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    Uploaded: 11/25/11
    Will work for food Will work for food
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    Uploaded: 11/25/11
    Chicken nuggets Chicken nuggets
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    Uploaded: 08/28/11
    Mustache Mustache
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    it it
  • Views: 961
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    Uploaded: 04/01/15
    JKD vs UFC JKD vs UFC
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    Uploaded: 10/19/11
    dumb bish dumb bish
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#697 - couldn't agree more. which makes me think she's probably a rea…  [+] (1 new reply) 10/08/2015 on dank WebM compilation (pt... 0
User avatar #698 - YllekNayr (10/08/2015) [-]
well that was a delayed response
#66 - just like going to a slipknot concert. paying to get called a …  [+] (1 new reply) 10/07/2015 on Thumb to see spoopy shi! 0
#70 - anon (10/07/2015) [-]
I saw Slipknot a few weeks ago. The stage show and pyro were awesome.
#65 - Comment deleted 10/07/2015 on Thumb to see spoopy shi! 0
#203 - **** my bad dude, forgot you were a ******* phys… 10/06/2015 on these wolves is loyal 0
#228 - and not many people learn that before its to late. not saying … 10/02/2015 on Dad 0
#153 - bitch please that's cause you love to suck the dick of your so… 10/02/2015 on these wolves is loyal 0
#136 - WHOA what kinda ****** up conquistador propaganda are y…  [+] (2 new replies) 10/02/2015 on these wolves is loyal 0
#146 - megakillerx (10/02/2015) [-]
And what psuedo hippie bullshit are you giving to us? If you seriously think that Injuns where peacful loving tribals then you might look up the Aztecs or Inter native warfare.

In fact, i'll do it for you:



As for your Indian Philosophy: Yeah, look how that turned out for them: Stagnancy, for both the American Civilizations and the tribals. No desire for improvement or change for yourself or your fellow human beigns. None of them didn't even invent as simple as the bloody wheel.

And what legacy did they leave behind other than being over gloryfied savages? Nothing as far as i see it. Stagnancy is the biggest killer in any society, the Indians where no different.
#153 - dnf (10/02/2015) [-]
bitch please that's cause you love to suck the dick of your so called modern life. we've plowed through earths resources like a starving monkey at the grocery store. i'm not talking about savages hommie, i'm talking about the masters buddha, i'm talking bout jesus, and i'm talking about the people who where their in the beginning drawing all sorts of complex symbols and mapping out stars they couldn't even friggin see, every generation has had their savages, i don't suppose you want me to link you to all the inhuman bullshit going on in warefare in todays day and age do you? you think the aztecs dropped a nuke? sit the fuck down. besides among the common indigenous person were teachers of great wisdom, like shamans, and monks ect. if you look towards the east you'll find philosophy so accient, no body really even knows where it came from or who mapped these things out. but squaring the circle, yin and yang and all that stuff is very heavy material concerning and covering many aspects of nature.
#125 - deewd. actually all humans have dormant strength that we can t…  [+] (2 new replies) 10/02/2015 on these wolves is loyal +1
User avatar #198 - rassamdul (10/04/2015) [-]
Who says i aint training? And sure, tear into a gorilla? Not even John Cena or Bruce Lee would have the inhuman strength.. The Gorilla fights back ffs.. You think Chuck Lidell or Macheda would win against a cougar or gorilla?? ffs
User avatar #203 - dnf (10/06/2015) [-]
shit my bad dude, forgot you were a fucking physicist outta know it all vill with a phd in i have all the facts.
#91 - well maybe if you put some ******* requirements. we'd e…  [+] (5 new replies) 09/30/2015 on Florida +4
User avatar #96 - youregaylol (09/30/2015) [-]
there are requirements though, college credits are basically a requirement to become an LEO in almost every department in the country.

why are anti police people some of the uniformed partisans ever, while still being extremely vocal?
User avatar #95 - notblindguy (09/30/2015) [-]
by what you're saying it's very obvious that you are clueless. "trigger happy jumpy fuck wads" do us all a favor and next time YOU need the police don't call them
User avatar #114 - ericr (09/30/2015) [-]
There's a difference between good officers and "trigger happy jumpy fuckwads".
It's sad to say but even the police force has a few spastic people that aren't cut out for that line of work. It's hard to weed them all out before they screw up.
User avatar #115 - notblindguy (09/30/2015) [-]
I absolutely agree with you.
User avatar #118 - ericr (09/30/2015) [-]
I agree with you also. There is no job that has as many variables in heated situations and individuals and our officers have to asses and make split second decisions sometimes. It's not a job for just anyone and even the best can make a bad call sometimes under those circumstances.
Then there are the "Spastic trigger happy jumpy fuck wads" we see on youtube.
The good guys... we don't see as much.
#94 - that gif... my god that smile is gorgeous 09/30/2015 on Eargasm 0

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User avatar #3 - moisture (03/20/2015) [-]
Wow, nobody has commented on your profile since 2011?

How sad
User avatar #4 to #3 - dnf ONLINE (03/20/2015) [-]
I don't interact with the community much, i just lurk most of the time. i used to be a part of this a little more but i kinda just stopped caring. this sites different, i'm different.
User avatar #1 - MyNameIsARickRoll (07/16/2011) [-]
intestinal incubation
#2 to #1 - Dwarf (11/29/2013) [-]
**Dwarf rolled a random image posted in comment #732299 at Video Games Board - console gaming, pc vs console gaming, video console and games ** dnf's face when taking it up the ass every night
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