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    Creative Clocks Creative Clocks
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    Creative Clocks Creative Clocks
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    Things guys want Things guys want
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    H and S Champions H and S Champions
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    Toast Toast
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    Cool Things Comp Cool Things Comp
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#68 - **danwilson used "*roll picture*"** **danwilson rolled image ** 05/01/2016 on new Spongebob character 0
#1930 - **danwilson used "*roll picture*"** **danwilson rolled image ** 04/29/2016 on Your girlfriend pulls down... 0
#1435 - **danwilson used "*roll picture*"** **danwilson rolled image ** 04/27/2016 on your date unzips her pants +1
#364 - test 12/27/2015 on STEAM AND ORIGIN HOLIDAY... 0
#2563 - Comment deleted 12/26/2015 on A very special giveaway 0
#447 - test 12/24/2015 on A very special giveaway 0
#514 - test 12/16/2015 on comment here if you want a... 0
#190 - This hurt so much to read.  [+] (1 new reply) 12/10/2015 on ARE YOU JOHN CONNOR +1
#215 - sirlorge (12/11/2015) [-]
Well considering the fact that it doesn't say anything it hurts even without the eggcorns.

I whole-heartedly agree, but allow me to play Devil's advocate here for a moment. For all intents and purposes I think you are wrong. In an age where false morals are a dime a dozen, true virtues are a blessing in disguise. We often put our false morality on a pedestal like a bunch of Prima Donnas, but you all seem to be taking something very valuable for granted. So I ask of you to muster up all the strength you can because it is a dog eat dog world out there. Although there is some merit to what you are saying it seems like you have a huge chip on your shoulder. In your argument you seem to throw everything in but the kitchen sink, and even though you are having a field day with this I am here to bring you back into reality. I have a sixth sense when it comes to these types of things. It is almost spooky, because I cannot turn a blind eye to these glaring flaws in your logic. I have zero tolerance when it comes to people spouting out hate in the name of moral righteousness. You just need to remember what goes around comes around, and when supply and demand fails you will be the first to go. Mark my words, when you get down to brass tax it doesn't take rocket science to hit two birds with once stone. It's clear who wears the pants in this relationship, and sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and accept the facts. You might have to come to this conclusion through trial and error but I swear on my mother's maiden name that when you put the pedal to the metal you will pass with flying colors like it’s a piece of cake.
#35 - I think it's not video footage, but mo-cap dots. 12/02/2015 on Smaug's true face 0
#68 - Ends in 5. Definitely not a prime number.  [+] (2 new replies) 11/16/2015 on upthumb this and I'll find... +35
#72 - hairybaboon (11/16/2015) [-]
oh man, that's embarassing. it's been a while since I've dealt with them, I just considered ends in 2.....
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#71 - amalone (11/16/2015) [-]
Crazy how nature do that
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