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#26 - He was joking  [+] (1 reply) 09/26/2016 on Marilyn Manson +6
#149 - bann (09/26/2016) [-]
#134 - **edmin used "*roll picture*"** **edmin rolled image ** I…  [+] (2 replies) 09/24/2016 on Pure-Ipino +3
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#135 - soyfriedbryce (09/24/2016) [-]
You're less Filipino because you haven't had the true Filipino experience.
#147 - aliveraven (09/24/2016) [-]
#61 - Buy and Android! Preferably an LG Phone. Maybe a G5 or somethi…  [+] (2 replies) 09/21/2016 on Polymerization 0
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#62 - Lilstow (09/21/2016) [-]
>>#46, >>#57, i mean, the average life expectancy of one of my phones is like 3 years.

If I'm gonna have to live with my choice for that long, it better be something I can tolerate for a long time.

If anyone wants to make an argument for best phone, I'm open to it.
(not just names, but features as well.)
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#63 - edmin (09/21/2016) [-]
I've been saving for an LG G5 for a few months already and I've researched for a few other phones available.

Modularity is the degree to which a system's components may be separated and recombined.The G5 is slightly modular (emphasis on the slight). if you're a photographer and need a better camera? You can just buy an upgraded camera module for your G5! You're a musician and want to use your phone as a mic? The G5 has a module for that! You like to play games on your phone but battery is not enough? There's a module for that! Over time, instead of buying a new phone, you can just "upgrade" the one you already have.

The good thing with this, is that you don't need to buy a new phone every time there is a new feature! We can say that the Iphone 7 is slightly faster and has a better camera than the 6, but I won't be spending any more money for only a little upgrade.

This has all the other info that you need(CPU/Memory/Resolution//Chipset): www.gsmarena.com/lg_g5-7815.php
#11 - Poll :  Is it homo?  [+] (5 replies) 09/20/2016 on connie +79
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#34 - topcommentpolice (09/20/2016) [-]
Thank you edmin for the poll and the gains
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#23 - Sexysammich (09/20/2016) [-]
Only if you say no homo afterwords.
#38 - rattikarl (09/20/2016) [-]
So it's only homo if you say "no homo"?
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#20 - fergin (09/20/2016) [-]
This poll is a fallacy
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#22 - DementedDoom (09/20/2016) [-]

channels owned

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