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    Greatest name I've ever found Greatest name I've ever found
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    Kek Kek
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    Tiny Shit Bruh Tiny Shit Bruh
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    Mein Kampf Mein Kampf
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    V-Day V-Day

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#101 - Dude is your pic that guy that barely does anything from the s…  [+] (2 new replies) 09/23/2015 on untilted +1
User avatar #185 - pocketstooheavy (09/24/2015) [-]
User avatar #166 - chillybilly (09/24/2015) [-]
It is
#30 - I come bearing sauce 09/23/2015 on IKEA +8
#4 - Insert tumblr ******** about how teachers don't actuall…  [+] (24 new replies) 09/10/2015 on Excite Bike +66
User avatar #32 - dorfdorfdorf (09/11/2015) [-]
>teachers in public/private schools
woah ho ho, slow down there jokester
#6 - selfdenyingbeggar (09/10/2015) [-]
Well... both are true
#35 - bann (09/11/2015) [-]
Most people who complain never really gave the teachers a chance though, they just shut everything out after the 9th grade and made assumptions for the rest of their time at school.
#8 - thatonesouthernkid (09/11/2015) [-]
but what about art teachers?
User avatar #38 - Unimaksu (09/11/2015) [-]
my art teacher gave us an assignment "what is art" to which i relplied "art is a physical representation of an emotion, it's purpose is to invoke that emotion in others" and she gave me an F and said "art isn't that simple" so i told her she didn't understand art. i eventually failed the class. so yeah, art teachers can be like that too.
#41 - thatonesouthernkid (09/11/2015) [-]
well your teacher was correct, but she was wrong to say that your explanation of it is incorrect. what you said was right in part, but it doesn't account for all the kinds of art that serve a purpose other than evoking/representing an emotion. some art movements, like dadaism, don't have any kind of emotion or meaning behind them at all. they are just there. the point of dadaism was to protest the enormous amounts of publicity that the public was giving to pieces that had no kind of creative process or thought put behind them at all. there were people paying millions of dollars for a canvas that had a blue can of paint thrown at it. and the artists who still used technique and skill decided to create a movement to protest the public's behavior. which led to the creation of the most famous piece in dadaism: the fountain, shown here in the photo. it's literally just a urinal layed on its side, with R. Mutt's signature. however, the movement backfired when it gained lots of publicity and the fountain ended up being sold for millions.
User avatar #42 - Unimaksu (09/11/2015) [-]
by your explanation of dadaism. the emotion it is meant to evoke is outrage. you don't protest something that doesn't offend you.
User avatar #43 - thatonesouthernkid (09/12/2015) [-]
you could take it like that. but that wasn't the point behind the movement based on what I've been taught. it wasn't a successful movement though, so your interpretation is understandable of why it backfired.
User avatar #31 - homosexualpirate (09/11/2015) [-]
My art teacher constricted my creativity to where I stopped drawing for several years
#11 - selfdenyingbeggar (09/11/2015) [-]
Some are failed artist who love to criticize and feel superior to their students. But most of them really want to bring out your creativity. But I was referring more to the normal school system and discipline and teaching methods
User avatar #12 - thatonesouthernkid (09/11/2015) [-]
I know. I was just being a smartass.
But I would say that even the most critical of art teachers have their benefits, one of the meanest I've ever had also made me strive to hone my skills.
#13 - selfdenyingbeggar (09/11/2015) [-]
**selfdenyingbeggar used "*roll picture*"**
**selfdenyingbeggar rolled image** did it work? I think the whole hyper critical=better is a trap. Like in that movie... the one with the drummer... and j.j. jameson. Anyway, when I dance, as in uncoreographed stuff, when I treat myself right and compliment myself it starts to come out better on it'ws own. If I'm critical of what i'm doing I kill my creativity.
#28 - thousandsuns (09/11/2015) [-]
#27 - thousandsuns (09/11/2015) [-]
#15 - thatonesouthernkid (09/11/2015) [-]
it worked with this one particular teacher and he's honestly the only one I've ever ran into with a rep for being "mean" . not because he was insulting our ideas or anything, but because his class was more of a "learn to draw right and not like the talentless weaboo who only draws erotic naruto fanart" type of class. if you've ever seen this picture while on here, his class was basically teaching you how to draw like this.
