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#11 - According to this, laying is when you are acting on …  [+] (1 reply) 08/06/2016 on TO BE A PENGUIN 0
#12 - casuall (08/06/2016) [-]
Well gee golly wally I just learned some neat shit
#9 - technically he should have said "lie down" not "…  [+] (3 replies) 08/06/2016 on TO BE A PENGUIN +1
#10 - casuall (08/06/2016) [-]
It could work both ways. Sure, "lie down" is the more proper way of saying it, but lay down is fine if you're telling someone to do it. Such as "lay down your arms"
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#11 - dunkleosteus (08/06/2016) [-]

According to this, laying is when you are acting on an object (like arms), but when you are the actor, lie would be the correct usage.
#12 - casuall (08/06/2016) [-]
Well gee golly wally I just learned some neat shit
#29 - what if that was my plan all along?  [+] (1 reply) 08/06/2016 on Another +5
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#52 - zipov (08/06/2016) [-]
gj i guess
#25 - Picture 08/06/2016 on My Favorites! +1
#25 - believing in conspiracies makes you look like a tard  [+] (8 replies) 08/06/2016 on Another +16
#96 - lostabyss (08/06/2016) [-]
when there are multiple deaths that somehow benefit someone, you call it a conspiracy. but what it really is, is someone found a deathnote might actually be behind it

im still semi convinced the dnc wasnt hacked, its way to convenient for a dnc staffer to be put on his knees and shot twice in the back of the head from an "attempted robbery" where they stole nothing. less than 10 days before the "hack" was released. its like he was killed because thye found out he took data and they were trying to stop him from releasing it
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#89 - heartlessrobot (08/06/2016) [-]
Now, I'm far from being a conspiracy theorist.
But you would have to be an absolute autist to not realize the clintons have had political opponents killed.
Saying she hasn't is on par with saying the earth is flat and the holocaust never happened.
It's blatantly false
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#86 - scorcho (08/06/2016) [-]
the thing with a lot of crazy big conspiracy theories is, that if they were actually true, and, for example, the entire world is being dominated by a secret organisation of reptilian jews, do you think they would leave evidence, so obvious, that some random douche on the internet could figure it out? that would be a pretty bad conspiracy.
general rule of thumb is, that the more people would have to be "in on it" for the conspiracy to work, the less likely it is to be true.
personally, i think that what is happening in the world is either so incredible that we wouldn't ever think of it, or (much more likely) depressingly mundane.
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#82 - haroldsaxon (08/06/2016) [-]
A lot of conspiracies have been proven true. Was/is it wrong to believe those?
#60 - anon (08/06/2016) [-]
painting conspiracy theorists as nutjobs was a masterstroke on their part, honestly
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#28 - layxe (08/06/2016) [-]
The Illuminati sent you to deceive us, but we aren't listning
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#29 - dunkleosteus (08/06/2016) [-]
what if that was my plan all along?
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#52 - zipov (08/06/2016) [-]
gj i guess
#26 - Picture  [+] (2 replies) 08/06/2016 on A happy tunes for those... +12
#28 - bobducky (08/06/2016) [-]
*shrug* I just copy pasta'd what I saw the last time this vid was posted. Thanks for the more accurate translation though, it still isn't a very happy song.
#103 - anon (08/06/2016) [-]
There are 2 versions of the song, actually
#53 - hey bby  [+] (1 reply) 08/03/2016 on amo 0
#54 - harleyquinzel (08/06/2016) [-]