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#136 - commencingfailure (06/13/2016) [-]
You're a fucking retard like I expected you to be, now you're going all out with the nonsense and it's the last time I'm replying to you. Let me repute again:

Your entire comment is full of strawmen interpreting things in a way you'd like to see me say. I never said we CAN HELP EVERYONE. But it our humanitarian duty to try and help innocents in need. Imagine you get hit by a truck and you've got 2 broken legs and a dislocated arm. Would you like an ambulance to arrive sooner or later? I bet your ass you'd pray that happens.

I'm not speaking about "the white man's burden"(which was unnecessary racism again) and I don't think you even realize where the slogan originates from. We colonized other, we deemed inferior, countries in order to take over their government back then. THAT was the "white man's burden", don't use terms you do not know please.

In my opinion it IS our duty to make the world a hospitable place for everyone we allow to live. That includes Africa and poor Asian countries. But I don't expect that to happen all of a sudden. You are taking my argumentation, twist it by making a strawman sounding as if I take the exact opposite approach of yours and then attack me based on that.

I NEVER SAID, NEVER, THAT WE CAN HELP ALL PEOPLE RIGHT THIS INSTANT. I said it's our duty to help wherever we realistically can. YOU on the other hand are defending Trump by saying we SHOULD BAN ALL MUSLIMS FROM TRAVELING TO THE US. THAT is the far outside of the spectrum NOT MY reasoning.

You aren't but narrow minded, you're a troubled and flat out stupid mind. People we do NOT NEED to vote.
#167 - anon (06/13/2016) [-]
PS: I don't ban people who upset my fee-fees becaus I'm not a giant pussy.
#158 - anon (06/13/2016) [-]
>You're a fucking retard like I expected you to be
More quips of tolerance from captain open minded.

>last time I'm replying to you
Is this a "don't talk to me or my wife's son ever again" or is this a "I can't handle contrary opinions, I need my safe space?" Pls respond, I desperately need to know.

>I never said we CAN HELP EVERYONE
Dude, learn to read. This is not my point. My point is that you're preferencing solutions that make you FEEL righteous over solutions that would actually work to solve the problem and help all affected.

>which was unnecessary racism again
From you. Why do you only hold Western countries accountable? Because you're a racist and you think the rest inferior and unable to help others OR themselves. Hence, you're practicing a sort of neo white mans burden.

>In my opinion it IS our duty to make the world a hospitable place for everyone we allow to live
See? It's the white man's duty to go out and save the rest of the world. Normally I make the reference mostly to piss people off but I seem to really have hit the nail on the head with this one.

You started whining about how I'm saying your position doesn't work instantly. You wouldn't be doing this if you had any sort of reading comprehension abilities. It will NEVER solve the problem. You can take a small number of refugees each year and there will ALWAYS be more.

>YOU on the other hand are defending Trump by saying we SHOULD BAN ALL MUSLIMS FROM TRAVELING TO THE US

At no point do I say this. I, unlike you, am not a narrow minded fuckwit, so I can actually reason out the rationale behind why one would propose such a temporary ban. I understand why you can't do this, it's not something that can be done when you lack empathy or any kind of rationale perspective whatsoever.

What I want to do is actually help these countries IN their countries. Bringing them here to avoid the problem is silly, just like you. It's silly for a few reasons. One, it selects a fortunate few while the rest suffer. Two, it doesn't address the root problems. And three, it puts us at unnecessary risk.

(ooooh and you blocked me! I'm sooooo hurt. At least the different opinion's can't hurt you now! Run along to your little safe space child)

You're a joke bud. Sad.
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