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#60 - Interesting read. I've had some paranormal experiences myself …  [+] (1 reply) 13 hours ago on Creepy stories! +1
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#75 - abyssinion (11 hours ago) [-]
I honestly find the subtle/unknown to be creepier.

I mean there's been a lot of small stuff that's oddly creeped me out more than the events of my story.

If I know what something is/what's going on, I can figure out how to deal with it, can't do that for the random and unknown.
#339 - **divinedrgn used "*roll 1, cah question*"** **divinedrgn r…  [+] (1 reply) 09/23/2016 on roll and thumb fast, im... 0
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#340 - divinedrgn (09/23/2016) [-]
awww it seems I cannot roll infinite things at the same time =(

oh well it was worth a try
#14 - Honestly I think calling the Emperor a Chaos god might get you…  [+] (2 replies) 09/19/2016 on Fun facts about the Dark... +2
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#21 - captainprincess (09/20/2016) [-]
You CAN call him a god
Just so long as you add -emperor afterwards
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#16 - pirateseatcarrots (09/20/2016) [-]
Iirc the emperor got much more powerful after a deal with the big four. Which he of course went back on. Same with Horus cept he went through with it.