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Gender: male
Age: 20
Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1000004265
Steam Profile: domesticzombie
Consoles Owned: PC
Video Games Played: Everything nigguh
Interests: Video Games, Grills, George Foreman
Date Signed Up:9/23/2011
Last Login:7/31/2015
Location:Livermore Falls Maine
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I want to be a video game journalist.

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#169 - One of the few times I've ever worn a tux was at my sisters we…  [+] (1 new reply) 01/27/2015 on Shexy +1
User avatar #233 - WelshPimp (01/27/2015) [-]
Is your sister a CIA operative or something? Who the hell doesn't take a shit tonne of photos at their wedding? there must be more than just that one
#32 - Aw yeah, it's been awhile. Time to re-watch it. Thanks OP. 09/14/2014 on Remember this? +6
#11 - What's the consensus on the obvious trolls these days? Thumb d…  [+] (5 new replies) 09/06/2014 on Tiny hamster eating tiny... 0
#39 - biebergotswag (09/06/2014) [-]
thumb them toward 0 level overall.

so if their level is negative thumb them up, if they are positive thumb them down.
#68 - fuckyosixtyminutes (09/06/2014) [-]
Or, the non-dipshit method: hide all and ignore them instead of guaranteeting that their comment gets a ton of attention.
User avatar #71 - biebergotswag (09/06/2014) [-]
sure, people have been hide-alling me for ages, but i'm still here aren't i?
#72 - fuckyosixtyminutes (09/06/2014) [-]
Obviously not enough, as people still see your comments, thumb them down and bitch about your presence in general.

Not that I care, people like you give me a laugh at the expense of all the easily-manipulated idiots on this site, and UL in particular cracks me up because I can't help reading all her (his?) comments in a little anime girl voice, but some part of me just can't restrain myself from telling all the people who go on about "this is how we should respond to trolls!" what idiots they are.

Of course I didn't realize my original comment was directed at biebergotswag, so I guess there's no telling if you're just being a retard for entertainment. Either way, I hope both of you keep it up, it's a little frustrating to see other users so powerless to keep you guys from manipulating them, but overall it's a net positive because of the laughs.
User avatar #38 - drtrousersnake (09/06/2014) [-]
keeping them at zero actually raises their level. Biebergotswag was like level +213 with -2k net thumbs
#33 - RIP Journal of Justice. 09/06/2014 on MF: Riots lore department. 0
#5 - Had an art teacher that had fake pet flamingos, the ******… 09/06/2014 on Art class 0
#62 - Have you ever found a situation where this pic has been related? 09/01/2014 on because this girl... 0
#170 - Dude. You're an amazing member of the community. Keep doing wh… 07/05/2014 on Username-Pictures Part 7 +1
#391 - Awesome stuff man, really neat seeing someone doing something … 06/03/2014 on Username-Pictures Part 2 0
#1016 - **domesticzombie rolled image ** 05/30/2014 on This is what will turn you gay 0
#47 - The sad part is they're mostly not 12. Teenagers and grown men… 04/27/2014 on when someone feeds (read... +1

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