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#23 - i mean, it really is, but they're pretty good tasting, but onl… 09/20/2015 on Hypocrisy +5
#20 - it's essentially like a stick shaped type of cookie/ shortbrea…  [+] (12 new replies) 09/20/2015 on Hypocrisy 0
#21 - zionsype (09/20/2015) [-]
That sounds incredibly dumb
User avatar #70 - yiffcario (09/21/2015) [-]
They're pretty good tho.
User avatar #44 - trollmobile (09/20/2015) [-]
we have salty stick snacks, they have sweet ones.
#46 - zionsype (09/20/2015) [-]
Pretty sure we have sweet snacks too
User avatar #47 - trollmobile (09/20/2015) [-]
sweet stick snacks
i haven't seen any
#71 - zionsype (09/21/2015) [-]
User avatar #27 - zlawliet (09/20/2015) [-]
Pretty sure you're saying that just for the sake of being 'cool and edgy', hating for bandwagon hates sake. It's a fucking snackfood, fuck off whore.

> "Weeaboo detected"

I don't eat them
#29 - zionsype (09/20/2015) [-]
>You don't like my weab shit, you're just being edgy!
User avatar #30 - zlawliet (09/20/2015) [-]
I don't even like them myself lol
User avatar #33 - anonslayer (09/20/2015) [-]
Personally I have enjoyed them but the only times I've had them is when the Asian kids at my school bring them in
#32 - zionsype (09/20/2015) [-]
You're missing the point.
Calling Pocky's design dumb is in no way edgy.
User avatar #23 - deadguyseven (09/20/2015) [-]
i mean, it really is, but they're pretty good tasting, but only if you get for like the price of a normal candy bar
#32 - **deadguyseven used "*roll 3, 1-99*"** **deadguyseven rolls… 09/15/2015 on deadguyseven's profile 0
#31 - **deadguyseven used "*roll 3, 1-99*"** **deadguyseven rolls… 09/15/2015 on deadguyseven's profile 0
#5 - Picture 09/06/2015 on Stealth +3
#3 - saved for later 09/06/2015 on Fucking Savage +13
#16 - i want in on this 08/30/2015 on Stories of Sakuya chapter 1 +2
#38 - mention please 08/29/2015 on Lovecraft comp +1
#4 - im gonna be so empty inside now 08/18/2015 on Bonnouji chapter 35 Finale! +4
#44 - mgsexplain But in all seriousness, when i am ever to …  [+] (5 new replies) 08/17/2015 on Snake plays with a puppy 0
User avatar #74 - yellowcardraiden (08/17/2015) [-]
Release order, if you got a good computer you can emulate them. If you don't and you're fine with watching 4-8 hours videos of pretty much the cutscenes and important gameplay sections, I can give you the links. They're great.
User avatar #69 - mgsexplain (08/17/2015) [-]
looks like my job has been done for me

just play them in release order and you'll be good
User avatar #63 - miltorky (08/17/2015) [-]
Also, you can emulate Metal Gear Solid on your computer with a PS1 emulator or if your comp is beefy enough, emulate the remake they did for the gamecube, Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes (This version is superior to the original in my opinion due to the updated graphics as well as better voice acting). As for MGS 2, 3, and Peace Walker. Again emulation is your best bet if you have a decent computer because you can emulate 2 and 3 with a PS2 emulator as well as Peace Walker with a PSP emulator. If you have a 360 you can get the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection which has all three games on it for around 20 bucks. It is also available for the PS3 but you don't have one. The original Metal Gear can be emulated with an MSX emulator or an NES emulator depending on which version you want.
#61 - miltorky (08/17/2015) [-]
Playing them 1-5 in that order isn't necessarily a bad idea, the stories obviously aren't in Chronological order but I'm sure you could understand them. If you want to play them in order, play 3, Peace Walker, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain, Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, then Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. That is the chronological order and I'm not including all of the spin offs because quite honestly, Peace Walker is the only one where the Story matters in my opinion and Metal Gear Rising is really only if you care about a secondary character named Raiden who you will have the pleasure of meeting in MGS 2. All in all, I think you should play the games in order of the release because each MGS game has references to the older MGS games that you probably won't get if you play them in the Canonical order. This may not be a big deal to you, but for me personally I don't think it would be the same experience if stuff went over your head.
User avatar #45 - drongus (08/17/2015) [-]
im sure you could get a ps2/3 emulator, but the lore is kinda convoluted, the story changes throughout the games, as in its not all in order
im sure mgsexplain knows the order

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my mother is a filthy nasty whore
my mother is a filthy nasty whore
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