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#48 - dude, you've spent 15 hours plus on a single puzzle?  [+] (2 new replies) 10/27/2014 on Molemen Hit-Off Anita's Site 0
User avatar #50 - tronbot (10/27/2014) [-]
I don't give up.
#49 - lunaisamazing (10/27/2014) [-]
Fuck the Rubber ducky puzzle
#124 - wait times in uk really arent much longer than in the US.... 10/24/2014 on Fear +4
#168 - Picture 10/22/2014 on Cringe Comp Numbruh 15 0
#139 - i feel your pain. only thing ive ever wanted to really be was … 10/14/2014 on JET THREAD +1
#375 - i got one too and now its gone. it was for a comment i made li… 10/10/2014 on FJ is back. Please help... +1
#12 - i think andrew made this so he can try and pretend it wasnt hi…  [+] (1 new reply) 09/22/2014 on The good times... And the bad +132
User avatar #34 - udungoofedup (09/22/2014) [-]
That's numberwang!
#62 - a friend of mine is the same, calls himself blackie chan 09/22/2014 on White man keeping me down +7
#19 - huh fair enough. i have to say i really find myself struggling…  [+] (2 new replies) 09/02/2014 on Fuck the escapist +3
User avatar #26 - chopsofpork (09/02/2014) [-]
to be fair her game is free, and pretty shitty.
User avatar #20 - revanmal (09/02/2014) [-]
Social justice warriors.
#16 - i thought everyone already pretty much knew that?  [+] (1 new reply) 09/02/2014 on Fuck the escapist 0
User avatar #17 - personz (09/02/2014) [-]
yes, but now we have proof, and a huge connection between all the insane feminist news and this corruption, which makes people even more pissed at it.
#13 - thanks, that sounds like the stupidest thing ever. why do so m…  [+] (10 new replies) 09/02/2014 on Fuck the escapist -2
#83 - Womens Study Major (09/02/2014) [-]
actually this is some shit blown out of proportion by mainly anti-feminists and 4chan. To begin with, there is not even a review for that game, all there is are less than a handfull of articles mentioning her and the game in a somewhat friendly way. And according to boogie23423 (aka Francis aka error 37) the game is actually good for the target audience (ppl with depression).

Clear however is that the ex-boyfriend of Quin is a major cunt, when they were separated she had sex with other people and he went berzerk on her with an endless rant on some blog, it's the very definition of tl;dr. But the mentioned anti-feminists and 4chan fags picked that shit up like gold-nuggets and made it the scandal of the century, and that's the reason why people care so much: A fine opportunity to hate on "sluts", feminists, gaming journailsm and whatnot. In the end, there is hardly any substance to the whole thing, even the favorable articles have been written before the authors were involved with her.
User avatar #118 - hickerydickery (09/02/2014) [-]
Hahahahaha anon please.
Like, is it even possible to remain ignorant on such a controversial topic? (assuming you browse internet frequently, and don't lie, you probably do)
I mean, it's not like the information was hidden like it was the fucking Holy Grail, right?

Like, fuck, sorry anon, but I'm taking the opportunity to rant about this one topic that's been on my mind for long: How did people come to be so fucking ignorant as of lately?

Do they do it on purpose, to be able to simply ignore what they don't like, or are they honestly ignorant AND stupid to the point of not being able/not willing to search 2 or 3 things on Google, watch a video or two, hell, even read a few paragraphs on whatever you don't know?

Or is it an even deeper problem? Do people's ego tricks them into believing that they are right, and everyone else is wrong? Is it simply a matter of "I'm right, and you're wrong, nanananana"? Because that'd be fucking sad.

To put it bluntly: can you fucking read a thing or two before talking about a topic you clearly know nothing about? Can you not lie to yourself about being always right?

Or are you simply lazy, and rather make up some bullshit story rather than investigating before opening your mouth?

Who the fuck knows. All I can say is, fucking damnit people. Get your shit together.

Sorry for lashing at your comment anon, but I had to get this message across.
That's it. /rant
User avatar #18 - revanmal (09/02/2014) [-]
This is all a release of bile that's been building for a long time. Games' journalism being shitty is nothing new, but this is such a flagrant debasement of journalistic integrity, that people are being prompted to let all their frustration and rage out because it's become so obvious.

Zoe Quinn and her supporters' reactions have only exacerbated the problem. She claims to have done nothing wrong, and her SJW followers are preaching her every word as gospel and her actions as saint-like. In their eyes, she can do no wrong, and that's all they're willing to say about the subject. Her infidelity is meaningless because someone with a penis has to be at fault (unless that person is trans-gender in which case they are forgiven all of their trespasses) and they cannot conceive of someone as prominent in their community as Zoe being an enormous fucking hypocritical skank.

The anti-Quinners are out for blood, because their hatred of shitty journalism and hatred for preachy landwhales have combined into a seething mass of anger. The suspected hacking and bribery, and the temporary shutdown of the TFYC charity that /v/ donated thousands of collective dollars towards to spite the SJW's, is just spurring them on. It's going to end in a lot of lost jobs and ruined reputations if it keeps up. And it's gonna be glorious to watch.
#52 - tonitraktor (09/02/2014) [-]
**tonitraktor rolled image** you have no idea how much you helped me to understand life

ty kind fagot
#19 - draxdiesel (09/02/2014) [-]
huh fair enough. i have to say i really find myself struggling to care too much, who would pay for something called depression quest anyway
User avatar #26 - chopsofpork (09/02/2014) [-]
to be fair her game is free, and pretty shitty.
User avatar #20 - revanmal (09/02/2014) [-]
Social justice warriors.
User avatar #15 - personz (09/02/2014) [-]
it has exposed a huge amount of corruption in the Games journalism, and people are pissed off at this. We need to be able to trust our sources of information, and it has been proven that currently we can't.
#16 - draxdiesel (09/02/2014) [-]
i thought everyone already pretty much knew that?
User avatar #17 - personz (09/02/2014) [-]
yes, but now we have proof, and a huge connection between all the insane feminist news and this corruption, which makes people even more pissed at it.

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