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#3138 - novabird (12/07/2012) [-]
lol, i started a ********* on a ********* post!
tis only a scratch!
#3139 to #3138 - darkjustifier (12/08/2012) [-]
I gotta say, that was hilarious.
#3140 to #3139 - novabird (12/08/2012) [-]
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yup and you know how i just enjoy dishing out the torment!
#3141 to #3140 - darkjustifier (12/08/2012) [-]
You used my favorite comment to, "now where's the fun in that!?!"
#3143 to #3141 - novabird (12/08/2012) [-]
also, i downloaded rez for dreamcast!
#3242 to #3143 - dreamcast (12/08/2012) [-]
Oh thank you that's so kind that you would download that for me.
#3243 to #3242 - novabird (12/08/2012) [-]
LOL, i didn't think someone would use the console name as a user name, you want the link?
i happen to have one of the biggest collections of roms available and know many places to get them, i also copy them from the source when i have the disks on hand.
#3244 to #3243 - dreamcast (12/09/2012) [-]
yup lol, i just like dreamcast that much. im good on the rom though, i delete my emulator and dont feel like downloading a new one.
#3245 to #3244 - novabird (12/09/2012) [-]
it plays just like the real thing on my pc, i use a usb xbox360 controller to play my games because there's no bugs, they also sell a usb wireless adapter so you don't need wires, i also play the ps2 on my pc and it runs just as fast because i have a 6 core processor and 16gb of ddr3 ram, i havn't got the saturn emulator to work yet though, uit always shows a blank screen, i probably need to get a bigger video card(or crossfire) to make it work.
#3142 to #3141 - novabird (12/08/2012) [-]
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combined with the perfect image!
#3144 to #3142 - darkjustifier (12/08/2012) [-]
#3145 to #3144 - novabird (12/08/2012) [-]
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and i'm just dementedly delicious!
#3147 to #3145 - darkjustifier (12/08/2012) [-]
I feel sadz now
#3148 to #3147 - novabird (12/08/2012) [-]
this picture describes me a little too well...
#3149 to #3148 - darkjustifier (12/08/2012) [-]
me too.
#3150 to #3149 - novabird (12/08/2012) [-]
when i wake up i can barely move, see or keep my balance and everything hurts in more ways than one, then i concentrate till i can move around and see properly(this takes a while) and everything continues to hurt, sometimes more so when i'm forced to do too much at once even though my curse forces me to never stop moving or i need a distraction or i will never rest even though i'm always chronically tired/fatigued, the side effects make me like the guy in the last part, i have a crazy smile and act kinda crazy but otherwise i show no emotion, you can't even tell if i'm sick unless you have been around me for a long time, i would be much more normal if it wasn't for the pain i'm in every single day, the levels are so high that i can barely feel most sensations including extreme heat and cold and i can pierce my skin with surgical needles without flinching and take an ultrasonic pic to my teeth without a numbing agent, either way i have learned to cope quite well.
#3151 to #3150 - darkjustifier (12/08/2012) [-]
Your curse is much worse than mine, I'm a depressed man with a smile, I wish I knew how to help.
#3152 to #3151 - novabird (12/08/2012) [-]
there's no known cure for what i have, only 1 in 500,000,000,000 get what i have.
#3153 to #3152 - darkjustifier (12/08/2012) [-]
I know I just feel bad when I can't help people.
#3154 to #3153 - novabird (12/08/2012) [-]
i know that feeling, i prefer to be useful at all times.
#3155 to #3154 - darkjustifier (12/08/2012) [-]
hey I gotta go, but I'll be back in a couple of hours.
#3156 to #3155 - novabird (12/08/2012) [-]
smell me later.
#3146 to #3145 - novabird (12/08/2012) [-]
funny thing is i have that same smile.