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large white dude who likes MLP, sue me

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#1113 - Picture  [+] (2 new replies) 02/22/2015 on Where is FJ from? +2
#1127 - acemcgunner (02/22/2015) [-]
User avatar #1207 - darkjustifier (02/22/2015) [-]
I like me too :3
#68 - I want to put more rubberbands on his head 02/22/2015 on Unified Black Entertainment... 0
#113 - this isn't a good argument we eat plants too 02/22/2015 on Stuff around the Interwebs 3 +1
#113 - this seemed like a pun I would have made... 02/22/2015 on Autistic Olympics #4 0
#89 - if you need to get rid of a boner quickly simply pull out your… 02/22/2015 on 3.14 (mirrored) = PIE +5
#47 - he's becoming self aware 02/22/2015 on Jaden knows +1
#46 - well I've never seen it and i'm on here daily 02/22/2015 on Jaden knows +1
#18 - gotta enjoy the little things 02/22/2015 on Best Harris Wittles moment +3
#268 - I just wanna...talk to these people...I want to know why they'…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/22/2015 on Lawl & Order "Special"... +2
#290 - anonexplains (02/22/2015) [-]
I used to be like you. I used to think that I could get through to anyone by using logic and reason to prove my point. But, the sad thing is that these people cannot be reasoned with. They live in their own world with their own delusions, and no amount of reasonable arguments is going to change their minds
#104 - you make fun of this bastard but he's on a cruise vacation whi…  [+] (4 new replies) 02/22/2015 on Cringe adventures #7 +19
User avatar #128 - imalex (02/22/2015) [-]
hmmmm i wonder who paid for his cruise
User avatar #171 - envinite (02/22/2015) [-]
Still counts. My parents barely afford a single room of a 3 star hotel for a day.
#218 - anonexplains (02/22/2015) [-]
Then stay in a motel. I haven't been in a hotel that was over $100 a night for years and year. We stay in $80/night motels near highways. Still have a great time.
User avatar #256 - envinite (02/22/2015) [-]
Such is live in 2nd world country

A 3-star hotel would cost no more than 50 bucks a night here, and we still can't afford that shit.
#100 - like every dog in existence right now proves the theory of evo… 02/22/2015 on Cringe adventures #7 0
#99 - I thought he was a russian with bad english 02/22/2015 on Cringe adventures #7 0
#98 - I mean yeah he's a furry but like 90% of the internet has a pi…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/22/2015 on Cringe adventures #7 +1
User avatar #105 - cmkpower (02/22/2015) [-]
Also it's just about self portraits made with different styles. People do that all the time in some way or another, when they read, watch movies or play games they put themselves in the shoes of a character and it often can go as far as role play and acting but as long as people don't identify themselves as a non-/fictional character there shouldn't be a problem. I'd elaborate further but I think I've made my point.
#192 - my brother got a moth in his ear once, had to pour olive oil i… 02/22/2015 on nope nope nope 0
#68 - I wake up at 7am everyday to get to my college comp class, kid… 02/22/2015 on Life +1
#44 - implying they could take over without the MEN in the army 02/22/2015 on Brown to the rescue +1
#21 - if he really loves her he might know but is playing ignorance 02/22/2015 on None of my business +3
#45 - this would be accurate if Goku hadn't made both of them look m… 02/22/2015 on Let me play Xbox or I'm... +8
#97 - Luffy is one of my favorite characters from anime because like… 02/21/2015 on Anime Comp: One Piece Part 4 0
#104 - I thought it had something tied around it to keep it from zooming off 02/21/2015 on Cool Shit Comp Part 3 0
#105 - I mean, he has a point  [+] (3 new replies) 02/21/2015 on Black Twitter Compilation #40 +35
#154 - immatakeaduty (02/22/2015) [-]
I don't know who's pierced nipples you've been suckin on...

surgical / stainless steel tastes nothing like a penny

dem broads gotta work on their hygiene game
User avatar #129 - nigeltheoutlaw (02/22/2015) [-]
Yes he does. I love how they look but they kinda suck for anything else.
User avatar #110 - truezen (02/22/2015) [-]
Same with pussy piercings

I do think girls with tongue piercings are fun to make out with tho
#63 - wus the movie name? 02/21/2015 on Forgotten 0
#20 - wait what quest is this? I've been playing for a very long tim…  [+] (2 new replies) 02/21/2015 on Video Game Facts Part 3 0
User avatar #23 - animekami (02/21/2015) [-]
I don't think its a quest its just an item that you can find and mess with
User avatar #31 - holycrapimacupcake (02/21/2015) [-]
It is in a room where you get a quest. Head to Dawnstar.
#54 - in the original dragonball? **** yes man 02/21/2015 on Forgotten 0
#55 - what do you not enjoy the anal art of the dog? 02/21/2015 on I need some context +1


