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#19 - >or is it hentai? can i get it dubbed in japanese and t…  [+] (12 new replies) 10/25/2015 on The British Kebab +77
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#20 - jaevel (10/25/2015) [-]
ha ha. no. I didn't ask that question because I'm a filthy weeabo. I asked it because I was curious enough to wonder, but not curious enough to check it out for myself.
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#47 - boomerpyro (10/25/2015) [-]
great dodge
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#48 - jaevel (10/25/2015) [-]
Its not a dodge if it is the truth!
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#49 - boomerpyro (10/25/2015) [-]
you didn't call it the truth though
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#50 - jaevel (10/25/2015) [-]
But I did. I was curios about what kind of porn it was. Knowing a thing or two about porn, I was able to narrow down that it probuably either was live action, or Hentai (Yes, hentai falls under animated porn. But when was the last time you saw a animated porn flick that wasn't anime?) .

And since I was too lazy to check out the link myself. I gently asked candyman if he would tell me.

Boy, this is a comment I did not expect to have to write today.
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#51 - boomerpyro (10/25/2015) [-]
like your profile picture though, shame i can't find many norwegian/english releases
#53 - jaevel (10/25/2015) [-]
Yeah. I was in Sweden back in Summer. And saw much to my delight that they were still releasing new comics of Herman Hedning.

Don't know why they stopped with it here in Norway.

PS. Ragnar√łyk Raghnarok was my favorite sub-series in the comics. Which was your favorite?
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#99 - admiralen (10/26/2015) [-]
That series got real shitty you know, it used to be awesome but the writers got real lazy
They made an issue every 1 or 2 months, and it had fewer and fewer pages of the actual series and instead a bunch of shit series like bacon and egg
Not to mention Herman Hedning also dropped in quality, they just became lame political satire instead of the good old stuff
Funny that they included a couple pages of the old ones in the back, probably just to remind you how shitty the new ones had gotten
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#114 - jaevel (10/26/2015) [-]
Even Raghnarok?
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#116 - admiralen (10/26/2015) [-]
kinda got drowned out by the other 4 bad series they added in
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#54 - boomerpyro (10/25/2015) [-]
don't remember the name, was a modernish day one.
but 2nd best was the standard series, the scenes with satan were often fun
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#55 - jaevel (10/25/2015) [-]
I sadly never really got any of the Satan stories. All I have is the one with Odin and Thor, The internet delivery system and the Swedish one were they all go on a luxury trip only to get scammed.
#88 - well he is an alien  [+] (1 new reply) 10/25/2015 on Bull shit tumblr gets mad... +6
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#94 - tsoper (10/25/2015) [-]
Even mexicans need to reproduce..
#7 - Picture 10/25/2015 on D O G G O S 2 +1
#52 - This looks way ****** better than the new Scooby-Doo  [+] (19 new replies) 10/24/2015 on not sure what this is... +23
#140 - funnyhat (10/25/2015) [-]
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#141 - denonymous (10/25/2015) [-]
the animations done by mystery skulls looks a lot better than the newest reboot of scooby doo, called "be cool scooby doo" which looks like it was made as a joke by the people who made rick and morty
#142 - funnyhat (10/25/2015) [-]

It was a joke, quite obviously it was never meant to actually compare Scooby-Doo to anything. [spoiler] but on another note - I did not know they had made a new new series [/spoiler]
#122 - urfunnyman (10/25/2015) [-]
from what i can tell their just getting lazier with the design work and animations be i go to school for animation and all that i see other students doing is making blocky/crappy/not well thought of characters and backgrounds and some how they fucking pass and i get told to lessen the details even though im more than willing to go above and beyond for the shit i want to present but nope do it or fail. but i can say I've seen beautiful works done by others who actually push out good quality work
#111 - joemamaa (10/25/2015) [-]
fucking teen titans go , now this shit
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#75 - itskennyandjosh (10/25/2015) [-]
At first i was gonna say something like "probably because they don't have to animate a hella lot" but i just seen that shit right there and it looks like something they'd put on family guy
User avatar
#89 - punisherswar (10/25/2015) [-]
That's actually why I dont like it......looks like it should be on Fox or Comedy Central....which makes me a bit uneasy seeing it on a kids channel....just makes me wonder when a dick joke is going to be made
User avatar
#90 - itskennyandjosh (10/25/2015) [-]
Wait...its an actual fucking thing?
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#132 - sircool (10/25/2015) [-]
it's a real thing, looks horrid, but unlike GO! it's actually on point/good at times and hasn't had 3 episodes trying to legitimize itself or referencing itself or pointing out it's shit. (that's 5 episodes in total going over all that)
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#91 - punisherswar (10/25/2015) [-]
yes yes it is, I think it's just started airing or is close to
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#94 - itskennyandjosh (10/25/2015) [-]
Oh god, i seriously thought it was a joke. They need to leave it to the people who can actually draw without making it look like some lazy garbage
User avatar
#95 - punisherswar (10/25/2015) [-]
Yeah the last series looked better and much more like a scooby doo cartoon but they always have to reboot kids shows

