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#48299 - Found this, brother said it's good other than optic…  [+] (9 replies) 04/10/2016 on Technology Board 0
#48308 - CatHatMan (04/10/2016) [-]
The specs and price look nice but I personally believe that keyboard layout to be more offensive than anything that could be typed on it.
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#48332 - voltkills (04/11/2016) [-]
looks like a UK layout that had some of the keys cut in half. not awful but would take alot of getting used to, especially somoene coming from US layout.
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#48333 - CatHatMan (04/11/2016) [-]
I've seen euro keyboards before. I hating on the inconsistent wideness and spacing.
#48331 - voltkills has deleted their comment.
#48330 - voltkills has deleted their comment.
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#48311 - dovahnon (04/10/2016) [-]
I have an acer right now, but the keyboard does appear worse than the one I'm using, but I think I could deal with it
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#48304 - voltkills (04/10/2016) [-]
thats actually a really good deal, and lets be honest, how often do you use an optical drive these days, Ive not had one on my PC for over a year and not needed it once.
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#48312 - dovahnon (04/10/2016) [-]
yeah that's what I was thinking, but I have this laptop right now that I could use if I needed to use cd/dvd
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#48300 - dovahnon (04/10/2016) [-]
Also, if there is something else that is a better deal (not prebuilt desktop or parts for building a desktop), that would be great
#462931 - am I ***********?  [+] (2 replies) 03/22/2016 on Hating - file complaints,... 0
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#462933 - freedomreturns (03/22/2016) [-]
You are shit, and you are posting.
So yes
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#462951 - dovahnon (03/22/2016) [-]
thanks for clarifying
#20 - bird is adorable 03/22/2016 on Murica +25

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