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User avatar #13473 - mvtjets (02/19/2015) [-]
dat profile pic
User avatar #13475 to #13474 - mvtjets (02/19/2015) [-]
you can't just acknowledge bluebutt
bluebutt doesnt exist
no such thing
bluetron left on his own
User avatar #13476 to #13475 - darkjustifier (02/19/2015) [-]
does he not go to his own page no moe?
#13477 to #13476 - mvtjets (02/19/2015) [-]
Blue OC is kill   
Now he only posts queen bugbutt   
RIP in pizza goodnite sweet prince
Blue OC is kill
Now he only posts queen bugbutt
RIP in pizza goodnite sweet prince
User avatar #13478 to #13477 - darkjustifier (02/19/2015) [-]
oh yeah that's my fault we had a conversation and I convinced him of bug butt's mightyness
#13479 to #13478 - mvtjets (02/20/2015) [-]
tfw no more bluebutt

tfw no more bluebutt
User avatar #13480 to #13479 - darkjustifier (02/20/2015) [-]
I knoooow
User avatar #13481 to #13480 - mvtjets (02/20/2015) [-]
We should start a public protest
Make picket signs
Start fires
Yell rudely at people
User avatar #13482 to #13481 - darkjustifier (02/20/2015) [-]
I do that in salem
#13421 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
mind explaining the issue here?
User avatar #13434 to #13421 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
did you see my bug thing?
User avatar #13443 to #13434 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
yeah i saw it and got temp demodded for it as well when i tried to get it noticed since i figured someone was possibly spreading some weird **** around etc.
seems fixed now though.
User avatar #13446 to #13443 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
if you look down below you can see the link to the bug report or what's left of it when admin deleted the other part, it fixed itself when I deleted waterfox from my computer, I'm still a bit mad but I'll get over it
User avatar #13449 to #13446 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
likely the software uses a shared server like a few other phone browsers i have seen, your session cookie likely got copied due to bugged software and everyone else on that instance of the server basically logged in from that.
but i don't know for sure as i'm not a programmer nor have the mental capacity for code.
honestly, you're better off with chrome 64bit, the **** is fast, if you need good safe addons ask i have some of the best.
User avatar #13451 to #13449 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
I just wanted a browser I couild open in the background to play music on while playing a game without slowing down my game, and while I had it waterfox was pretty good, but now I don't think I'm ever going to use it again
User avatar #13453 to #13451 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
tried opera?
also look up xbmc player, best streaming player on the free market, it can do everything.
#13455 to #13453 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
this link for the xmbc?

and I thought about opera but people kept calling it a crappy browser but I'll give it a download to test it out man
User avatar #13457 to #13455 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
try using add ons under music etc, digitally imported is pretty nice too, plus adding better skins unlocks even more it can do.
User avatar #13459 to #13457 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
does this install directly to my windows or as an addon to my main browser?
User avatar #13460 to #13459 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
windows, this is a freestanding app that can do tons.
User avatar #13461 to #13460 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
awesomesauce, hmmm how do I use my icons?
User avatar #13462 to #13461 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
use this to screen cap and show me what you mean, also good for evidence in incidents later on.
#13463 to #13462 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
oh dude I put more screenshots of the problem than I thought I could find I know for a fact I showed proof and even had a guy who logged in as me vouch in both my account and his own and I posted a screenshot of everyone who was me addy basically said I was *********** for attention and called the other dude and me a moron there was nothing I could do bud, but here's the screenshot of the program I'm nto sure hwo to use it it seems to be asking for entire networks for music
User avatar #13464 to #13463 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
try the side arrows or just click the music icon on the left, it should scroll, once selected the icons under the description will change and give 2-3 options.
ignore the network part and give it a file directory if you have stuff on your hdd but getting addons for stuff gives it more ability.
figures, i wonder what the mess was anyways...
User avatar #13465 to #13464 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
so there are other addons for this program?
User avatar #13466 to #13465 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
there's tons of **** for it, not even joking, that's why i prefer it greatly, wait till you see the music visuals.
User avatar #13467 to #13466 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
ope there we go oh wow this si better than media player visuals
User avatar #13468 to #13467 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
it puts shame to all the players i have tried and there's even more for it on that site.
User avatar #13471 to #13468 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
oh feck I'm late for class fiddling with this I'll continue with this in a bit bud
User avatar #13472 to #13471 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
understood, have a good one.
User avatar #13469 to #13468 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
this is fantastic man, thank you
User avatar #13470 to #13469 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
go to the app download page under music and get one of the first ones named digitally imported, over 70 music channels to choose and growing, it live streams.
User avatar #13445 to #13443 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
I'm sorry you got into the mix bud I didn't think this much **** would happen just because I asked for help
User avatar #13447 to #13445 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
eh, it happens, he can be really moody, best to just not respond at those times.
User avatar #13448 to #13447 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
I just really didn't understand it is all, I'm not much on HTML and I knew admin was so I thought maybe he knew what was going on, turns out it was on my end because of waterfox
User avatar #13450 to #13448 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
tis why i'm leery as hell about new unknown browsers... :\
User avatar #13452 to #13450 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
some dude vouched for it thought I'd try it out you know?
User avatar #13454 to #13452 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
understood, future reference just ask me, i'd rather suggest something i have tested then have a friend get a fake browser and hijacked... :\
User avatar #13456 to #13454 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
alright man I will thank you
User avatar #13458 to #13456 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
also, search the software yourself and look for reviews if any exist to see what people say, never take a direct link someone gives you in case malware etc type link.
User avatar #13422 to #13421 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
Yeah, if you install waterfox browser and go to www.funnyjunk.com you are automatically logged into darkjustifier's profile.
User avatar #13425 to #13424 - phanact (02/17/2015) [-]
nnever do you have waterfox
User avatar #13427 to #13426 - phanact (02/17/2015) [-]
and are you currently logged into darkjustifier's profile right now
User avatar #13438 to #13427 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]



