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#1621 - drmrniceguy (11/17/2012) [-]
MFW my best friend figured out I had the My Little Pony app on my iphone at lunch today
MFW my best friend figured out I had the My Little Pony app on my iphone at lunch today
#1622 to #1621 - darkjustifier (11/17/2012) [-]
Did anything bad happen?
#1623 to #1622 - drmrniceguy (11/17/2012) [-]
Nope he just called me a faggot and I dismissed it as "I got My Little Pony for My Little Sisters hehe", then my other friend chimed in and said "Just admit it bro, you're a brony"

#1624 to #1623 - darkjustifier (11/17/2012) [-]
I bragged the first day I watched it, the look on their faces were the best part, and they know they can't make fun of me because I'm the master of vocal debate, you should start twisting their words onto themselves.
#1625 to #1624 - drmrniceguy (11/17/2012) [-]
Give me an example of your word witchcraft/trickery.
#1626 to #1625 - darkjustifier (11/17/2012) [-]
It's hard to explain but I'll try, When they start messing with you about the show, darn this is hard, Alright when they start to mess with me insults to my self or show I pick and pull at everything they say taking everything literally or making small remarks to definitions to words, this can after a while of debate can cause them to insult themselves, also keeping your cool helps, let your mind keep together and collected, I don't insult a person directly I do it indirectly by using their own sentences against them, man I hope I explained it right.
#1627 to #1626 - drmrniceguy (11/17/2012) [-]
Yeah that sounds about right. Good strategy!

What I do if someone pulls more on the subject is I ask them: "Hey, do you trust my taste in entertainment? Trust me, it's pretty good." and they usually nod, have one of those satisfied smirks, and move on to the next subject/answer the question positively.

But I really try not to go prancing about, proclaiming my fandom. I assume you do? :P
#1628 to #1627 - darkjustifier (11/17/2012) [-]
No and yes, if someone asks yes, but I don't bring it up except sometimes on Fridays when I am excited for the new episode.