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The word meaning "bundle of sticks" is ultimately derived, via Old French, Italian and Vulgar Latin, from Latin fascis (also the origin of the word fascism).[6] The origins of the word as an offensive epithet for homosexuals are rather obscure, although the word has been used in English since the late 16th century as an abusive term for women, particularly old women,[7] and reference to homosexuality may derive from this,[6][8] as female terms are often used with reference to homosexual or effeminate men (cf. nancy, sissy, queen). The application of the term to old women is possibly a shortening of the term "faggot-gatherer", applied in the 19th century to people, especially older widows, who made a meagre living by gathering and selling firewood.[8] It may also derive from the sense of "something awkward to be carried" (compare the use of the word "baggage" as a pejorative term for old people in general).[6] Use of the word as a general insult, not necessarily implying homosexuality, is either a continuation or extension of this older usage[7] or of the homosexual usage. - That's from Wiki. But it's also used as a put down for gays, seeing as they were burnt alive in fires, held together by sticks, I.E. Fags.
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