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#33 - electricwulf (07/04/2015) [-]
>TFW Greece goes from Greek Rome to kebab then Kraut
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#69 - No problem. I have a ******** of self-confidence right now… 05/31/2015 on Dear God... 0
#110 - Then maybe don't treat him like **** and admit you love him. … 05/30/2015 on Gods 0
#105 - Then Kyon did a crappy job.  [+] (2 new replies) 05/29/2015 on Gods 0
#108 - haruhisuzumiyagod (05/29/2015) [-]
Kyon does a horrible job. Every time I ask him to do something he just groans!
#110 - datgermanguy (05/30/2015) [-]
Then maybe don't treat him like shit and admit you love him.
I don't know, I just try to play along now....
#25 - Stimmt alles. 05/29/2015 on german facts (1) +6
#82 - Doesn't the universe collapse into itself or something like th…  [+] (4 new replies) 05/29/2015 on Gods 0
#104 - haruhisuzumiyagod (05/29/2015) [-]
As far as I'm concerned, the universe revolves around me!
#105 - datgermanguy (05/29/2015) [-]
Then Kyon did a crappy job.
#108 - haruhisuzumiyagod (05/29/2015) [-]
Kyon does a horrible job. Every time I ask him to do something he just groans!
#110 - datgermanguy (05/30/2015) [-]
Then maybe don't treat him like shit and admit you love him.
I don't know, I just try to play along now....
#65 - I think some foxes eat birds. Especially small, weak ones. 05/29/2015 on Close Encounter with a... +1
#212 - <- My past life as tortoisekin 05/29/2015 on All beauty is EQUAL +2
#73 - Is there an elaborate joke in the tags I don't understand?  [+] (2 new replies) 05/29/2015 on Lannisters send their regards +1
#80 - anon (05/29/2015) [-]
It's a warning. If your toast smells burnt in the morning... Don't eat it!
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#78 - ddoggdiggity (05/29/2015) [-]
No just so more people will see it at random
#128 - As I said, most of the people who 'think' they are depressed..… 05/28/2015 on Comic about depression 0
#85 - Cry more. Most of the people who think they are depre…  [+] (6 new replies) 05/28/2015 on Comic about depression -3
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#112 - kalagas (05/28/2015) [-]
You're ignorant on the matter. What you describe is someone who is sad because they feel lonely, not someone who is clinically depressed with a loving family, friends, avid social life, career, and is incapable of enjoying any of the things they have worked so hard to obtain because they are incapable of doing so. What you suggest helps someone who is just sad, morose, melancholic, but not someone who is truly diagnosed accurately clinically depressed. I used to have an opinion exactly like yours until I actually experienced it. Genetics is a bitch, runs in my family.
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#128 - datgermanguy (05/28/2015) [-]
As I said, most of the people who 'think' they are depressed...Aka people who are not depressed, but are really just feeling down at times and exaggerate their problem to the point when they self-diagnose themselves as depressed.
Obviously not very clear from my part when I look at these comments below.
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#99 - zvon (05/28/2015) [-]
What if I know I am alone because it's easy? I like when things are easy, when you don't have to worry about anything and life just goes by, no worry in the world, that's when I'm quite happy.
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#94 - SwiftNinja (05/28/2015) [-]
I was diagnosed with mild depression. On days like the op, when I'm at school, not even the thought of going home brings any kind of solace. There is nothing that can make you feel better, and nothing that can motivate you to "Get Out. Talk to people. Make friends."
I am decently social and have multiple friend circles, and I always see friends on the weekends, but what you said is ignorant.
Depression is a mental disorder. It's terrifying that it's romanticized in society so that either people pretend to have it or people don't believe it's real.
It's real and it sucks. It's like mental agony. There's NOTHING you can do but wait for it to pass, because nothing matters. It's hard to explain. However, most of the time depression runs in periods of hours, weeks or months, so there is no reason for people not to be social while they are feeling bright.
#90 - anon (05/28/2015) [-]
What you said is called being asocial.
Depression is when you feel dead and nothing not even being alone can make you feel better.
Big difference.
#88 - drumandbass (05/28/2015) [-]
Most people, yes, but real depression is something else.
don't throw them together in one pot.
#83 - First rule of meeting up for the socially awkward: Dr…  [+] (2 new replies) 05/28/2015 on 4chan meeting +34
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#171 - infinnerty (05/28/2015) [-]
Its the reason alcohol is so common, everyones a bit awkward in situations like these, socially awkward people just dont realise that
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#94 - sumerfag (05/28/2015) [-]
>>#89, this guy seems to have confirmed that this works
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