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#5 - Saw this a couple years ago, and as a christian it has defined…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/22/2015 on Religion 0
User avatar #12 - joshualegitsky (04/23/2015) [-]
Well I mean I don't think we should support equality
#5 - Picture 04/22/2015 on Just passing through 0
#62 - neither did i? i meant abusive parents in general, not specifi… 04/20/2015 on I don't know what to do. +11
#22 - Abusive parents, both physical and verbal, are truly the scum …  [+] (4 new replies) 04/20/2015 on I don't know what to do. +292
#164 - fefe (04/20/2015) [-]
I wouldnt really call my parents abusive at all, but in my head they have fucked me up.
They are kind, in the usual sense, caring and that. But if it comes to anything they deem "immoral" like drinking (which they do themselves, but fuck me), partying, staying out late, not calling/messaging them and shit like that. I could go on. But basically there was a small incident, and from that day i kinda shut myself in.

I feel like im being treated as a child, like i dont know whats good for myself, though im well over legal age. Its been soon 2 years since i shut myself in, cut contact and try to avoid people. It seems like a bitch thing to do, but i feel so fucking powerless. Im not going to school, as i dont believe i will function well in any job or position i can think of. I want to move, but i feel like i cant, because i know my parents wouldnt like that at all if i just wanted to move. I feel like i cant do anything without their consent.

I feel fucked up all the time through the day, and spend a long time in bed every night just thinking about what a complete failure i am. I feel like i cant change anything. And it really hurts me to write about it, because i feel like its such a shitty fucking "excuse", which makes me feel even worse. Often i feel like it would be so good to just be dead, or if i could kill myself and start over i wouldnt even think twice.
User avatar #219 - juicyindaskull (04/20/2015) [-]
That still means its abuse. Psychological abuse Its fucked up your mind and psychological state....

Its changed the way you're thinking. Thinking about yourself, your daily actions and self thoughts....

I hope you get better though. Things can't pull at you like that.
#60 - ihateeverybodytoo (04/20/2015) [-]
weird he didn't say his father was physically abusive or verbally
#62 - drahkreher (04/20/2015) [-]
neither did i? i meant abusive parents in general, not specifically his
#16 - free lunch my ass! you get half off if you're lucky!  [+] (3 new replies) 04/20/2015 on about right 0
User avatar #28 - iluvscuba (04/20/2015) [-]
It's different depending on whether you work at a franchise or corporate store. I'm at a corporate McDonalds and we get one free meal a day as long as we've worked that day. You get really tired of the food pretty quickly though
User avatar #20 - danniegurl (04/20/2015) [-]
for my store regular crew gets half off and managers get free.
#17 - fefe (04/20/2015) [-]
Depends on who runs it. Owner-Operators generally give different benefits. Mine gives one free meal per shift. Some give a discount, and some nothing at all.
#466 - **drahkreher used "*roll picture*"** **drahkreher rolled image ** 04/19/2015 on Weeaboo game time 0
#115 - In my sex ed classes, we were only once taught anything about … 04/19/2015 on It Fits 0
#10 - Looks more like random code if you ask me 04/17/2015 on Is that son of a bitch a... +6
#6 - my reaction every time i see this damn thing i don't … 04/17/2015 on sunny 0
#10 - you're not the only one 04/17/2015 on The joke +2
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