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#36 - You don't scan a picture of a monitor you noob. You i… 08/22/2016 on I hav qustion 0
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#82 - Except the difference is I can afford them and I'm not skimpin… 08/22/2016 on Pet Store Stories -1
#41 - Give my best to Cortez 08/21/2016 on Foxtrot Uniform +4
#32 - Agreed. If you wanna rob people and risk your life, then at le…  [+] (3 new replies) 08/21/2016 on Go ahead... Make my day... +8
#97 - anon (08/21/2016) [-]
Well, now he only has half a brain...
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#92 - cabbagemayhem (08/21/2016) [-]
If they had half a brain, they wouldn't have to rob people for money.
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#49 - sinfullpwnage (08/21/2016) [-]
That's why they rob people and this shit happens, they don't have a brain.
#29 - If it only floods for the gays, then why is it so dry here in …  [+] (2 new replies) 08/21/2016 on Irony +15
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#49 - spookopstheline (08/21/2016) [-]
Arizona mentioned, swell with........heat? And I10 accidents of course.
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#41 - kittysmoocher (08/21/2016) [-]
Well, we do get some pretty nasty flash flooding. Does that mean you're blowing your load real quick or something? 😉
#46 - "Their refusal to assimilate to and respect the very cult… 08/21/2016 on well well well +57
#41 - 9 when they fell. Best school year by a long shot. Fo… 08/21/2016 on historic event. -1
#74 - See the world how you want. It's black and white to me. …  [+] (2 new replies) 08/20/2016 on Pet Store Stories -1
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#81 - ciacheczko (08/22/2016) [-]
Everything is a luxury if you look at it this way. You don't need a better version of anything. You can legitimately survive on water, potatoes and onion your entire life. You don't NEED this tasty cheese on your sandwich. You don't NEED this freshly-squeezed fruit juice. You don't NEED whatever snacks you eat. There's goddamn plenty of things you actually don't need, and yet you're still using them.

You also don't NEED to spend your time on a silly site with funny images, you know that? If anything is a luxury, it's having the internet, and the comfort in your life to use it on a daily basis to do nothing of value whatsoever.

So unless you're actually going to resign of all these things just because they are not something you literally need to survive, just shut the fuck up because your point is dumb as fuck.
#82 - darthan (08/22/2016) [-]
Except the difference is I can afford them and I'm not skimping a meal for my animal. There is no "right" situation that you can come up with. This is a literal A to B situation and you're trying to throw in a C portion. The situation goes as Man goes to store worker, asks for cheap dog food, mentions he's purchasing cheap dog food so he can buy alcohol. There is no "Maybe it's his birthday" "maybe he had a bad week" "maybe he mixes it into something else." It's from point A to point B. Stop trying to put a point C in here to justify something that DIDN'T happen.

So let's say I want to get beer and don't have money for it. You know what you do? Use the next paycheck. That's what adults do, because a grown ass man/woman doesn't need something RIGHT NOW because "it's my birthday and I deserve it more than my dog deserves good dog food.

You're twisting the point I'm making and using it out of context. At the POINT you have to take money AWAY from something essential (E.X. Decent Dog Food), in order to fund something that is non essential (E.X. Alcohol) then your priorities are wrong, there is no "gray" area in this. It's incorrect. Now, if you took money away from something essential (E.X. Decent Dog Food) in order to purchase something more essential (E.X. Groceries), then that's a different story.

Plus, it's not like you buy fucking dog food every month. Like, Jesus Christ dude. You think this guy NEEDS booze right now, more so than his dog needs decent food? If he mentioned he was purchasing groceries, that would be a different story. If he would have mentioned he needed gas, that would be a different story.

Your point is the retarded one. Everything you pointed out you DON'T NEED. Yeah, YOU DON'T NEED THE INTERNET. I have it because, guess what, I can AFFORD it you dipshit. I don't have to cut back on anything. I have money to pay for the internet. And guess what else? I have enough money to go out and buy decent food for myself. And you know what else? If I owned a dog, I'd still have money left over to afford decent food for it, without cutting back on the dog for myself.

You know why I can do all that? Because I'm not 10 and I understand the essence of saving something for later. It's called discipline, and saving money so you can get something for later.

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