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large white dude who likes MLP, sue me

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#16 - Replaying all of their games with a computer that can mod the …  [+] (2 replies) 10/20/2016 on An Even More Accurate Map... -8
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#25 - notsohappygamer (10/20/2016) [-]
>Horse with a pip-boy
I bet you will download a gay pony mod smoothskin
#20 - anon (10/20/2016) [-]
>posting horse pictures long after the meme has died out
#10 - Are you sure they weren't tricked into ruining it by corrupt c…  [+] (4 replies) 10/20/2016 on I'll give you something to... -5
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#15 - marxist (10/20/2016) [-]
People like Trump say "it's all the minorities fault" while hording the money for themselves. When Eisenhower was president, a good Republican by the way, the top marginal tax rate was 92%, and the United States' economy was booming at the time.
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#24 - emiyashirou (10/20/2016) [-]
Yes, but 60 years ago it was significantly more difficult for companies to relocate to different countries. If the tax rate today was made that high, basically every high-earning company would fuck right off.
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#25 - marxist (10/20/2016) [-]
There's a difference between tax rate, and effective tax rate. Due to loopholes in the system, the effective tax rate is incredibly low, to the point where the IRS is paying companies like Exxon Mobile hundreds of millions of dollars.
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#26 - emiyashirou (10/20/2016) [-]
The IRS would only be 'paying them hundreds of millions of dollars' (assuming this is true since I can't be bothered to fact check) because the company overpaid by that much in the first place. And what loopholes? Deductions? Foreign-based income (that gets taxed in those countries)?
#48 - You finally noticed good for you man  [+] (1 reply) 10/20/2016 on Story from my childhood 0
#49 - tehtrollface (10/20/2016) [-]
I was talking about myself Bronytard.
#4 - Doggo does a bath 10/20/2016 on doggu -5
#46 - but you did guess, and you guessed wrong, no skeleton army for you  [+] (3 replies) 10/20/2016 on Story from my childhood 0
#47 - tehtrollface (10/20/2016) [-]
#48 - darkjustifier (10/20/2016) [-]
You finally noticed good for you man
#49 - tehtrollface (10/20/2016) [-]
I was talking about myself Bronytard.