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#18 - On and On about Paris. No one is talking about Beirut. more pe…  [+] (25 replies) 11/16/2015 on He sacrificed himself. -3
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#22 - Sethorein (11/16/2015) [-]
No shit.

Think of the world like middle school. Lebanon sits at the Arab table during lunch
France sits at the western european table during lunch

One day both France and Lebanon get their arms broken. You're expecting the Western European table to be as sympathetic to the guys at a different table than the guys at their own table?
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#23 - davidispissed (11/16/2015) [-]
No, I expect an enemy to be an enemy regardless of location, not a tool to be used in one, and a scare tactic in the other.
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#25 - Sethorein (11/16/2015) [-]
Darling, that ain't how media works. It's petty and rating based. You're gonna get better ratings talking about the tragedy of your western brother, your exemplar of freedom than by showing reports of a similar tragedy in an Arab country that 90% of your country can't point out on a map.

It ain't a conspiracy. It's just money.
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#26 - davidispissed (11/16/2015) [-]
I still maintain a right to anger
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#28 - Sethorein (11/16/2015) [-]
Be as angry as you like. Just don't accidentally don a tinfoil hat.

I've got stupid far left friends spamming my news feed with this "BEIRUT DESERVES JUST AS MUCH ATTENTION AS FRANCE" nonsense, as if Lebanon isn't bordering Syria and thus at far greater risk of terrorist attack.

Most of the issues with Paris are the surprise. Shit doesn't blow up in our countries. Shit blowing up in the middle east is just par for the course at this point.
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#31 - davidispissed (11/16/2015) [-]
The point is that we are condemning the actions of a group in france and ignoring the same group in lebanon simply because they hate the guy we hate. All this will do is empower them in the end. Like Reagan and the Taliban in the 80s. But that all turned out fine, didn't it? Not like it left a huge crater in NYC or anything. No foil required, just a history lesson.
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#33 - Sethorein (11/16/2015) [-]
You're saying it is because they are fighting Assad that we ignore them in lebanon. I've explained to you twice that it is because they won't get ratings if they show footage of lebanon. No one cares about Lebanon in the Western World. Most of us don't even know where Beirut is.

Claiming that ignoring Lebanon is the same as what we did with the Mujahadeen in the '80s is ridiculous. We were using them to fight a proxy war for us then abandoned them. What Proxy war was Lebanon fighting?
#27 - karvarausku (11/16/2015) [-]
**karvarausku used "*roll picture*"**
**karvarausku rolled image**
100k+ ppl died

ppl die everyday tho.
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#29 - davidispissed (11/16/2015) [-]
ok, so im off to kill everyone, then after all some ass on the internet thinks it is fine. Murder will never be justified, least of all with more murder.
#32 - karvarausku (11/16/2015) [-]
**karvarausku used "*roll picture*"**
**karvarausku rolled image** Dude. Murdering ppl ofcourse isn't right, but ppl still die everyday.

Just saying that those 120ppl that died in paris look pretty small number compared to the 100k+ ppl that died on that day in total.

Not being an ass, but they died. You or I don't have anything to do with them and bashing about it on the internet is just pointless and fake caring ain't going to help anyone...

Now I'm not saying that you don't actually care about them, but I on the other hand kinda don't. Why? Because they are not my relatives, I didn't know them, sure they are fellow humans, but I had no personal relationship to them so it's as it is.
Some die, some live.

Sucks for the family tho.
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#34 - davidispissed (11/16/2015) [-]
What about the Americans that are about to deploy? Do you care about them? what about the fact that we are wearing our defences thin over these asshats? What if they decide to start drafting?
#36 - karvarausku (11/16/2015) [-]
**karvarausku used "*roll picture*"**
**karvarausku rolled image** Nah don't care about Americanos either.

Only ones who I honestly care are my family and close ppl to me.
Ppl go in army by their own choice so if they are going to go shoot ppl ofcourse they are going to be shot back.

+ They are doing what Christians did way back in time, they kill the ppl that don't agree with their religion believes so it's nothing new.

"War, war never changes" (going with the Fallout theme)
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#38 - davidispissed (11/16/2015) [-]
I don't agree with the Christians in this either. War never changes, but there are other options to war. That, however is a more psycological discussion than people want on here. I could , however PM you research on the links between poverty and violence, if you like. It makes for a good read.
#40 - karvarausku (11/16/2015) [-]
Atm I actually don't have the time (should already be sleeping it's 3:33 am here), but I can give it a look when I have time.

Not being to be rude or asshat with my comments or anything just giving my honest opinion about things, which I think is better than sugar coating everything.

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#49 - davidispissed (11/16/2015) [-]
yeah im just sick of having to work weekends. i sent the link. Enjoy it at your leisure.
#19 - whitegamedeveloper has deleted their comment.
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#21 - davidispissed (11/16/2015) [-]
Yes, but in Beirut, ISIS attacked Assad Supporters, meaning that we are using Paris as a cover to the fact that the US just used ISIS against their enemies.
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#63 - shaddyz (11/16/2015) [-]
pretty sure isis did not need a push from the usa to kill people
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#64 - davidispissed (11/16/2015) [-]
no, they just needed the guns and money.
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#65 - shaddyz (11/16/2015) [-]
do you have proof of your claims?
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#75 - shaddyz (11/16/2015) [-]
so you can knock off the first 2, they are biased as hell

the australian one and the businessinsider are the only both i see as legit, and they talk about how US Allies are funding isis... and the Isis leader was funded a while a go, same with the talisban as far as im aware

other are talking about interview with russian people, i take it with a grain of salt, i dont really trust it

the other explained very nicely how isis funds itself, although it is very disturbing....

overall? meh you may be right, you may not be, only think i got out of it is that it needs to stop fast
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#81 - davidispissed (11/18/2015) [-]
And in the article explaining how they fund themselves, most of it has to do with profiteering on the instability of the region. We provide that instability. Also, earlier this week, this happened:

#20 - whitegamedeveloper has deleted their comment.
#18 - dirt, rocks, alkaline sand, radiation...  [+] (2 replies) 09/29/2015 on Desert +1
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#33 - cuntism (09/30/2015) [-]
Sand can't be acidic or alkaline. I think.
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#52 - davidispissed (10/04/2015) [-]
The Atacama is at a high altitude, but was formed with the Andes mountains through plate tectonics. this means that the sand also has a high ratio of salt mixed with it. given the high amounts of solar radiation (since the atmosphere is thinner.) the sodium chloride reacts with what is left of the water vapor in the air as the Andes rise to form sodium hydroxide and chlorine gas. this makes the sand highly alkaline.
#2 - Picture 09/27/2015 on Soon 0
#11 - Vihart is the math teacher.  [+] (1 reply) 09/25/2015 on Vi Hart thoughts on high... 0
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#16 - herecomesjohnny (09/26/2015) [-]
oh, okay, sorry for the misconception