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#2 - trevorsta (01/02/2013) [-]
You have one of the best profile picture, Dali is one of my favourite artists
#4 to #2 - daerkxp (01/02/2013) [-]
*know about
2nd appreciate
#3 to #2 - daerkxp (01/02/2013) [-]
Thank you, I always appreciate another person who actually knows who he is. He is my favorite artist, but nobody seems to appreciate him.
#5 to #3 - trevorsta (01/02/2013) [-]
My pleasure, Same here, its not just the art he created that fascinates me is the story behind most of his art, like your profile picture, its a bust of him that is melting because he was depressed after he lost his wife and he needs support in his life, that is the reason for the supports all over his face, and he needed something in his life to lift him up, that's why he has so many paintings with wooden supports