Also another note of horrible artwork the new squirrel girl as derpface syndrome and beady eyes
User avatar
#96 - itskennyandjosh (10/25/2015) [-]
As long as they have original ideas and its entertaining then i'd have no trouble with them rebooting stuff like scooby doo, that stuff can go on forever if people have ideas for it but its all about the artists when it comes to that snow
User avatar
#97 - punisherswar (10/25/2015) [-]
bad thing is they never let them have an ending episode or one that can be called an ending
User avatar
#101 - itskennyandjosh (10/25/2015) [-]
True, but their stuff is like a never ending kind of buisness deal
User avatar
#103 - punisherswar (10/25/2015) [-]
Read somewhere one show was basically told "We were told to just keep making episodes till they said stop"
User avatar
#105 - itskennyandjosh (10/25/2015) [-]
Haha so they just have episodes up the wazoo, but it actually doesn't seem so hard to make a plot for those episodes, if you have a place and a villan its pretty simple after that
User avatar
#106 - punisherswar (10/25/2015) [-]
Oh and sometimes its based on toy sales too......which is 2015 sucks since toys are made so cheaply you could mistake a few for flea market knock offs
#61 - blitzblitz (10/25/2015) [-]
scooby doo looks mentally challenged
#5 - the second from the bot reminds me of Red's laugh  [+] (4 new replies) 10/24/2015 on D O G G O S 2 +3
#16 - vizz (10/25/2015) [-]
Gotta admit been a long time since a went through ruby quest
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#9 - superiorcheerio (10/25/2015) [-]
Holy fuck someone who knows what Ruby Quest is? Swell with requests to hug Tom!
#6 - Tsquared (10/25/2015) [-]
shit, forgot about that whole thing

I liked it better that way
#7 - denonymous (10/25/2015) [-]
#5 - "or be killed"  [+] (2 new replies) 10/23/2015 on Ice-T +26
#61 - nightmarexnxnxnxnx (10/24/2015) [-]
Well, Aerith seems to get the point...
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#7 - thevaulthunter (10/23/2015) [-]
Everything I have listed is targeted by feminists. I wasn't naming stuff that never happened.
#11 - I don't think that's spit, its like sweat or something. it was…  [+] (1 new reply) 10/23/2015 on Title +4
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#12 - broswagonist (10/23/2015) [-]
"Patrick: Ugh, do I have to spell it out for you? [Licks his hand and writes on a brick wall] U...R... huh... How do you spell "not my friend"?"
#11 - Picture  [+] (2 new replies) 10/23/2015 on Vidya +38
#17 - anon (10/23/2015) [-]
See, people have started posting Undertale in response to this tumblr post... but that doesn't describe Undertale at all. Undertale is very clear in terms of morality and choices. Either you kill people, or you don't. You know from the very beginning that murder is evil, the game goes to great lengths to tell you so, so if you kill people there isn't any bullshit along the lines of "oh I just stabbed this kindly old goat nanny to death, I wonder if maybe that might have been a bad thing to do"

No. Undertale is very black and white, and the game being described above involves only shades of grey. Implying otherwise is just silly.
#86 - Lambert (10/23/2015) [-]
Yeah, the main concept is really more that your choices have an impact even outside the game because the game remembers what you did. If you genocide and then do pacifist you will still get a bad ending.
#4 - bird with a bat? 10/23/2015 on Cannot Unsee +7
#36 - Picture  [+] (3 new replies) 10/21/2015 on americans all be like... +19
#218 - anon (10/22/2015) [-]
Is that a pikachu? it looks dumb maybe a shiny?
#150 - migueldecervantes (10/22/2015) [-]
Well, let's get to it, bud.

Here I go!


Your turn, fag.
#156 - epicextreme (10/22/2015) [-]
NO FUK u m8! ur CUNTree sux