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#108 - Picture  [+] (9 replies) 04/24/2015 on Germoni +3
#156 - atrocitustheking (04/24/2015) [-]
> dat feel when no one else wants to build glorious empires
#110 - buttlumps (04/24/2015) [-]
This is also why i'm anti social, Everyone on my school either act like morons, act like children, act like moronic children ect. they also say words like YOLO and SWAG they even say LOL outside of the internet, It can get really fucking cringey, This is why i feel like i'm the only smart person on my school, This is why i mostly stick to my self in recess
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#169 - ljxjlos (04/26/2015) [-]
Are...are you 100% sure that it´s not YOU who´s the cringy one?

because...well, yeah. because basically ou are. sorry.
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#172 - buttlumps (04/26/2015) [-]
Wasent this a little pointless? what was the point of this comment? Was there something wrong with my grammar? its my grammar isent it
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#173 - ljxjlos (04/26/2015) [-]
Nothing wrong with your grammar, it´s just the fact that it´s not them who´s cringy, but you, tbh.
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#174 - buttlumps (04/26/2015) [-]
So your calling the guy who trys to acts like a normal 13 year old yes, i'm 13, sue me while everyone else acts like their 18 saying things like YOLO and SWAG just to be cool, and swear to hell and back just to prove that their edgy and cool, cringey. GG
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#175 - ljxjlos (04/26/2015) [-]
Yeah, I do. Not because you don´t do that stuff, but because you think you´re better then others by doing so. Get over yourself, that clichée-ass "anti-mainstream"-idea won´t get you anywhere. See the "I stick to myself during recess" part.

Swearing is normal, no matter the social circle. I just got my first bachelors degree and people swear even more on University. It´s not a bad thing as long as you know when it´s okay and when now. Yolo and Swag are completely legit words, with yolo being nothing but a modernized "carpe diem" and swag being nothing but a more modern "cool". Just because the internet tells you to hate on this stuff doesn´t mean it´s good to do so.
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#176 - buttlumps (04/26/2015) [-]
I guess your right, But i am aware that i'm NOT perfect, I even have aspergers, meaning i'm aware of not being perfect, no one is perfect, i'm not the smartest kid in my school, I should of elaborated, Sometimes I feel like i'm the smartest kid in my class ROOM! Not the whole school! So no, i'm not a perfect kid unlike my little bro, I'm sure that kid things hes perfect and a miracle child, any time i come up with a flaw in his logic, He either flips me the bird, says nothing, or swears at me Let me remind you, hes like 8 years old, and he talks like hes 18 Also, as a side note, i dont hate trends, I just get really sick of them really quickly.
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#130 - gawkycrayon (04/24/2015) [-]
The edge is strong, while I do say that is cringy, some people just put on faces to make it seem like they are cool. I know some people who say that shit are are really smart.
#5 - Picture  [+] (3 replies) 02/25/2015 on nudes +248
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#20 - darksideofthebeast (02/25/2015) [-]
This one actually made me laugh.
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#6 - derpthefifth (02/25/2015) [-]
That's my favorite because i could honestly see myself doing something like that.
#10 - ionlywhisper (02/25/2015) [-]
#96 - One of my all time favourites  [+] (3 replies) 02/10/2015 on Webm comp 3 +38
#214 - skateorfly (02/10/2015) [-]
Admin in his own Disneyland
turn out nobody falls out of his role there
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#114 - richardastley (02/10/2015) [-]
Turns out North Korea is a pretty chill place to live!
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#120 - sanctusdominus (02/10/2015) [-]
fucking strange though
#9 - Tina is life 02/03/2015 on Bobs Burgers +3
#5 - so dank.  [+] (5 replies) 02/03/2015 on Dogs gonna dog +512
#77 - WelshPimp (02/04/2015) [-]
This new one is my favourite, can't believe no-ones come up with it before!
#87 - MrKittyKat (02/04/2015) [-]
#33 - becauseoprahsaidso (02/04/2015) [-]
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#61 - dtcdannyboy (02/04/2015) [-]
I never thought a 12 year old would influence my life so much...
#25 - thepizzadevourer (02/04/2015) [-]
"New"? Nigga, I've had this picture saved since June 2013.
#3271 - Picture  [+] (2 replies) 02/03/2015 on Euro users, what do you... +7
#3371 - theoneaboveall (02/03/2015) [-]
2spooked m8
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#3305 - accalia (02/03/2015) [-]
You alright man? that spectral figure looks rather menacing
#3267 - Anglofag here. The face of despair of having to pull an all-ni…  [+] (4 replies) 02/03/2015 on Euro users, what do you... +3
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#3269 - married (02/03/2015) [-]
there is a ghost behind you
#3271 - denbdog (02/03/2015) [-]
#3371 - theoneaboveall (02/03/2015) [-]
2spooked m8
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#3305 - accalia (02/03/2015) [-]
You alright man? that spectral figure looks rather menacing
#15 - Picture  [+] (3 replies) 02/02/2015 on WHAT? +53
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#25 - volksworgen (02/02/2015) [-]
A House House Painting a House on a House.
#35 - scowler (02/02/2015) [-]
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#17 - trisketthebiskit (02/02/2015) [-]
my god what have you wrought
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