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    Annie's fate is sealed Annie's fate is sealed
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    Do you even orbwalk? Do you even orbwalk?
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    Map awareness fail Map awareness fail
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    Line em up Line em up
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latest user's comments

#84 - BUT BUT BUT HUMAN SEXUALITY IS WRONG! TITS AND BOOBS AND PUSSY…  [+] (12 new replies) 12/01/2014 on Cat Cuddling +22
User avatar #113 - renespar (12/01/2014) [-]
it's like the people who flip out whenever a female comedian makes a sex joke or ellen page makes a joke about being a lesbian "ugh GOD, how DARE these people address sexuality," it's not like male comedians don't constantly make sex jokes, and how many people complain about them...
User avatar #261 - MrDeadiron (12/02/2014) [-]
Most people don't flip out about those jokes, unfortunately most of those jokes just aren't funny.
User avatar #282 - renespar (12/02/2014) [-]
"ugh, female comedians never joke about anything but sex, it's because they all suck" this is always at least half the comments on any content with a female comedian, or OC by a woman
User avatar #289 - MrDeadiron (12/02/2014) [-]
A lot and I mean a lot of female comedians do make jokes about sex and a lot of those jokes aren't funny and a lot of people recognize that and that's why they're upset, not by the fact that it's a woman talking about sexy, but the fact that it's a shitty joke.

Don't get wrong some of her other content is funny front page material, but this one wasn't. A lot of her other comics don't have her tits poking out for no reason, but this one does and it happens to be one of her more mediocre comics, so some people naturally take it as her just using tits to get front page.
User avatar #290 - renespar (12/02/2014) [-]
the thing is the breasts are part of the joke, so you naturally draw attention to the relevant part of the joke
User avatar #292 - MrDeadiron (12/02/2014) [-]
Yea, breasts are, but you can draw them without having nipples poking out for no reason. Like with her winter one it made sense for the nips to be poking out, but in this one it doesn't really make sense.
User avatar #294 - renespar (12/02/2014) [-]
I would imagine nipple piercings would make your nipples more likely to be poking out, and she's acknowledged she does have them IRL too
User avatar #296 - MrDeadiron (12/02/2014) [-]
Yea, but my point is that it's not a constant across her comics and it's kind of unnecessary.

I don't really care either way, but I understand why some people would see it as her using "sex" to get thumbs.
User avatar #298 - renespar (12/02/2014) [-]
I'm just glad she's actually bringing OC and bringing some funny and relatable stuff to this site, I mean I'm an avid gamergate supporter but even I was finding the site to be less about that and more "look at this person who made a dumb post, this is a sign of how shitty society is" and then don't even get me started on Ferguson, jesus this site and it's obsession with hating black people... either way, she's doing more for making OC that's enjoyable than most other fucksticks on this site and she deserves positivity, instead the comments are getting more and more "hurr she uses boobs to get to front page"
User avatar #301 - MrDeadiron (12/02/2014) [-]
Ok, first off the site doesn't hate black people, it hates niggers, there's a difference. And yea funny oc is always welcome on this site and it always will be, and mediocre oc will be ridiculed accordingly and like I said before this was one of her more mediocre ones.
User avatar #200 - atomschlumpf (12/01/2014) [-]
To be fair, Ellen makes very very very very very very VERY many jokes about her being a lesbian
User avatar #223 - renespar (12/01/2014) [-]
yeah she makes a bunch, but thing is she's still actually funny
#48 - Imagine all of the porn they could be making.  [+] (1 new reply) 12/01/2014 on (untitled) 0
User avatar #62 - elcreepo (12/01/2014) [-]
if they had an internet connection
#79 - Normally, I would rage at someone calling someone else a …  [+] (1 new reply) 12/01/2014 on Photogenic Protester -5
#135 - nigeritobandito (12/02/2014) [-]
#154 - I've gotten into arguments with you before. Go watch the thin … 11/26/2014 on Ferguson 0
#167 - Well as a white person, put me on the side of the black people… 11/26/2014 on Ferguson Fun! 0
#145 - AKA killing people we don't like  [+] (2 new replies) 11/26/2014 on Ferguson +1
User avatar #146 - heartlessrobot (11/26/2014) [-]
He killed someone that was attacking him. If he didn't kill the fucker, we'd have a dead cop, a black man getting the death sentence, and people rioting because "their innocent little boy is getting the death sentence, but didn't do anything".
#154 - dontmindmeplz (11/26/2014) [-]
I've gotten into arguments with you before. Go watch the thin blue line, the house I live in and divorce corp.
#144 - Comment deleted 11/26/2014 on Ferguson 0
#143 - Insert generic "I hate blacks" comment here. … 11/26/2014 on Ferguson 0
#130 - Soldiers, yo. 11/20/2014 on found on imgur, thought I'd... 0
#14 - i wish 11/15/2014 on Support our troups 0
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