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#168 - ...and dead. 11/21/2014 on Found the real green lantern -1
#23 - Top notch humor for every 4th grader's taste.  [+] (3 new replies) 11/13/2014 on No Limos in the desert -10
#60 - oscillerator Comment deleted by dramakid
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#36 - epicpoke (11/14/2014) [-]
What is, your comment?
#37 - dorfdorfdorf (11/14/2014) [-]
#130 - Amen. Most of the time it's absolutely serious leakage of /r/murrica. 11/13/2014 on Today history has been made -2
#127 - My sentiments exactly. I knew there had to be someone… 11/10/2014 on ohsnap.exe -1
#95 - We all love the girls that seem to have more experience in bed… 11/10/2014 on It changes you. -1
#96 - Thrall, Jaina, Rexxar and Sylvanas? Also two new maps, ranked … 11/08/2014 on Confidence -1
#76 - HoTS rocks.  [+] (2 new replies) 11/07/2014 on Confidence 0
#93 - nekizalb (11/08/2014) [-]
And guess what just got announced
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#96 - dramakid (11/08/2014) [-]
Thrall, Jaina, Rexxar and Sylvanas? Also two new maps, ranked mode and more awesomeness?

Blizzard is coming back and it's huge. Can't wait for my friends to get alpha though, feels like being in that 1% with all those people begging on the forums.

Overwatch also looks pretty dang cool.
#40 - Everyone knows communism is evil in the land of the militarize…  [+] (1 new reply) 10/29/2014 on You expected communism? -1
#42 - captainprincess (10/29/2014) [-]
yes actually
#31 - Ah, nothing better than another load of political ******** on …  [+] (3 new replies) 10/29/2014 on You expected communism? -2
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#38 - captainprincess (10/29/2014) [-]
this is political?
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#40 - dramakid (10/29/2014) [-]
Everyone knows communism is evil in the land of the militarized free.

What are you commie?
#42 - captainprincess (10/29/2014) [-]
yes actually
#23 - Probably ate the cup right afterwards. Murrica.  [+] (2 new replies) 10/29/2014 on good guy biker -4
#31 - newprinny (10/29/2014) [-]
#28 - anon (10/29/2014) [-]
#93 - It's enough circlejerk on reddit and FJ already that destroys … 10/29/2014 on 911 -5
#59 - Doesnt even zoom using Ctrl+Scroll wheel Up. Pathetic pleb. 10/29/2014 on 10/10 -1
#166 - This title and that hashtag. Fj really has become a cringe heaven. 10/29/2014 on #justwhitepeoplethings -2
#151 - An opinion that doesn't proclaim US as the world justical poli… 10/28/2014 on Kings of the Hill 0
#60 - Best way to browse /r/4chan and more. Guess there was… 10/27/2014 on Anon spends 1 Trillion Dollars -3
#88 - Ah nothing better than the feeling of sweet wet 12 year old fa…  [+] (2 new replies) 10/27/2014 on Kings of the Hill +2
#138 - isabitofaplonker (10/28/2014) [-]
Yeah, the worst part is that they are about as ''pro freedom'' as Saddam Hussein was. Salvadar, Bolivia, Chile, Palestine, Cuba, Syria... if your freedom doesn't suit United States interests then prepare for Coups and shitty puppet governments.
#151 - dramakid (10/28/2014) [-]
An opinion that doesn't proclaim US as the world justical police?

ARE YOU INSANE? Here, get more burgers and military states. We'll sponsor your terror organizations too if you won't agree with us.
#29 - What the literal ****. FJ is now political cancer. 10/25/2014 on Scandinavia a normal weekend 0
#70 - If only it looked anything like this? Maybe in a coup… 10/25/2014 on 1 V 1 0
#24 - How old is this pic tho?  [+] (2 new replies) 10/25/2014 on You will never find them +3
#27 - Schwarzenegger (10/25/2014) [-]
**Schwarzenegger rolled image** This old
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#60 - xgreenmaidenx (10/25/2014) [-]
12 years?
#125 - /r/Murica material only. 10/25/2014 on By the Power of Anglo! 0
#41 - It should have "ayy lmao" on it and the text should … 10/25/2014 on Sound Familiar? 0
#188 - So this is a really nice website for browsing several days old… 10/25/2014 on perspective on scale 0
#187 - And, more importantly, balls. 10/25/2014 on perspective on scale 0
#440 - Correct me if im wrong but it's 2v2 and 1v1 right? Th… 10/21/2014 on eSports matters! 0
#258 - Don't play any MOBA game if your mental is low.  [+] (3 new replies) 10/21/2014 on eSports matters! 0
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#319 - drsmall (10/21/2014) [-]
You are aware that Starcraft is much more mentally demanding than any moba, right?
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#440 - dramakid (10/21/2014) [-]
Correct me if im wrong but it's 2v2 and 1v1 right?

There's no 0/4 Darius in your promotion series yelling at you for not ganking carrying his lane.
#404 - anon (10/21/2014) [-]
Oh noes he said GG and he's winning so BM, face it. SC players are mostly pussies.
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#19 - yorker (01/21/2014) [-]
furfags ******* suck! *high five*
#20 to #19 - dramakid (01/21/2014) [-]
Dancing to one tune here
Dancing to one tune here
#21 to #20 - yorker (01/21/2014) [-]
But apparently we have to be accepting of everyone no matter how annoying because everyone is so ******* sensitive now.

