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#578 - killo (21 hours ago) [-]
**killo used "*roll cah answer*"**
**killo rolls The entire Internet.**
User avatar #497 - doombunni (22 hours ago) [-]
**doombunni used "*roll cah answer*"**
**doombunni rolls Manboobs.**
#169 - Picture 06/30/2015 on A game 0
#124 - I was thinking of the South's reason for secession rather than… 06/29/2015 on inb4 op is racist 0
#92 - I live in Myrtle Beach, went to USC, and this is all everyone …  [+] (6 new replies) 06/29/2015 on inb4 op is racist 0
#117 - Dlsqueak (06/29/2015) [-]
"My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery."


Yeah you keep telling yourself that it was only about slavery and that Lincoln was all he was cracked up to be. It was about states rights. Slavery, from the Confederate stand point, should have been a state decision.
User avatar #124 - doombunni (06/29/2015) [-]
I was thinking of the South's reason for secession rather than the federal government's response. Yes, Lincoln focused on preserving the union. His reasoning for going to war was to keep the union intact, or else the entire country would fail. He still saw slavery as a "a cancer that could not be immediately excised without causing the patient to bleed to death, but could also not be permitted to spread" So while the union was his priority, he also saw slavery as detrimental to its welfare.

It's the idea of the south seceding because of state's rights that gets me. South Carolina's reasons of secession included sentiments from the Articles of Confederation, which was such a terrible mode of government that it was replaced only 11 or so years later. The entirety of the declaration focuses on the South's right to slaves. There is nothing mentioned of land or taxes.

A weak argument can be made for state's rights, but the fact of the matter is those rights were the rights to subjugate a population of the American people. It may have been a state's right to choose whether or not to allow slaves (one of the major arguments at the time was whether or not territories joining the union would be slave states or not), but it completely goes against the basic American notion that "all men are created equal," All men meaning the human race rather than the privileged few. So yes, to some extent it was about state's rights, but those rights were still rooted in slavery.
#116 - Dlsqueak has deleted their comment.
User avatar #111 - thesovereigngrave (06/29/2015) [-]
The Confederate flag at the South Carolina State House is being flown at the Confederate war memorial on the State House's grounds. If there was ever a place to fly the flag, it'd be at a Confederate war memorial. I mean, it's not like the flag is hanging from the State House itself and I don't see anyone petitioning to dig up the entire monument.
User avatar #99 - Tyranitar (06/29/2015) [-]
My family keeps posting "heritage, not hate" stuff, when we came to America AFTER the Civil War and weren't even from the South anyway. I think most of the people on both sides don't even give two shits about the flag, but just want to be part of an argument.
#97 - kibbleking (06/29/2015) [-]
>states rights had nothing to do with the civil war
#6 - I was looking for a certain symphony piece by Beethoven and Sy… 06/29/2015 on toodle lee toondoo laa 0
#21 - The running of the interns happens after every major supreme c… 06/27/2015 on They got some news 0
#73 - I live in a fairly rural area, and during certain times of the… 06/27/2015 on School in September 0
#39 - Is the 7th one a two-headed lion? 06/27/2015 on When Mascots Go Wrong 0

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User avatar #14 - Phantomgal (12/09/2014) [-]
Your avatar is soooo cute! Just letting you know
User avatar #15 to #14 - doombunni (12/10/2014) [-]
aw, thank you!
#13 - jinzedmzxa (10/27/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
#6 - shootemupforus (11/07/2013) [-]

I noticed you don't have many visitors on this page so

How're you doing?
User avatar #7 to #6 - doombunni (11/07/2013) [-]
ah, pretty good, and yourself?
User avatar #8 to #7 - shootemupforus (11/07/2013) [-]
I'm good too

your Avatar is adorable...
User avatar #9 to #8 - doombunni (11/07/2013) [-]
Well thankya, I don't even remember where it came from XD did you make that pic yourself?
#10 to #9 - shootemupforus (11/07/2013) [-]
the one i posted up there, no.

i prefer hand drawing, did this recently.
User avatar #11 to #10 - doombunni (11/07/2013) [-]
Not bad. I can't even get passed stick figures XD
#12 to #11 - shootemupforus (11/07/2013) [-]
this one's my fav though, it makes me feel like my Character's a Mage. which is awesome
User avatar #4 - aerosol (10/08/2013) [-]
Your avatar is adorable and I just thought you should know that.
User avatar #5 to #4 - doombunni (10/09/2013) [-]
Aw, thank you
User avatar #3 - luluwho (10/08/2013) [-]
It's symbolic, to do a funny AD to raise funds
User avatar #2 - CatHatMan ONLINE (05/27/2013) [-]
there's also the version that switches the second gpu for a dvd drive and it costs $849


or you can wait for the laptops with haswell cpus to come out and get one of those.
User avatar #1 - CatHatMan ONLINE (05/27/2013) [-]
with haswell coming out you can get a lenovo y500 with an ivybridge i7 and dual 2gb gt750m for a little under $1200.

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