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#3 - Nope. Now I did. So instead of making him money, they failed t…  [+] (14 replies) 07/31/2014 on Iceland doing it right -17
#19 - mistafishy (07/31/2014) [-]
You're a special kind of stupid, aren't you?
#90 - dingoboy (08/04/2014) [-]
Clever, clever. You think that one up yourself or did you have to google it?
#91 - mistafishy (08/04/2014) [-]
#25 - gladiuss (08/01/2014) [-]
I guess. You see, whether the tickets were free or not, he still got a free trip to Iceland. People don't just fly over the ocean to give shit away, ('cept maybe food and shit) so the Reykjavik folks obviously funded his all expenses paid vacay in Iceland. Jeebus, I love it when morons call me stupid. It literally makes my day.

Silly jew.
#40 - anon (08/01/2014) [-]
You obviously have no clue how many different expenses trips like cost nor the fact that all projected income that the sermon was supposed to raise gets reduced to a big fat zero. Let me give you an analogy you might understand... This is like working for McDonalds and this McDonalds decides you are going to work for a week in Iceland, so they pay for your trip to go there (woohoo). Little did you know, after you work at the McDonalds in Iceland for 10 hours a day for a week you don't get paid for the week, but they give you a free meal. As someone looking to make money the whole trip took time away from the money he could be making elsewhere.

You are clearly a special kind of stupid.
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#44 - gladiuss (08/01/2014) [-]
You clearly didn;t read the comment that state that the tickets...were free. Stupid on, moron.
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#50 - olias (08/01/2014) [-]
You should quit while you're ahead
#38 - sytheris (08/01/2014) [-]
Lotta presumption there, mate. Most of these free seminar shticks bank on selling merchandise/other crap at the destination. Can also be a charity write off/publicity stunt for shareholders/donations/etc.

Their intent was a method of protest, and a damn good one too.
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#67 - leonhardt (08/01/2014) [-]
>A damn good one

Yeah, if you call screwing people out of a day's pay a good deed.
#73 - sytheris (08/01/2014) [-]
Who was getting paid here..?
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#80 - leonhardt (08/01/2014) [-]
The people that work at the Arena?
Maybe it's different in Iceland but unless the little shops and vendors make money, the people who man them aren't getting jack for the day.
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#45 - gladiuss (08/01/2014) [-]
Only if you count silencing free speech as a good protest. They obviously took a page from Mein Kampf. Silence those who disagree with you and only your beliefs will remain, right or wrong.
#53 - anon (08/01/2014) [-]
When was he stopped from saying what he wanted?
#89 - gladiuss (08/01/2014) [-]
When the activists took away the opportunity for anyone that disagreed with them to hear his speech. They literally deprived free people of an opportunity to hear a different viewpoint. Think it over. All actions have consequences, like a stone thrown into a puddle. The stone impacts in a very small area, but the displaced water spreads out omnidirectionally and affects a space exponentially larger than the activating event.

There. Even spiced it up with SCIENCE.
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