Januar kommen regelmäßig auf allen Nachrichten Sender außer dennen die die Grünen haben, Nachrichten über die Asylanten und was se diesma gemacht haben, das die rechten auf den Vormarsch sind und das Politiker sich für neue Gesetze einsetzen.

3. Wieso machst dus dann schon so als obs wahr ist? Scheiß mich net an.

4. Ach komm und beleidige doch zurück wenn du kannst, in Deutsch.
User avatar
#549 - slayhumanity (01/18/2016) [-]
Why you should write in english? Maybe because this is not a german site, maybe someone wants to join the discussion you ignorant tool.
Why downvote? Ad hominem, that's why.

2. Show me.
3. I look at what i see and this is my position.
4. I'm not a child like you are, so thanks but no.

Again, write in english or gtfo.
User avatar
#613 - blackmageewizardt (01/18/2016) [-]
If you are german at all you haven´t proved it yet.

2. Willst du mich verarschen? Mach den Fernseher an und schau die Abend Nachrichten du Idiot, so einfach könntest du beweisen das ich im unrecht bin. Aber nein, das wirste net tun, du wirst statdessen ewig ausweichen bis die Diskussion ins offene läuft, bin ich gewohnt von Idioten.

3. It is NOT in any way but scientific view, you make nothing but Panic, about something that could be all we know not be true, i have the Feeling you didnt even know what burden of prove meaned bevor you actuelly got it explained just some hours ago.

4. Ah ah, that was now also Ad Hominem calling me an child.
User avatar
#615 - slayhumanity (01/18/2016) [-]
>hurr look at me ad hominem wins the argument durr
Grow up kid.

2. Show me or get out.
3. I do know what it means, whether you like it or not, that's why the police needs to get their asses up and not, let me cite "den Fall auf dem Schreibtisch sofort zur Seite legen" if a migrant is the suspect.
4. That's not an ad hominem. That's judgement of your childish behaviour. Every single post some new ad hominem. Oh and what you just did.. tu quoque. Kids these days..

>bitching about my english
>Feeling,Panic, capital mid sentence
>meaned MEANED

Telling you the last time, english or enjoy the block, kid.
User avatar
#622 - blackmageewizardt (01/19/2016) [-]
Lol okay, you can´t even fucking speak german, and you can´t even take 5 minuts to go onto an fucking News channel, and now you block me. You are an funny guy mate, so much fuck from one Little shit.
#219 - anon (01/18/2016) [-]
or maybe it's propaganda.. why would German born police men ignore this. They didn't go lightly at all on the new years molestations, why would they just ignore this? Like wth do they gain from it? What does anyone gain from it for that matter? I hear this 'agenda' going around but it doesn't make sense because no one achieves anything from it, and why when I search for it am I only linked up with neo-nazi websites and no actual credible sites?

this smells like a whole lot of bullshit tbh but more info on whatever happened will probably come forth the next few days

in any case if it were a propaganda hoax it sure did work like a godamn charm on FJ

#50 - how can the game be smaller than a screenshot of it?  [+] (3 replies) 01/18/2016 on Heavyweight 0
#55 - relicfighter (01/18/2016) [-]
most of the image is the blue background. A completely uncompressed image stores pixel information one at a time. When writing a game that is wasteful. So the background is set as blue. in short everything that does not have stuff on it turns blue.
there are also several sprites in the image. Lets take the gombas as an example. there are two gombas. but there is only one gomba sprite (ignoring that most enemies has a few sprites) so the game looks up where stuff needs to be. it's sees it needs two gombas, and prints them. two gombas on the storage space of one. This is true for all repetitive sprites.
Lastly the NES had a limited amount colors it could display. so when a color is being called on, it takes up less code then the code for a pixel that has the potential for full color.
Example I am simplifying and using inaccurate data because I am lazy.(
lets say the nes only has 16 colors (it has more but its easier for me). then the code for that pixel include location and color.
11,11,5 this would be the pixel at x-axis 11 and y-axis 11 gets the color 5 (5 points to a color stored with that value)
you can imagine how this gets way bigger when we open up for all colors possible in the RGB system.

TL;DR programs can generate data larger then the program itself
User avatar
#54 - cormy (01/18/2016) [-]
Data density
User avatar
#52 - ytrellworld (01/18/2016) [-]
The above screenshot has JPEG artifacts, thus adding to its overall palette of colors that the computer has to render.
the more similar colors = faster rendering of image
the more unique colors = more processing, and slower render time

also resolution but that can be arbitrary
#174 - yes 01/12/2016 on Gus n' Al 0
#4 - yes 01/11/2016 on IT support +6