are the users I know to have this problem
User avatar #13429 to #13428 - phanact (02/17/2015) [-]
ok exactly
novabird you're retarded
User avatar #13430 to #13429 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
then wtf was i looking at?
i have no experience with this type of situation, plus my new meds are ******* me up badly...-_-
User avatar #13437 to #13430 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
is admin talking about me? I don't know if there are people logged in as me this morning
User avatar #13431 to #13430 - admin (02/17/2015) [-]

USERS ******* LIE

I double checked site logic.


User avatar #13436 to #13431 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
admin I'mm not lying or playing some kind of trick
User avatar #13440 to #13436 - phanact (02/17/2015) [-]
yeah just tried it and i can properly login to my account
so you're trying to tell us that I can download a browser and somehow login ti your account with my own credentials?

its sharing session cookies with other uesers?
that's like me walking up to a car and being able to get in it because its someone elses car
makes no ****** sense
User avatar #13441 to #13440 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
I don't know anything about this stuff man all I know is that it happened, okay? give me a good goddamn reason I'd lie about this, I came here for help hell i even have people vouching for me on the bugs repotrt page funnyjunk.com/report_bugs/3480#3480 so you know talk to him about this not me I'm done I'm heading to class this **** is too ******* annoying when I'm getting insulted by admin a guy I respected up till now I also respected you phanact but if everyone is going to be an asshole when all I wanted was help then you can all **** off I'm done
User avatar #13442 to #13441 - phanact (02/17/2015) [-]
it just seems like a completetely out there claim
User avatar #13444 to #13442 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
I understand that NOW, but it did happen and I didn't think anything of it because it wasn't too big a deal since you can't change the password without a password the worse thing that happened was my info being changed saying I suck dick on all possible to change info, all I did was ask for help phanact and I got was insults in return for being a moron and being so stupid I don't even realize I am, hell nova got temporarily demodded for even bringing it up, I'm not a troll and I'm not a ********** I'm a user who wanted some help with something I had no ******* clue about I didn't deserve the insults from admin and neither did broker, the problem solved itself when I deleted waterfox from my computer and the only thing left is being pissed off for being called a liar I can take any insult but I am not a liar and I don't appreciate being called one, have a good day phanact
User avatar #13439 to #13436 - phanact (02/17/2015) [-]
what you're saaying is happening makes NO fuking sense so now im gonna try it out
User avatar #13435 to #13431 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
wait am I the liar here? why would I do this to myself?
User avatar #13423 to #13422 - novabird (02/17/2015) [-]
screen shots?
also try logging out to log them off as well, something wrong here...
User avatar #13417 - darkjustifier (02/16/2015) [-]
Hey, I dunno what's happening here, but I just got Waterfox Browser, went to FJ, and you seem to be logged in.
User avatar #13433 to #13417 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
I can't even log out
User avatar #13419 to #13417 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
help me

