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#63 - no its true 10/04/2016 on Tumblr 0
#20 - also because of copyright and licensing. when you wat…  [+] (4 replies) 10/03/2016 on Tumblr +10
#22 - verby (10/04/2016) [-]
I don't think that's true. If it was we would have people being sued over viewing parties
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#64 - edenone (10/04/2016) [-]
for more in depth explanation see guy who seams to live in a bunker somewhere's comment.
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#63 - edenone (10/04/2016) [-]
no its true
#34 - anon (10/04/2016) [-]
You can be sued (if you had an XBOX 360 with Kinect spying on you). Note that most "smart TV's" have audio & video recorders hidden near the IR signal receiver, but many are putting them in hidden spots around the frame. Note also that they USED TO have RIAA & MPAA Hired Spies paid to visit bars, theaters, restaurants, clubs, and other establishments to impose taxes, fines, fees, and liens against establishments that showed "HOLLYWOOD ENTERTAINMENT" without the right extortion licenses.

But with SMART TV's, they can fire most of this walk-around staff since they can be offloaded to a crew in India which spies back through the hidden spy devices in the Smart TV boxes. They know what you're watching, how many are in the room, where you are, loads of your family's secrets, and how much you earn.

Not Authorized for Business Use

While many small business owners may think that their own personal cable or satellite plan can be used to show cable TV in their restaurants, federal law actually prohibits this sort of unauthorized use.
For example, in March, a Texas small business owner was sued by satellite provider DirecTV for showing satellite TV in her restaurant, because her business was allegedly using a residential account, reports The Southeast Texas Record.
The Cable Communications Policy Act, along with regulating the actions of cable companies, also prevents "assist[ing] in intercepting or receiving" cable communications for unauthorized viewers. This not only applies to allowing your neighbors to steal your home's cable TV, but also a restaurant's customers watching your cable TV.
Restaurants Need Commercial Accounts

The main issue lies with the limitations of a residential or non-commercial cable plan, which does not allow a subscriber to broadcast their content.
Cable companies like Comcast provide local broadcast and basic cable channel plans for bars and restaurants ranging from $30 to $190 per month, with the license to play cable and local programming for your customers.
Similarly, if you want to play any music at your restaurant, even if you own the CD or the digital rights to the MP3, you may not be legally able to play that music in your commercial establishment without a performance license.