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#169 - Thank god someone else agrees. I hate how girls who do female …  [+] (2 replies) 03/14/2013 on The best of Cosplay +1
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#206 - paraplegichedgehog (03/14/2013) [-]
very very true, i mean i could see the chick dressed as cyclops from x-men (oh god please let that be true or else i've failed) you could tell her clothes were well made but that was just about the only decent thing about it, also alittle of topic because i know they aren't ironman but i hate how there's suddenly all these cheerleader ironman girls (idk what they are exactly i've never watched the movie) like for me it's "congratulations you sprayed your bikini top and stuck a little elbem there good job covering your ass with that shiny tinsel"
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#208 - daimondemon (03/14/2013) [-]
That's exactly how I feel, if you're going to have to be a female version, actually be the female version. A female Ironman, or actually the female ironman, looks the same except there's a space for boobs, there's no open skin, it's a full suit because otherwise, she'd die from one hit.

As for the cyclops, it's kinda the same, most of the women from X-men actually cover themselves up, so why not look that that, a female cyclops would also act the same as cyclops, meaning, he'd/she'd be fully clothed. Why not dress as one of the female characters then if you aren't going to bother understanding the male character.

I mean, I have a friend who cosplays as males all the time and guess what, she doesn't make them female (though she did make a Ceil in a dress outfit but that's canon) because that's what it should be, if you're going to be the male character, BE that male character not some tweeny bopper, half dressed dancer that "looks like" the character. That's what cosplay is, costumes and roleplaying.
#217 - What if you didn't instill the idea of being patriotic then, y…  [+] (2 replies) 03/14/2013 on Sadly, this is no... +1
#227 - muffinssnuffims (03/14/2013) [-]
Perhaps, but I'm still going to my guns of neutrality on this one. Pun intended.
Maybe it's because I'm lazy, maybe it's because I want to sound smug. You'll never know. I might not even ever know.

That said, I really liked the idea of what you were saying, of basically: "What if they only said the positive things, and only encouraged the positive aspects of those things?"

Which waaaayyyy trumps my "They should say only neutral, detached, largely irrelevant things which make for horrible conversation."

At least that's how I sound to myself after having read yours.
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#241 - daimondemon (03/14/2013) [-]
Thank you, but like, when I played around with my brother, there was never anyone saying it was bad or saying we're really patriotic and should go to war because it's a good thing. It was always, just have fun and don't get hurt. If you got hurt, you learned your lesson to, not do that dumb thing again, and guess what it worked. I learned that when being chased by happy dogs, look forward or else you will find a wire that meet perfectly with your face. I learn that when on top of a bunk bed, do not stick your head out near the ceiling fan. If you don't let them have fun and get hurt, they're never learn, and kids already know guns are bad and hurt people, they don't need to be placed in a box.

But that's my take on it.
#33 - You're welcome 03/12/2013 on Layers 0
#29 - Ogres are like onions because they have layers. Removing a lay…  [+] (2 replies) 03/12/2013 on Layers 0
#32 - tocoolforyouinajar (03/12/2013) [-]
Thanks :D
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#33 - daimondemon (03/12/2013) [-]
You're welcome
#46 - Except in a poll or maybe an actual award ceremony, they were …  [+] (1 reply) 03/11/2013 on Irrelevant Title +5
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#94 - jarelk (03/11/2013) [-]
Fairly accurate in my opinion.

#38 - I say pop but I don't care what you call it, some in the south…  [+] (2 replies) 03/11/2013 on It doesn't have to make sense. +1
#83 - anon (03/11/2013) [-]
The difference is Coke is a brand while soda, pop, soda-pop, and soft-drink all mean a carbonated drink. It's like calling tissues Kleenex.
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#144 - daimondemon (03/11/2013) [-]
Yeah, and my family actually does call tissues kleenexes. It's not something to be concerned with, it's just ones own preference.