-darkjustifier original
User avatar #13432 to #13419 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
How does this keep happening?
User avatar #13418 to #13417 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
Hahahhaha same here
User avatar #13420 to #13418 - darkjustifier (02/17/2015) [-]
#13416 - raccoonwithfruit ONLINE (02/14/2015) [-]
Happy Valentine's day from raccoonwithfruit
#13410 - pineapplechunkss ONLINE (02/09/2015) [-]
Comment Picture
#13412 to #13411 - pineapplechunkss ONLINE (02/09/2015) [-]
Where de **** did you go?
#13413 to #13412 - darkjustifier (02/10/2015) [-]
I'm in college mate I drop off for big assignments or monologues
#13409 - deletingmycomments has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #13407 - kibbleking ONLINE (01/15/2015) [-]
STop trying to bring ponies back.
#13405 - anonexplains (01/14/2015) [-]
Why haven't you and your pack of autists killed yourselves yet?
#13406 to #13405 - anonexplains (01/15/2015) [-]
I know right.
User avatar #13401 to #13400 - zealotgold ONLINE (11/04/2014) [-]
how are you my friend?
User avatar #13398 to #13397 - darkjustifier (10/22/2014) [-]
ooooh flyswatters cheeky bugger
#13394 - anonexplains (09/12/2014) [-]
mlp stopped being good in season 3
#13393 - anonexplains (09/12/2014) [-]
you're a fag
User avatar #13392 - cloudpawtwo ONLINE (09/08/2014) [-]
I like you. You post reaction images/gifs related to ponies in a relevant fashion.
If it's not too much, could you upload your pony reactor folder for me? I'd like to see what you have.
User avatar #13402 to #13392 - stonetomcat ONLINE (01/12/2015) [-]
We have the same colored text, so I got confused for a moment
User avatar #13403 to #13402 - cloudpawtwo ONLINE (01/13/2015) [-]
oi, I marked this text with my urine.
#13404 to #13403 - stonetomcat ONLINE (01/13/2015) [-]
I marked it with my semen   
Are you sure you still want this text
I marked it with my semen
Are you sure you still want this text
User avatar #13396 to #13392 - darkjustifier (09/13/2014) [-]
I change it weekly
#13375 - zealotgold ONLINE (09/06/2014) [-]

heh i just read this and you are going to love this
User avatar #13376 to #13375 - darkjustifier (09/07/2014) [-]
thank you my friend I will read it when I have ze time
User avatar #13377 to #13376 - zealotgold ONLINE (09/07/2014) [-]
honestly it moved up in to my top 10 so defiantly when you can and ill let you know if i run into any others
User avatar #13381 to #13380 - zealotgold ONLINE (09/07/2014) [-]
hmm ill read it tonight! and make sure not to look at them
User avatar #13382 to #13381 - darkjustifier (09/07/2014) [-]
I read them by accident and it almost ruined the story for me
User avatar #13383 to #13382 - zealotgold ONLINE (09/07/2014) [-]
welp defiantly make sure then haha have you cracked opened any of the others i gave you yet?
User avatar #13384 to #13383 - darkjustifier (09/07/2014) [-]
well funny story on that I have 79 stories in my queue for reading...so I am rtrying
#13385 to #13384 - zealotgold ONLINE (09/07/2014) [-]
mfw i know that feel, i think i have 140 O.o
User avatar #13386 to #13385 - darkjustifier (09/07/2014) [-]
I diiiid have 200 aqnd something but I went on a reading binge for three months
User avatar #13387 to #13386 - zealotgold ONLINE (09/07/2014) [-]
i need another binge heh might start that soon
User avatar #13388 to #13387 - darkjustifier (09/07/2014) [-]
college is in mah way to do so at the mno
User avatar #13389 to #13388 - zealotgold ONLINE (09/07/2014) [-]
have you tried telling it to stop?
User avatar #13390 to #13389 - darkjustifier (09/07/2014) [-]
yes but you know college can suck sometimes like that
User avatar #13391 to #13390 - zealotgold ONLINE (09/07/2014) [-]
true truehmm but then hopefully! ull have some free time...ish
User avatar #13378 to #13377 - darkjustifier (09/07/2014) [-]
you is best pony
#13374 - stickpeoplelol (09/05/2014) [-]
I love how you keep posting ponies. It makes me happy to see them on FJ despite the hate from the douchebags that make up the majority of this site.
I love how you keep posting ponies. It makes me happy to see them on FJ despite the hate from the douchebags that make up the majority of this site.

#13368 - tonytails (09/05/2014) [-]
so, i has a confusion.
do you post ponies on lots of non-pony posts just for red thumbs, or because youre trying to spread the magic of friendship to the unenlightened people of funnyjunk?
#13369 to #13368 - darkjustifier (09/05/2014) [-]
neither I do it for me
#13370 to #13369 - tonytails (09/05/2014) [-]
fair enough.
but why?
#13371 to #13370 - darkjustifier (09/05/2014) [-]
been doing it for as long as I've been here I've got no good reason why
#13372 to #13371 - tonytails (09/05/2014) [-]
well, pony on, friend.
and heres a picture that might come in handy if you dont already have it.
User avatar #13367 - drvvatson (08/10/2014) [-]
Ay der bby
User avatar #13365 - Byte (07/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #13361 - breadposter (06/27/2014) [-]
I like bread
User avatar #13362 to #13361 - darkjustifier (06/28/2014) [-]
I'm not seein any sexy bread
User avatar #13364 to #13363 - darkjustifier (06/28/2014) [-]
ah the return of the Y boner WITH A VENGEANCE!
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