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#6 - That one about the parents turning in their son for nothing mo…  [+] (11 new replies) 08/22/2016 on The Best of Crixuz +105
#41 - iamangry (20 hours ago) [-]
C'mon at least kill the step daughter before you do that, where's your sense of justice?
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#31 - timmywankenobi (21 hours ago) [-]
you think too small

their suffering must be complete , not just of the body but of the spirit and mind.

I would execute a 3 year long revenge plan of psychological and physical torture.

they would grow weak and question everything they knew every feeling they ever felt , wondering if each day would be their last .

by the end they would be begging for the sweet release of death , then when their will and spirits were completely broken and their lives and all they loved were in ashes they would have my permission to die.
#39 - kalaark (20 hours ago) [-]
No you wouldn't.
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#56 - timmywankenobi (11 hours ago) [-]
you don't know me . I do what I want.
#53 - anon (18 hours ago) [-]
You wouldn't understand the drive to do something like this unless you've been fucked for years on end. I'm pretty much at that point myself . . .
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#21 - antizan (22 hours ago) [-]
Yeah, if I was him I'd find it completely justifiable to off myself right in front of them. The father doesn't deserve forgiveness no matter how much he begs.
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#12 - GeneralLeeInsane (08/23/2016) [-]
Sometimes the most gruesome methods aren't the best.
Sometimes it's the most callous that inflict the most pain.
Sometimes it's necessary to be cold and callous.

This idea might be taking it too far, though.

I would wait for a kind event, like Christmas. Have the step-sister invited over, you know, to make amends, clear the slate, make things right.
If she ever apologized for her actions, I would become violent, pull two guns, and give her one of them, whilst pointing the other at her. And tell her that if she were REALLY sorry for what she'd done, she'd do the kind thing, and put me out of my misery, and push her until she pulled the trigger. Whenever anyone decided to check the guns afterward, they'd find only one gun was loaded, with one bullet. The other gun would have a note, instead of a bullet. That note would read, "NOW it's okay to be sorry." On the opposite side of the note, it would say, "And now, I forgive you."

Even if she never did apologize, the story ends the same. Whilst I would not push her into putting me out of my misery herself if she didn't apologize, the result would be roughly the same.
#23 - anon (22 hours ago) [-]
E d g y
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#34 - fireheartt (20 hours ago) [-]
yet not a bad idea
#55 - anon (17 hours ago) [-]
It's impulsive. Being with a hurtful person is worse that being alone. He should move far away.
#10 - anon (08/23/2016) [-]
I've often wondered about what I would do in these situations, life ruined by rape allegations etc, and I'd probably move to Switzerland and join the army.
#304 - lol I live in indiana and I was thinking the same thing lookin…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/17/2016 on Americans view on America 0
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#308 - anonaponomous (08/17/2016) [-]
yeah, there is some good stuff here! we are kinda nice, and we aren't mostly vegan communists, and the foliage is a1
#20 - Do not open until <------ 08/15/2016 on But... why? +1
#9 - This was amazing =) 08/14/2016 on Fucking black magic... +4
#18 - I wouldnt count on your log technique because I heard in about…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/14/2016 on Merkels Defense techniques +6
#23 - anon (08/14/2016) [-]
my wood is already banned in europe
#39 - lol I didnt even bother to read his name oh well I've been … 08/13/2016 on pfffffft. +1
#36 - trying to guess your correction, was it: "Yo…  [+] (2 new replies) 08/13/2016 on pfffffft. +1
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#38 - twentytwelve (08/13/2016) [-]
It's buckymcbadbait, he's just doing his thing baiting, and I am honored that I have been baited for the first time by buckymcbadbait, a buckymcbadbait baiting is the best baiting you could hope for
#39 - divinedrgn (08/13/2016) [-]
lol I didnt even bother to read his name oh well I've been had. But this was more in fun than spite for myself so it hardly matters I suppose =)
#15 - that was a rather interesting video. I think Ive seen about 90… 08/13/2016 on Australia on ISIS +2
#14 - hmmm that was a rather interesting read. I was hoping for some… 08/13/2016 on Australia on ISIS 0
#11 - going the metal route, I like that =) my turn I suppo…  [+] (4 new replies) 08/13/2016 on Australia on ISIS +3
#13 - nnever (08/13/2016) [-]
#15 - divinedrgn (08/13/2016) [-]
that was a rather interesting video. I think Ive seen about 90% of the sources that were used to construct that, but I know I have never seen the one with the asian vampires stabbing somebody though.

Either way if I wished one thing was better in that video it would be the sound qaulity =(
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#12 - ICEDgrunge (08/13/2016) [-]

If you've never seen this, let me tell you this is the greatest read ever
#14 - divinedrgn (08/13/2016) [-]
hmmm that was a rather interesting read. I was hoping for something with a bit more umph at the end, but the story was rather interesting especially towards the middle of it. Ty for that link.