Political correctness sucks. Also pissed at the left wing on this one for making us have to approach everyone sensitively, and treating everybody like special snowflakes.
#22 to #21 - dramakid (01/21/2014) [-]
I'm a snowflake and I am offended.

/sues you
#23 to #22 - yorker (01/21/2014) [-]
I feel like you and I would make a good team in the sport of pissing people off.

You offended me by being offended. I now have PTSD from going through the stress of hiring a lawyer. I will now counter-sue you for damages to my mental health, also for driving me to the point where I murdered several children.
Of course, I will not be punished for doing such because I'll pull the special snowflake card and tell them I'm insane and can't control it.
#24 to #23 - dramakid (01/21/2014) [-]
You think you have just outplayed me.

But you never thought I would be using this card right here.

I'm black. And also homosexual

You have no way back but to lose this counter-offense issue.
#27 to #24 - anon (09/06/2015) [-]
Eazy died before you ghi oh was a thing
#25 to #24 - yorker (01/21/2014) [-]
I am a FEMALE Mexican woman who's parent's were unrightfully deported (Even though they were illegal immigrants and my dad pedalled drugs)

also I am the victim of SEXUAL HARASSMENT because one time a mysoginistic pig had the tenacity to tell me I'm cute. (What a womanizer)

Also I am homosexual.

You can't touch me.
#12 - finevegetable (05/29/2012) [-]
#11 - finevegetable (05/28/2012) [-]
#10 - finevegetable (05/24/2012) [-]
#3 - britton (12/23/2011) [-]
First of all I don't know how to reply to a comment like you did. I'm quite new to this site.

No I haven't seen Star Gate , I'm off of school today so I'll most likely end up watch a couple of episodes of it to see what you're talking about. Because averageness and stupidity can only be amusing for so long. Thanks again for showing me that. I'm glad you're opinionated on things and such. I'm also glad that I didn't offend you , because religion is a really big soft spot for a lot of people.

The way I see religion is this: You know how some people who are bad at video games but think they're good blame it on things such as glitches? They do it because they're so egotistical that they can't accept the fact that they're actually bad. By that being stated I relate it in such a way that if a human can't explain what is happening then they make something up to cover their ignorance. Thus God is a scapegoat for all the un-natural things that happen , or when people get lucky.
#4 to #3 - dramakid (12/23/2011) [-]
Yes, I am sure you will like it, as you are an open minded person :)

The scapegoat is exactly the word I've been searching for. And I totally agree with you on this statement.

P.S. To reply to my comment like you did press the "Reply" button to the right of my comment :)
#6 to #4 - britton (12/23/2011) [-]
Aha there we are , never noticed that button. Thanks for that.

I'm looking forward to watching it for sure.

Scapegoat is exactly what religion is.

I have hope in some sort of almighty being though due to physics. the laws of physics state that energy can not be created for free. All the energy in this universe was the same as it is as when the universe started. Just unsure how we got that energy. Then again by what I said before god could be a scapegoat to solve this problem aswell.
#7 to #6 - dramakid (12/23/2011) [-]
Also I highly recommend you to watch Fullmetal Alchemist. It's an anime about two brothers who are learning alchemy and find out the laws of it. They also experience many different situations and fight many enemies on their way to becoming ultimate alchemists. And also returning the younger brother his body.

I am sure you'll like it. And cheers mate! ^^
#8 to #7 - britton (12/23/2011) [-]
I watched fma when i was a lot younger , don't think i ever finished it though. I'm talking like when i was 11 it was on tv. I'll rewatch it today actually I loved that show. I heard the sub'd version has an alternate ending though?
#9 to #8 - dramakid (12/23/2011) [-]
Haha same here! :D
And I never finished it, too.

By watching this anime I learned that everything in our universe is created by something of the same price. So basically it all goes 50/50 for everything and there is never anything unbalanced.

And I never heard of an alternative ending as I never ever seen any ending at all xD
#5 to #4 - dramakid (12/23/2011) [-]
Oops, I meant to say like I* did :D
#1 - britton (12/23/2011) [-]
I read your comment on my eating meat post. It was well appreciated. I'd just like to inform you that I'm actually an atheist. I just thought through a different perspective for a joke and that came up. Sorry if I offended you posting about God. Even though I doubt I did you were just trying to enlighten me in thought and a deeper level of thinking. Thank you for the comment it shows people aren't as simple minded as I thought.
#2 to #1 - dramakid (12/23/2011) [-]
Hey britton!
Naaah, mate, you did not offend me at any point by your post. Seeing interpretations of god stories and stuff got me to the point of writing my comment and willing to make a discussion about it. I love to discuss things. :D
And as you said in the end, i'd like to make a remark in this state: Simplicity of thought is nothing more than just a mask for a man who hides something much, much deeper inside. Some just try to cover themselves from this evil world by going simple minded and all-4chan. :D

By the way, have you watched Stargate? :) I highly recommend you the Stargate: Atlantis as it's one of the most brilliant tv series i've ever seen!
Feel free to continue our discussion on things :)
#26 to #2 - yorker
has deleted their comment [-]