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#55 - harmphrey (08/16/2011) [-]
dude you should delete your comment...just screen cap it and delete it
#58 to #55 - eamonn (08/16/2011) [-]
also i met alot of really cool people. im not a thumb whore and i dont care about thumbs and i noe not to take funnyjunk seriously hense the name lol. i love this site and i think enough people have supported me so i wont get banned. i mean i went from level 3 to disliked by funnyjunk then back up to level 2. its all about faith in the people
#56 to #55 - eamonn (08/16/2011) [-]
lol 4th person to say i should take it down. but if i do people will stop seeing it and all the people who commented and got thumbs from it will get deleted . im keeping it up not for me but for everyone else :) who got the thumbs from it
#57 to #56 - harmphrey (08/16/2011) [-]
trust me man i know i posted some racist **** on FB left it for like 3 days waiting for my friend to see it and my parents found out...got grounded for like 3 months, and all the black people wanted to like kill me lol.
#59 to #57 - eamonn (08/16/2011) [-]
also it wasnt offense the actual picture that i made on meme generator that got that many dislikes is that... idk if someone made it before me but i seen other people using it too. i post it alot
#60 to #59 - harmphrey (08/16/2011) [-]
lol i use quickmeme.com
#61 to #60 - eamonn (08/16/2011) [-]
very nice indeed i shall use for future refernce thank u