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#52 - revan is a member of the grey order he is not bound by jedi or…  [+] (1 new reply) 01/02/2016 on Strongest Jedi and Sith... +2
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#113 - fiveblackmen (01/05/2016) [-]
He went from being one of the strongest, if not the strongest, Jedi of his time to one of the strongest Sith, back to Jedi and then, after about 200 years of being captive, became what could be considered a grey Jedi. He could easily be on this list on either side.
#23 - depends if they opened it or not when we lose power to our fre… 12/29/2015 on Until next Season fuckers. 0
#128 - see comment #51 for the reason this show doesnt work and if th… 12/12/2015 on I miss the old teen titans... 0
#51 - it's a show about superheros that cause more problems then the… 12/12/2015 on I miss the old teen titans... +15
#47 - i watched 2 episodes of ttg (the **** doesnt even deserve caps… 12/12/2015 on I miss the old teen titans... +2
#287 - so now cite all the torture and executions muslims committed i… 12/11/2015 on "Whites are racist hicks" 0
#214 - so (not letting more in=kill all) is the argument that's a bit…  [+] (8 new replies) 12/10/2015 on "Whites are racist hicks" +2
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#220 - bigmanfifty (12/10/2015) [-]
It's heading in that direction.
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#254 - Silthrim (12/10/2015) [-]
Alright, I'll take the bait. The reason why it's not going to end in genoce is because we, the American people won't allow it. I'm a fuckin grunt in the Army and that kind of action goes against our training. I garuntee you that if one soldier got an order to execute civilians in their own homeland he'd drop his rifle. I'm sick of this retarded Trump is Hitler bullshit.
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#288 - Silthrim (12/11/2015) [-]
I said our homeland dumbass, its different in that shithole of a country.
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#292 - bigmanfifty (12/11/2015) [-]
See... this attitude is probably why people fly planes into your buildings
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#287 - dracory (12/11/2015) [-]
so now cite all the torture and executions muslims committed in the last few years and lets compare notes
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#255 - Silthrim (12/10/2015) [-]
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#232 - cronusblade (12/10/2015) [-]
No it is not even remotely...
#113 - 3rd time today i've put this up and it still breaks down the m… 12/04/2015 on California gun laws 0
#110 - really i types this earlier and i think it fits well against y… 12/04/2015 on California gun laws 0
#99 - if it so easy to get one then restricting guns only effects la… 12/03/2015 on California +2