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#2730 - xenxio (12/02/2012) [-]
How is it possible to think differently? Can you think in any other way than you think? If so, how is it possible to "change your mind"?
#2731 to #2730 - darkjustifier ONLINE (12/02/2012) [-]
The possibility of thinking differently comes with the concept of the soul, when a person changes his mind I honestly don't know if he is actually changing his mind or the choice was there already and the brain just decided to bring that one to he forefront, the idea of it acting with emotion means it's acting with the soul to the possibility of your mind changing but maybe only altering it to the slightest degree.
#2732 to #2731 - xenxio (12/02/2012) [-]
Why do people say "I have a soul" instead of saying "I am the soul"? If "I have a soul" is what is generally said, does that mean that this "I" is even greater than the soul? And deep down, what exactly IS a soul? Furthermore, what is this "I"? When we say "I" we dont direct it towards our body, or our mind, we consider it as something more superior. Is the soul "I" or is the "I" the soul?
#2736 to #2732 - darkjustifier ONLINE (12/02/2012) [-]
Because we have a soul but at the same time we are the soul, we have it because it resides inside us but at the same time it is everything we make ourselves out to be, the body can survive without the soul just like the soul can survive without the body but a soulless body is nothing but a vegetable and a bodiless soul is nothing but an incorporeal dream floating throughout reality two halves of the same whole, making "I" nonexistent until the two come back together.
#2738 to #2736 - xenxio (12/02/2012) [-]
We think that theres a reason for everything, why? If this is so, what is the reason we think this way? We think that every event has a cause. what cause us to think this way?
#2741 to #2738 - darkjustifier ONLINE (12/02/2012) [-]
Was there really a cause "to" make us think this way?
#2744 to #2741 - xenxio (12/02/2012) [-]
I dont know. Its like a headlight of a car. if the light were alive it would be asking questions like, "how am i alive?" and "why do i go to place" but it will never find out.
#2747 to #2744 - darkjustifier ONLINE (12/02/2012) [-]
Oooh fiddlesticks, I have to go, we'll continue this later my friend.
#2748 to #2747 - xenxio (12/02/2012) [-]
okay, um if this gets on your nerves, lemme know.
#2749 to #2748 - darkjustifier ONLINE (12/02/2012) [-]
Ha this is fun actually, I just have to go fix my car, the noise it was making was not safe.
#2750 to #2749 - xenxio (12/02/2012) [-]
alright anyway....