#17 - selfdenyingbeggar (09/11/2015) [-]
Ohhh. Well I guess you could say he was a perfectionists when it came to the standards of your technique. That does sound useful, thanks
#22 - ohhh (09/11/2015) [-]
User avatar #18 - thatonesouthernkid (09/11/2015) [-]
you got it, bruv
#16 - thatonesouthernkid (09/11/2015) [-]
fuck, I saved the thumbnail.
#19 - selfdenyingbeggar (09/11/2015) [-]
He sounds like a cool guy. It was an internet class?
User avatar #20 - thatonesouthernkid (09/11/2015) [-]
no, i took his class in school. saw him everyday, and there was one point where I didn't have to look at the paper to draw something.
#21 - selfdenyingbeggar (09/11/2015) [-]
woooahhh. How long did it take?
User avatar #23 - thatonesouthernkid (09/11/2015) [-]
one school year. but that skill is less impressive than it sounds, you still have to look back down and place the pencil where you need it to make the next line.
#40 - selfdenyingbeggar (09/11/2015) [-]
Still, that's pretty cool. No skill appears impressive when you master it. Good job!
#2 - Teaching with tits, you're doing gods work my boy 09/02/2015 on Chicks dropping knowledge +76
#2 - ****** about to get real for Jake 09/01/2015 on I can't believe you've done... +19
#9 - That cat had its shins blown off by them damn Japs in dubya du… 08/28/2015 on Harbinger of death and... +7
#3 - The effort is there alright...just applying that effort 180 de…  [+] (4 new replies) 08/13/2015 on i admire her effort +38
User avatar #19 - lloydisawesome (08/13/2015) [-]
Its a real exercise, it targets different muscles in your legs.
User avatar #8 - forasguard (08/13/2015) [-]
You can use it like that
#12 - punkstylee (08/13/2015) [-]
You expect FJ to walk into a gym ?
User avatar #25 - forasguard (08/13/2015) [-]
Yes No
#15 - TFW riding in the cargo hold like ******* swine on the … 08/10/2015 on SJW's get sent to Cambodia... +45
#7 - Rick and Unity's split really got me  [+] (13 new replies) 08/10/2015 on Facial Abuse Porn +41
#8 - wickedwilliam (08/10/2015) [-]
It got all of us man Video may be a spoiler for some people
User avatar #26 - almightysausage (08/10/2015) [-]
Anyone else think he was about to snort the remains of the creature?
User avatar #25 - megaton (08/10/2015) [-]
while i was watching this episode and i heard that song at the end i thought that he was about to channel his sadness into scientific genious since the song was saying show me what you got and he seemed so resolute on screen, but then it got sad and i was sad for how sad it was getting.
User avatar #22 - dsgjoker (08/10/2015) [-]
Does anyone know the song? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
User avatar #23 - dsgjoker (08/10/2015) [-]
Nevermind, I just noticed the anon directly beneath my comment.
#21 - anon (08/10/2015) [-]
chaos chaos do you feel it
#17 - randomdudelny (08/10/2015) [-]
What cartoon is this?

For science reasons of course.
User avatar #19 - thefunnyside (08/10/2015) [-]
Ricky and Morty
User avatar #20 - thefunnyside (08/10/2015) [-]
*Rick and Morty, sorry
User avatar #15 - combatplatypus (08/10/2015) [-]
This episode got fucking real
User avatar #9 - mcceag (08/10/2015) [-]
I dont suppose I could get some context for this?
User avatar #10 - wickedwilliam (08/10/2015) [-]
Spoiler for the 3 episode of season 2 Ricks meets his ex girlfriend, after a couple days of heavy partying and sex, she realises that he is bad for her and she leaves him and explains that they will never meet again and it depresses him. This is putting it really simply.
User avatar #27 - jamesten (08/10/2015) [-]
and in the end scene, after the credits, he tries to get back to her, and her ally doesn't want him in because of unity
#43 - Dude you're doing solid work 08/06/2015 on FJ Dances to Backstreet Boys! +1
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