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    story of will story of will

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#15 - I assume that's what happened to the guy who got aa knif…  [+] (2 replies) 10/08/2015 on mild greek salad 0
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#50 - ronyx (10/08/2015) [-]
what samsaysbai said
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#39 - samsaysbai (10/08/2015) [-]
SPOILERS FOR AFTER MISSION 27 I THINK Its hinted that she can tell who is infected with the vocal parasites and the man that she attacked spoke Kikongo so she tried to cut out his tongue so he wouldnt speak. She was just trying to prevent the outbreak
#23 - I've been out of yugioh for a while, what unholy creation is a…  [+] (1 reply) 09/26/2015 on Robert Downey Jr's Facebook 0
#42 - iamcraig (09/26/2015) [-]
Okay so this will be a long comment.
The pendulum monsters are both spells and monsters.
The spell part only is in effect when they're in the pendulum zones which are above the deck and extra deck.
The numbers on the one pictures (4) are its pendulum scale. Generally you'd have ones of different scales in the Pendulum zones.
The text between the pendulum scale is their spell effect.
The regular effect in the lower text box can only be used when the Pendulum monsters are in the monster zones.
When Pendulum monsters are destroyed, in the monster card zone or the pendulum zone, (Mystical space typhoon does effect them since they count as spells) they go face up on your extra deck.
The significance of the Pendulum scale is as follows: You can special summon monsters from your hand or face up in your extra deck, so long as their levels are between the two Pendulum monsters' scales.
For example: You have Dragonvein Magician (Pendulum Scale 1) and Dragonpit Magician (Pendulum Scale 8) in your two pendulum zones. You have an Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon (Level 7) and Xianghe Magician (Level 7) face up on your extra deck, and two Insight Magicians and a Blue-Eyes White Dragon in your hand. Once per turn you can choose to Pendulum Summon (In addition to the normal summon which can be done before OR after the Pendulum summon.). Because the pendulum scales are 1 and 8 you can summon everything but the Blue-Eyes (The numbers have to be BETWEEN the Pendulum scales so Scales 1-8 = Summoning Monsters Level 2-7)
But if you haven't normal summoned, you could pendulum summon Xianghe, both Insights, and Odd-Eyes and then use the insights as tributes for the Blue-Eyes, and the insight magicians would go on top of your extra deck, face up, and then use the Xianghe and Odd-Eyes to XYZ Summon Number 11: Big Eye or Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon.

TL;DR Instant field flooding to really easily bring out powerful shit.
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